100 Days…of stupor

Depending on how you count we are fast approaching the Harris / Xiden 100 day mark. The political joke is that anything you actually want done should be made to happen in that 100 days as it is the grace period where you have the most flexible Congress, the most willing populace and the most political capital. Hmmm

There were a flood of inane Executive Orders. Many of the bigger impacting ones will be short circuited by the courts.

There have been a LOT of bills passed by the HOUSE that are DOA in the Senate.

Gas and diesel prices are up 50% in most places (locally $2.75 for basic unleaded) with a target goal of $6.00.

Her vileness the VP has been put in charge of the non-crisis at the border. She had a zoom meeting with a few south of the border diplomats and they all said the nicey things. Child version human trafficing is up 800%. I mean dreamers crossing the border to reach the gold paved streets… oh hell I can’t even complete it without puking.

Even the Xiden director of ICE is demanding an increased pace for wall building.

Red State America (and many non-suicidal blue state mild kool-aid drinkers) are buying EVERY gun produced and have reserved all the ammo production, to well into 2022.

Xiden announced free pre-k child indoctrination to be coupled with free post high school indoctrination up to the 14th grade. This freeness is to be fairy dusted on us all (by the wealth appropriation of businesses and evil scum / the “wealthy”). As a counter many Red States are enacting school of choice laws faster than Ted Kennedy could down a drink or abandon a drowning woman.

California (despite counting ILLEGALS in the Census) lost house districts and electoral votes. Texas and Florida gained them. California (Illinois and NY) money is fueling a booming housing market in rural locations (read as Red States).

Despite “winning” the election, the left (and not just the radical elements) are turning up the heat in all areas as if they lost. The radical elements are actively fighting with the less radical portions of the leftest Oligarcy. Anarchy reigns in many left run major cities. The Watts riots were horrible, but they didn’t last a calendar year and they got steady coverage. Portlandia and its copycats continue to exist and with a complete black out on national coverage.

Myself and many others think we are heading towards a (pick dystopian book of choice) scenario. My personal choice is Road to Damascus by John Ringo, minus the cool sci-fi back drop and the BOLO.

YOU have been warned repeatedly. This is NOT going away. The question is how prepared are you and how lucky will you be. Then it will come down to how hard will you fight. How hard will you live (or die) and if needed; how hard will you fight to die free?

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Reply to an “American Coward”


I know it is bad form to quote in entirety, but as she mentions there is better than a zero percent chance that her letter is memory holed. Meaning the link it likely to be “censored” where as my post is much less likely to hit the same fate. Also the more places it exists on the intratubes, the harder it is to eradicate.

Below her letter is my reply.

Open Letter from an American Coward

Sarah Chamberlain

Sarah Chamberlain5 days ago·9 min read

Please save, screenshot, etc., then boost.
I don’t usually ask for my content to be shared. What I am about to say though is perhaps the most important thing I will ever say in public, and in the present landscape of the internet, there is a very high probability that it is being silenced or erased even now as you read it. So, I am asking you to please, save an offline and/or archived copy of this letter RIGHT NOW.

If, once you’ve read this letter, you feel that it has any value or interest whatsoever, please, as a personal favor, send it on through whichever channels, to whichever people you feel safe doing so.

If you think what I say is absurd, please share my letter with your friends so you can all laugh at me.

If you think that what I say is evil, please share it with your friends so you can all rage at me.

If you think I deserve to be punished for what I say, please send my letter on to the “authorities” or to any person you think might hurt me for writing it. At least then, those people will have a chance to read it.

I am
an American, a New Hampshirewoman, a lover of liberty, and a happily married mother of four beautiful children. I have a wonderful life, a bright future, and could not ask for any greater blessing than those I have already received.

My enemies are
in a word, communists. Modern communists do not usually call themselves such. They do not talk about workers rising up and seizing the Means of Production.

Instead, modern communists adopt a rhetorical stance where they assume that all people and all property are ALREADY COLLECTIVIZED, then calmly discuss what WE should do:
– What WE should ALLOW people to own.
– What WE should ALLOW people to do.
– What WE should ALLOW people to say.
– How WE should ALLOW people to use their property.

– How WE should ALLOW people to conduct their businesses,
– … and WHO should be ALLOWED,
– … and WHERE.
– How WE should ALLOW people to raise their children.
– Who should be GIVEN which roles within society.
– etc.

The issue under discussion is always something sympathetic, something most decent people would like to see fixed: Intergenerational poverty, police brutality, environmental degradation, bigotry, violence.

