Socialism = Burn it down

I realize most of you who find my little dirt patch in the blogosphere, already know that. We have dozens of examples and in each case the “social experiment” lasted between 25 and 85 years. In most cases, the socialists were voted in, but famine and civil war were the end result. Let me restate that for the hard headed leftist who may find this blog. You can vote in socialsim; but starvation, execution or revolution are the only ways out. Most often with population loss measured in decade level percentages.

How a socialist regime stays in power:

  • Free stuff to the lower end people — stolen from the wealthy

Of course with a very healthy skim given to the party officials, but how else can it be. It isn’t like you can divide up the ski Chalet among the poor. Give them some excess chickens and they will be so happy… for a while.

  • Grift off the former system’s abundance until that system is RUN INTO THE GROUND and blame all the shortfalls on fixing the excesses of the old system
  • Grift off the neighboring states who are NOT socialist. Steal their Intellectual Property. Use their schools to train your party loyal doctors, engineers, chemists…Buy their abundance at prices well below what your low productivity (read as serfs or slaves) workers can produce it for.
  • Spend your available hard currency to build up a strong (for the area) military and begin farming them out as mercenaries (gaining hard currency and experience doing dirty deeds). That training will come in very handy vs internal strife that ALWAYS comes.

The only real difference between the soft socialism of Western Europe and that of say Venezuela, is Europe hasn’t chosen to use their military in that way — yet. AND they have a very healthy host to grift off of. Our country, the Great US of A.

If demential Joe and hatespate Harris end up winning, that host for Western European Socialistic parasitism will begin to falter. Don’t get me wrong, the rate of clinging and theft will ramp up, the HOST nation economy will falter, HARD. Friends, this has a huge global impact; especially on the soft socialist nations.

Let’s look at the cost of prescriptions. We (in the US) pay between 2 and 4 times the price for new drugs compared to European (Socialized Medicine) countries (if they are available there at all). If we take up the same model, (Socialize Medicine) the Pharma industry grinds to a halt. The number of new drug trials will drop by over 50% almost immediately and will further drop as time goes on. This will be repeated in almost all business sectors. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, you eventually run out of other people’s money. Without Uncle Sugardaddy, the world economy falters quite quickly. With a faulty world economy the 25-85 year lifespan of socialism drops to 15-30 years.

Before you think this is a good thing, the lifespan almost always ends in famine / revolution or both. That is without making mention of the intellectual / dissident purges (read as wholesale murders). I will note here that other than the US Revolution, US Civil War (kinda sorta), and if you squint real hard and take the long view, the French Revolution — there aren’t many revolutions in the history of the world that created a better environment than they disrupted. This is very true in the ten years after the first bloodshed. It does not matter which side ends up winning. Look at Africa from 1800, forward. Check up on the history of South American countries. Look up the Jacobite rebellion for examples of when the home team won, as to how badly that turned out for the rebels and to a lesser extent the victors.

My friends, we are the last great light and hope for humanity. American exceptionalism is the light that frees the world from decent into another age of darkness. We are that beacon. If we allow ourselves to slip into socialism, that light goes out for a generation (or more).

There is still hope, even if dementia joe makes the margin of fraud stand. That hope is an idea and an ideal. That hope and ideal lives in you. No one can take that from you. No one can strip your of your devotion to American exceptionalism, truth, capitalism and the American Constitution. But, you can abandon it.

The real battle has not yet begun. If Trump manages to beat the election fraud we win a brief reprieve. We much use the next four years to fire proof our elections, our economy and radically up root our acceptance of socialism in our schools. Remove your children from public schools. Demand a voucher system for charter schools in your state, with dollar for dollar portable matching.

If Trump loses, it is even tougher, but the same things apply, double. All politics is local. Be active locally and MAKE things happen. Positive things.

Our Founding Fathers demand it. They lead by example…my fortune and my sacred honor…

What are you willing to do, to ensure the light of the world stays brightly lit?

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Another Trump option…

This is another thing Trump could and perhaps should do. As the article notes many of us are NOT Republicans anymore. Cocaine Mitch, Boener (Boner or however you spell it) and the other pasty go along to get along / RINO’s have ruined that option.

It hasn’t been ok, to not just not be Democrat for at least 50 years. But since a bit after Reagan left office, it really hasn’t been ok to be a Republican either. We spend a bit less than the Democrats and will take your rights away slower is NOT a position Americans can support.