But the solutions modern communists put forward are rarely passive, and they are never liberating. If a problem can be solved by individual action, voluntary charity, by the free market, or by the passage of time, that is never seen as good enough. In fact, nothing that fails to increase the power and control of governments or certain institutions (or to grow the people’s dependence on them) is ever regarded as a solution at all.

The people who do the work of modern communism, debating and voting on these “issues of the day” are mostly not aware of what they are doing. A majority of them are decent people who want real problems addressed. But their thinking is confined to a multiple choice question presented by prestige media and schools where only oppressive proposals are listed as options.

Even those higher up the food chain, the ones who create the policy proposals or set the bounds of debate around them are not usually conscious of the way they are manipulating the public. They are hobbled by a theory of history (care of the school system) where the past is merely a series of dragons slain by government policy, where everything is “systemic”, and where the free choices and conscientious actions of individuals have no meaningful effect.

This is how the enemy operates.
In order for modern communists to have the latitude to execute their plans, they need every citizen to be as weak and dependent as possible. They especially need the middle tiers of management, professions, and bureaucracy to be filled with minimally competent placeholders who owe their position to political and institutional favor. These sorts of people, since they are only able to achieve their present position through the system, are more pliable to coercion and less likely to see freedom in any aspect of life as promising or beneficial.

As a consequence, modern communists wage eternal war against every wholesome and sustainable aspect of life, society, and culture which gives people or communities strength and independence. They see it as desirable to destroy the natural optimum which people discover through freedom and competition and replace it with fragile, orchid-like solutions which could not thrive without government and/or institutional intervention:
– Those with demonstrable skills must be replaced by those with credentials.
– The self-employed must be reduced to the status of employees.
– Property must become regulated or burdened with tax and debt, and wherever possible, wealth must be rendered intangible as abstracted financial fictions constructed of laws.
– People must come to rely on government programs for security where they previously relied on themselves and each other.
– The traditional family and organic communities it forms, such as churches, must be invaded, defanged, and delegitimized to leave people at the mercy of authorities.

To a modern communist, “freedom” means the opportunity for individuals to choose some fundamentally maladaptive way of life and be protected from consequences, encouraged and subsidized by power.

The weaker you are, the more useful you are to those in power. Those who choose to be weak and dependent where they could be healthy and independent are collaborators.

This is what I see happening.
The American public has come to accept all the components of totalitarian states.
– We have come to accept a militarized police.
– We have come to accept ideological indoctrination in schools.
– We have come to accept mass surveillance.
– We have come to accept speech codes.
– We have come to accept the rewriting of history to serve the interests of the ruling party.
– We have come to accept the tarring of political dissidents as “terrorists”, “extremists”, and “White Supremacists.”
– We have come to accept the State telling us when and where we can meet.
– We have come to accept the State shutting down our places of worship.
– We have come to accept the idea that parents should have no special authority over their children.

– We have come to accept the manipulation of thought through the manipulation of language.
– We have come to accept the radical reordering of society by government in the name of crisis.

In the 2016 election, the full-throated manipulation by the mainstream press, academia, and the political establishment was so intense, and so obvious, that many people (myself included) who did not consider themselves “conservative” voted for Donald Trump just to poke a finger in the eye of Leviathan. So many people did so that his margin of victory exceeded the margin of cheat, and he was actually able to become president.

In the intervening years, the modern communists of both parties (though more so the Democrats) and those same media and academia mandarins have only doubled down on their commitment to subjugating the public and clamping down on our personal freedom and political prerogatives. Somehow, in losing electorally, we are to believe that their mandate for runaway collectivism and authoritarianism was strengthened.

Now, in the 2020 election, the fraud and manipulation became so glaringly obvious that, at the time of writing, at least 47% of all Americans, regardless of party loyalty, understand that the election was stolen and Joe Biden is illegitimate. Somehow though, it is still a long shot that Donald Trump, the person who has done more to expose the mendacity and incompetence of the ruling party and institutions than anyone else, will be seated as President.

Every one of those Americans who understands this must realize that this is it. This is the last moment for the American Republic, the last time we will even have a glimmer of a chance of an honest election result, and the last time any opposition to modern communism will be afforded space in the public square. And yet, neither I nor most of you are going to do anything about this situation that might risk our present status or comfort.

This is why I won’t yet act.
Unfortunately for me, the crisis has come either too late or too early. Our family has four young children, a single income, and a base of assets which could be easily lost but probably never replaced. We are maximally vulnerable to the sorts of attacks which collectivists bring against those who fight back.

Even so, if the fight were on, if the majority of Americans who this past election shows are opposed to creeping collectivism were on the march, I would risk it all to join them. No comfort, no wealth, not even life itself is as important as preserving the possibility of human freedom. The hive-society prison which is being built around us must be demolished at any cost.

But when I look around me, I see many people who are paralyzed as I am. We know that the fight for our republic is unavoidable, and that the time is now, but do not see a nucleus of resistance to which we can pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honors without it being tantamount to suicide. We are watching and waiting for someone else to be that nucleus.

Most people who have not committed to the cause of freedom are not conscious supporters of modern communism. Some hold out the futile hope that things will all go back to normal, others have convinced themselves that what is happening is inevitable and cannot be opposed. Both are dead wrong. As open struggle against collectivism, communism, authoritarianism, and globalism rises, both of these positions will weaken, and support for freedom will grow.

If you have the courage to act where I do not,
here is what I WILL do:
– If you speak out against them, I will listen.
– If you act against them, I will not stand in your way.
– If they portray you as uncool, cringey, old-fashioned, unintelligent, or low-class, I will not laugh at you or think less of you.
– If they call you a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Nazi, granny killer, etc., I will not believe them, nor will I care.
– If they call you a terrorist or an extremist, I will not assume that you are in the wrong.
– When they ask me questions, I will lie, forget, or evade as I am able.
– When they tell me their version of history, I will smile and nod and know they are liars.
– If they dispossess you, I will share what I can.
– If they martyr you, my children will learn your name as that of a hero.
– If you have the courage to be shameless in opposing them, you will be honored in my house.

This is what I will remember.
The universities and the class of “experts” and “professionals” to whom they grant legitimacy have no constitutional role in the American Republic. No amount of schooling grants one authority over others, and no consensus among the educated should have the force of law.

2. The guarantee in the Constitution of “Freedom of the Press” is not a grant of authority to the legacy media or to professional journalists. It is, in fact, a right belonging to the people: WE have the right to publish and disseminate views and information the same as those who work for newspapers or television networks.

3. The Intelligence and Defense establishments of the US exist to secure the rights and liberties of the American people. The US has constructed a vast apparatus to deploy force, subvert or overthrow governments, and disseminate propaganda, but these activities are only legitimate when they are directed OUTWARD. When the geopolitical capabilities of the US government do not act to empower the American people and sustain our Constitution, they are just as criminal as the same actions taken by private citizens.

4. Law enforcement and defense against violence is the responsibility of each and every person. Even though we have become accustomed to having these services provided by professionals, they remain our right and our personal responsibility.

5. Education of the young is the responsibility of parents and natural communities. Even though we have become accustomed to having this service provided by professionals, it remains our right and our personal responsibility.

6. Provision of necessities such as food and shelter is the responsibility of each and every person. Even though we have become accustomed to these goods being delivered by a vast and interconnected economic machinery over which we have little control, it remains our right and our duty to provide for ourselves and those we care about.

7. Though peace, prosperity, happiness, and a long life are all wonderful conditions to experience, they are not what makes a human life worthwhile. Humans have dignity and value insofar as they are free agents struggling and striving to obtain these ends. “Treating someone as a human being” does not mean coddling them and providing for them like you would a child or a pet. It means getting out of their way and leaving them the freedom and latitude to provide for themselves.

8. Whoever relinquishes their freedom to obtain comfort or security is not acting as a human, but as an animal. Because our fates are all intertwined, such a person is betraying all of us, and does not deserve our concern or regard.

— Sarah Chamberlain


You misunderstand cowardice and pragmatism. I am happy to see your confusion as compared to say the confusion of a traitor like Mitt Romney or Cocaine Mitch.

One who openly pens a letter defending their reasons for not being the first to rise up, is NOT a COWARD. That person (you) is a realist who knows exactly what happened at Harper’s Ferry. https://www.history.com/topics/abolotionist-movement/harpers-ferry Not everyone can be John Brown.

The good thing is not every needs to be John Brown and Thank God Almighty that not everyone is John Brown. We likely need a John Brown personality to offset the Mitt Romney, Cocaine Mitch, Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer’s of the world. But, for every one of the John Browns, we need 10 to 20 people who are willing to do the dark deeds in the night so others may sleep soundly. For each of those doing deeds, we need 5-10 people who sleep soundly most nights, but on those nights of deep need; are easily roused and ardent in their support and succor for the cause.

Make no mistake, John Brown knew full well if he failed (and even if he succeeded) a hangman’s noose (or worse) was his likely reward. That takes a person of distinct courage (or a lack of mooring) to willingly don the noose; by standing up and daring others to take him (or her) down. Being the public face, is an all in gambit. There is not walking away. Most of us are not capable of that, yet is does not make us any less important, or our contributions any less risky.