My personal guess is that if Trump does the things in my other post and mints a new political party (without the old party bosses and barnacles), he would take 40% of the Republican party and 25% of the Democrats with him, on day one. Then if he can get people like Ben Shapiro, Col West, Mark Levin… to help him build the structure and spread the word. I think those numbers climb quickly. By diversifying the smart people in line it also becomes a party more than just a cult of personality. That is where most 3rd party upstarts have faltered.

Bring over existing candidates. Bring over people who rode in in part on his accomplishments from 2016-2020 and you have a real party. Bring in the few Blue dog democrats, greatly increase the outreach to the Black and Latino communities and watch those groups leave the “democrat plantation” in droves. The coalition would be a reflection of non-crazy America.

Those in opposition would be the power hungry on the right and left. On the “right” they would be the Susan Collins’, Chris Wallace, Mitt Romney, the entire McCain family. On the left, from Pelosi to Schiff, Anderson Cooper (etal media types), Micheal Moore and much of fortune 500 Corporate America, (see Nike, Gillette) and of course the techtard wanna be overlords.

Much of America will at least be sympathetic to a new, clean party that stands for Truth, Justice and the American way (circa 1950’s idealism). If Trump is kept out of office by a corrupt election, corrupt media, corrupt courts… this may well gain a lot of momentum starting in late 2021 as the effects of Social Democrat (slow motion communism) rule bears rotten fruit.

With all revolutions there is as much opportunity (perhaps more) for failure and further degradation of the situation. We as Americans, have a skewed view of that process. Both our our (three if you count 1812) gave us an improved result for the process. History tells us that is far from the way to bet. But history also tells us that all humans yearn to be free and there is no price some are not willing to pay. Ask Nathan Hale, ask ANY Congressional Medal of Honor winner, ask the Founding Fathers, ask the protestors in Tiananmen Square. If you don’t find what you want there, ask Lech Walesa or Simo Hayha. If you are still unsure, ask William Wallace or Joan of Arc. Or you could even ask the men of Sparta, at Thermopylae.

Many of these men and women knew the horrors they faced by standing against the tide. Some like Wallace, Hale and the man in front of the tank int Tiananmen Square died for their beliefs. But they died free and they made the world take note. They changed the world.

You don’t have to be so dramatic, but you can in your own small way. If Trump creates a new party. Be a part of the change. Be that part of the Tea Party revolution that was vibrant before the RINO’s corrupted it. Guard against that corruptions and most importantly don’t be that corruption.

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Trump: Is there hope?

Despite the constant drum beat of the media, there are still several ways Trump wins or our country wins.

The above link sums up a lot of my thoughts without me having to type them out. It may well turn out that this corruption exposure process takes longer than we need before the certification date or even the swearing in date. That will create a Constitutional Crisis, among other things.

In addition to the thoughts from American Thinker, let’s say the election is stolen and Biden is sworn in. That is the worst thing for the liberal side. Let me repeat that, That is the WORST thing the liberals can achieve.

Fellow Americans, we are at a cross roads. I do not mean because the Biden/ Harris ticket may make it into the White House. We had 8 years of the “lightbringer” and survived. The difference here is the margin of corruption. If an election with 3-9 states decided by the margin of fraud is allowed to stand, there is no longer a Unites States of America. I mean that literally and figuratively. The average politically tuned out guy probably won’t really notice for a decade, but the red vs blue war will get a bit warmer every month. Skirmishes will happen. They will look like Crips vs the Bloods turf wars, but they will be antifa vs Oath Keepers. They will be business owners vs kleptocrats. They will be blm vs Threepers. They will be cops vs violent Bernie Bros taking “their fair share”. They will be small and lopsided, at first.

In the long run any fight between the Makers and takers, the Makers always win. The question is how long do you have to fight.

Reasons for hope

#1 – that is the First Obvious step down the path to USA “The Banana Republic” edition. Although I don’t think our “glorious” leader in the Senate has the stones, backbone or even the desire to be a complete gridlock creator… he will feel the pressure to fight the left. This will create dramatic issues with President Harris, cause let’s face it Joe isn’t going to be doing much Presidenting. This will lead to further unmasking of the radical left and even the dumbest people in the middle and some never Trumpers (not many as that group is almost as Venezuelan politics) will see the mistake of voting against Trump or not voting. Some will even belatedly notice the election FRAUD.

#2 – Currently Trump is highly restricted by the Office of the Presidency. We all know he is a fighter and a multi-Billionare. Once the margin of corruption forces him from the White House, those chains are off. I predict a Facebook replacement (that is a competent competitor) unlike Parler and MEWE. Ditto on Twitter. Then I think he either starts or buys up a news program. My guess would be to buy CNN or MSNBC, gut them and bring in solid reporters who are NOT on the take from the DNC. Perhaps he rebuilds HNN and renames it “Honest News Network”.

He may also buy up a couple of newspapers (LA Times) / magazines and do the same thing. Then get people like Mark Levin, Sharyl Attkisson, Sean Hannity, Glenn Reynolds, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham to be contributors. Perhaps even move them over to slots on the TV station when their Fox contracts expire.

He could use a semi Fox format. News from 5-9am EST. Then opinion / talk from 9am to noon, with 2 hours of News over lunch. Follow that with two hours of opinion / talk before the 4-7pm news cycle. Then tea up the Prime time opinion / talk talent from 7-11PM. He would need to manage from afar, but demand honest news and honest reporting. If he did, within 6 months he would have a commanding lead in viewers and the narrative would no longer be whatever CNN and the DNC decided needed spin / coverage. Or more importantly they would not be able to cover (with a pillow until it dies) any story they don’t like. — Hunter Biden corruption / Voter Fraud…

#3 With Trump running competent alternative Social Media as well as an Honest News Network, coupled with the idiocy and ranting of the Left against good Ole Mitch blocking the NEW GREED DEAL (sic)… things will become even more obvious to the low information voters. Couple that with a dramatic slow down of the economy, an erosion of the Bill of Rights … I see a RED WAVE in the midterms, especially given that ALL red states (backed by SCOTUS decisions) will strongly tighten controls against vote fraud.

#4 Then in Early 2023, Trump divests himself of direct ownership of his Social Media and News platforms to announce he is running to “Defeat Socialism” in 2024.

There are a lot of “ifs” in my scenario. Trump might win his legal fights against voter fraud in time to remain President. He might choose to not fight back (very unlikely). The left may false flag assassinate Biden as a means of “provoking” an incident for Harris to executive order 2A restrictions…(unlikely but not outside the pale). Some asshat on the “right”, might just assassinate Harris. A super bad idea all around.

Some antifa / blm trust find baby might assassinate Trump. That would be the start of a very hot Civil War.

Trump News, a likely (but poor name choice) might completely fail, as might the social media endeavors. But they will leave a mark either way. They will FORCE the Harris Administration to either be circumspect or wield a 16# sledgehammer against the Bill of Rights. Neither of which they can survive.

Admittedly, I am not sure if it long term or short term; but I think there is hope. It may help that I define hope as breathe. As in if I am breathing, there is hope. I assume it is the same for the idea our Republic is founded on. I know there are Millions of people fanning that flame with their breath, so I have HOPE.

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Cowardice also has a fee

I will not heap additional ignominy on the deputy who zealously guarded a door outside the building while hearing the shooting, scream, wails of pain of those he was charged to protect; by sharing his name.

He had one job, which in his mind apparently was payroll absorption while padding his time in uniform for the purpose of additional pension money.

The statists / gun control mob / progressives don’t understand why those of us on the side of Freedom and Liberty want – nay DEMAND – the right to self protection. Is there anyone who is more invested in protecting you and your children, than you? How many times and at how many levels do we have to see the failure of government to realize personal responsibility is the ONLY option that has any chance of protecting us and those we love.

I truly wish that deputy a few nights of restful sleep, over the next year or two before he eats his handgun and ends his 1000 daily deaths of a coward.

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Liberty has a cost

Liberty is not free.

Our Founding Fathers routinely spoke about the cost of Tyranny and the cost of Liberty.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

— Thomas Jefferson

One of the things Jefferson was saying here is that for Liberty to be retained blood must be spilled.  Sometimes it is metaphoric blood, sometimes it is real actual red blood.  In the best cases, this blood will be that of people like Saddam Hussein and not our soldiers.  But in some cases, it will be the blood of innocents who are killed by tyrants.  This includes petty tyrants looking to make a name for themselves by shooting up schools.

Something, by the way, that would not happen if we honored the Constitution as written.  Shall not be infringed means NO GUN FREE ZONES.  It also means EVERY single person would have the right and option to protect themselves.

Would that stop all killings?  Would it stop all mass shootings?

Definitively, no.  But it would greatly reduce the body count.  Evil exists and evil will find the cracks in the law (or work around them), but when they act and one or more people are armed and able to stop them… the body count drops dramatically.  I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but they are something like… mass shootings stopped by the authorities average just under 15 dead.  Mass shootings (attempts) encountering / stopped by an armed citizen average just under 3 dead.

Even if I was not worried about the erosion of liberty and personal responsibility; that would be enough t get me to want, nay DEMAND the ability to carry everywhere.

This brings me to another quote by a different Founding Father.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Some say allowing guns in schools will kill kids in the crossfire.  If my numbers are accurate (and they are pretty close).  The concerned armed citizen would have to kill 10+ people in the crossfire.  I am pretty sure that is NOT going to happen.

Liberty has a cost.

it costs personal responsibility

it costs personal sacrifice

it costs removing the veil of “feeling” safe behind feel good laws and replacing it with actions that will reduce risks and increase survival rates

it costs the lives of those taken by those who chose to abuse the liberties afforded to all

it also costs society, to be willing to truly provide SEVERE consequences to those who break the social compact.  Death penalty (and not 20 years later)

it also requires the majority of the populace to be virtuous and just

Despite these costs,  Liberty is ALWAYS worth it.


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Reasons we don’t want to see or address

Reasons for shooters (and many other societal ills)
Active destruction of the nuclear family
Active destruction of the spiritual / religious connection of the people
Active governmental destruction of the idea of manhood and the need of men in raising children (especially male children)
reliance on pharma to fix all societal ills including energetic childhoods
removal of consequences from all but the most heinous actions,
removal and stigmatization of guns in the real world but glorification of poor use, handling and criminal activities with guns in all forms of media
Active fomentation of race / wealth / class envy and hatred
complete lack of mental health awareness / compulsory mental health help since the Supreme Court ruled it cruel and unusual…
I could go on but 90% of these items fall under the aegis of the progressive banner and are directly related to the conscious decision by the left to fundamentally “transform” our society
When you destroy millennia old institutions over the course of a few decades, there are going to be issues and tragedy. We are living that, now.

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Lack of Consequences

In a conversation on the FB, a friend suggested Grand Theft Auto and similar games were partially to blame for the Florida shooter. As such they should be banned.

NO, they weren’t. Literally millions of people played that game (tasteless as it may be) without acting out. And any time your solution is to ban something, you reduce freedom and are now part of the problem.

The nutso people who are actively influenced by GTA would have been influenced by something else. History is full of that.  Charles Manson’s followers, Westboro Baptist, Jonestown kool-aid drinkers…

Unhinged people don’t need much of a push and banning a certain video game because it causes nut jobs to kill, is not very far from banning AR-15’s because “they have no purpose other than killing people”.

The answer is always more freedom and that comes with a cost of responsibility, both on you and on society. It also demands SEVERE consequences to the individual who breaks the social compact.

That is the real issue in today’s society. No significant consequences regardless of the action.

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Reducing school shootings

armed-at school

How to stop (most) campus shootings.  — how to do it cheaply, without significantly increasing debt or cost to schools and greatly increasing the protection to our most valuable assets.
#1 remove the restriction on campus carry for all who have a valid CCW issued by or recognized by the state the school is in.
#2 give teachers / administrators / other workers who choose to carry on campus a small stipend (annually) – much like the teacher who runs the debate or chess team. The stipend is $500 and $250 is paid in cash, the other $250 must be used for follow on training classes for remaining current in tactical doctrine, actual ability to shoot… Think of it as CEU’s for school protection. The employee also gets paid (comp time) for up to 8 hours of such training per year.

The combination of these two items will get a significant number of good guys with guns on campus.

No, it will not stop all campus shooting, but it will greatly decrease the body count and that SHOULD be what really matters.


I know it will never happen because of SJW, teacher unions, massive hand wringing and anti gun funding of shills like Mom’s Demand Action who … never mind, not going there.

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February 17, 2018 · 19:12

Moving the UN

I have an idea. The UN is taking up a HUGE tract of land in New York that could more profitably be used for other things.  The UN buildings are desperately in need of repairs / rebuilding. The US people are pretty sick of them being their (mostly rent free). The NYC people are sick of the unpaid parking tickets and other random annoyance of the Diplomatic Immunity crowd.

So I have a suggestion that should work well for all people and help to revive an American City.

Relocate the UN Headquarters to Detroit.

The land is cheap. Finding 100 contiguous city blocks to redevelop shouldn’t be any kind of an issue. The city is in desperate need of a cash infusion. The new building alone should bring roughly $300-500 million alone. Then all the diplomatic compounds that would be put in would create a complete renaissance in the area they choose.

It would also make the typical diplomat and UN worker feel much more at home, given their nations are much closer to how Detroit is today then NYC.

I see it as a win for NYC. They get rid of the UN locusts.
A win for the UN, they get new digs and an area HAPPY to have them and their associated revenues.
A win for the politico’s as their chicanery, corruption and avarice will go unnoticed in the political landscape of Detroit.
A win for the US people as Detroit has long ago been written off anyway.
A win for the US Treasury as no one will even notice when we completely quit funding any aspect of the UN. Being fly over country, WaPo and the NY Times won’t even notice.

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On a friend’s sense of loss

A friend posted something about this time of year being tough because it focuses his feelings of loss.

my reply:

In this case, love translates to loss. Loss translates to grief. Grief translates to anger. Anger corrupts the love.

Trust me I know the cycle. Interrupting the cycle is always temporary. It is a battle we must always face. In facing it and winning a temporary victory with the full knowledge we will face that battle again — we honor our love and the person we love.

Some days the victory is easy. Some days we barely win. Some days it is a draw. Some days we lose, temporarily. But, if we are careful and pay attention; we gain knowledge each time we battle that foe. In time, we should learn his methods and the battles should become easier to win and less often fought.

There are times when we are weak, slow or surprised and the battle looks lost. It is not. The enemy is just attacking our weakness. Our strength will return and we will win. Just not this day.

My belief structure tells me the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to meet her in heaven. I can not do that if I take the easy way out. So that is off limits, not that I want to.

Rejoice my friend, grief is just love that has to endure separation. Eventually, that separation will end and you will experience the truth of love being eternal.

Damn, I made myself cry.


In my case, this also applies to another, not just Dawn.  In that situation it is actually a little more difficult to wrestle with.  In my loss with Dawn, I know that if given the slightest choice she would still be here with me.  In the last year we spent together, we often discussed the “why”.  Or biggest question was “why did God grant us such a wonderful partnership only to make it such a short one”.

She answered that question before she died.  She told me that God needed her to join his heavenly army and God needed me to do things on earth that I couldn’t do while sharing a marriage with her.  That struck me like a bag full of hammers dropped from high altitude.  I have still not recovered or parsed out the actual meaning of that.  But she believed it, deeply.  So I work towards living it.

First do no harm.

In the situation with the amazing woman I fell in love with after Dawn’s death, she CHOSE to leave.  In leaving, she asked me not to pursue as “I was scaring her”.  Her husband was murdered by her stalker… that kind of precludes — well any chance of us working through or even me really figuring out what happened.

So yes:

I get the part about lonely

the part about angry

the part about overwhelming loss

the part about just wishing the pain would end

the part about seeing new beginnings as a new introduction to ashes falling through my hands

the part about choosing to end the fight, by permanently idling my own hands.

But that is not how this works.  Succumbing to any of those fully, just gives victory to depression, anger, hate.  Giving in to these recriminations confirms only one thing.  It confirms the devil’s contention that love is finite.  It confirms (and not just for me), that pain is the victor and love can be conquered.

For the Love of Dawn, Nikki and all who have witnessed the shining moments of love that have surrounded me.  I fight on.  I don’t always win the battles and recently there have been many battles in my head and my heart.  Even the battles I lose are wins of experience and some day…  Probably only a few days before my death, I will WIN.  That win will be conclusive and in doing so, I will earn the right… the right to be free and to truly experience LOVE without any ballast.

Until then, I CHOOSE this fight.

Perhaps, this is the wisdom Dawn saw.


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