Let me put a different face on it. Harriet Tubman was an ardent abolitionist. As a former (and escaped slave) why wouldn’t she be. On each of her underground railroad runs, she risked being caught and killed. She was the driving force behind the trips to free slaves and without her, those trips and likely the trips of many others never would have happened. Should we thus give her complete credit for those actions? Although history may not remember the names of those who gave from their larder, those who offered up a spare room for the night, those who tended to blistered feet or sick children, I know Mrs. Tubman knew them and cherished every bit of help they provided. Transporting 12-25 people from points in the South to Canada was not something a single person could do, unassisted. It would be difficult today with a couple of passenger vans, much less back then using horses (and carriages) when available, but mostly on foot.

Sarah, again; I realize you are not Harriet Tubman. But you are offering to be a safe house along the way. You are offering to provide food and medicine in the most precarious hour. You are demanding of your family, the risk associated with harboring Patriots who openly fight the battle you cannot. If caught, the penalty will be the same. The only real difference, you choose to hide among the enemy and provide cover for those who do not. Your risk is just as large. In those moments, your risk may even be larger; if less often taken.

There are many way to “not comply”. In many ways the path you chose is the more difficult one. Wearing the mask of obedient servant when your heart screams for rebellion is tough. Will the mask slip? Will my children accidentally betray the secret? Will someone see a Patriot slip in or out of our house? Every action must be rationed and examined.

Those who choose to throw of the mask, have no such needs. They are surrounded by fellow Patriots, not by loyalist sychophants.

As our Founding Fathers knew. We must all hang together or we will certainly all hang separately. You chose to hang together. You chose to hang in the way that you can. That will help those of us who are more action oriented, to not hang separately. That gives as much succor to our minds as a hot meal and a place to sleep does for our bodies.

If you are an American Coward, then let that type of cowardice run rampant in this great nation. I cannot muster a tear for the blood of any tyrants, but if “cowardice” such as yours does flow freely in this nation, there may be little need for the Blood of Patriots to nourish the Tree of Liberty.

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At War

This is a large and semi complicated read. I strongly suggest you READ it.

68% fail rate

Zero audit trail on adjudicated votes

40+ counties used this platform in Michigan

20+ states used some variation of this platform

We have been at war in this country for a while. When the war started is up to later historians to debate. You can claim the war began with the publishing of Marx, but that would be a bit early. That is the genesis of the idea but not the initiation in the US. Others would say the Election of Woodrow Wilson would be the opening shots. There is some evidence to point to FDR and his egregious actions. But both of those are preparations, not the actual war. I don’t know if President zero was the beginning of the move from preparations to cold war or cold war to luke warm fighting; but I do know the insurgency was well under way and no longer behind any significant cover.

The election (wrongful as seen by the progs) of DJT created a boil over point. The built up hatred, vitriol boiled out of the prog pot and scalded many a conservative or just about anyone who wasn’t died in the wool. It even scalded many of those, see #metoo.

We even had the initiation of hot war antics. See Portlandia, Seattle, Burn Loot Murder riots, pantifa activities, lawfare for 4 years under Mueller… I could go on, but I would need a bigger blog.

Now, we have seen the Mueller coup take the equivalent of a hot war turn. The voting process in this country has been completely corrupted. The courts refuse to address the merits of the lawsuits. Each suit was dismissed on technical grounds. Some as flimsy as you didn’t file before the actions (no harm yet done, so no standing); but you waited too long (within 24 hours of the action) so you don’t have standing because the event is past. Some of the suits being dismissed on technicalities is normal and probably reasonable. Going 100% is not, just like the “errors” in the system all favoring one candidate.

Today, I am a pessimist. I really think we will see no real resistance or response from the populace at large, other than belly aching on faceplant. That is the bad news.

The good news, Joe Biden will “die” in office and leave the country to Kamala the Kruel. She will NOT be able to play by any rules. She will Executive Order in her new paradigm. When the cuckold Courts (kinda sorta) stand in her way, she will lawfare them. Then she will intimidate them, personally. Then she will pack them to her favor. We will likely see ALL semi auto rifles added to the NFA. We will likely see ITAR restrictions added to all ammo and used as a lever to move prices up by changing ITAR fees to a category specific. Thus MagPul will need an ITAR fee for mags, gun apparel, stocks, rebuild kits. I also see each variant of the fee increased by 20-50. The current +/- $5000 fee (including lawyer processing costs) becoming multiple $50-100K fees will jump up prices, crush small business and innovation as well as greatly reduce supply.

This will result in a red wave at the midterm elections. See voter fraud. But this will not help in anything other than deeply red states. Most deeply red states are already kind of purple and with califexit in full swing, expect that to get even worse. See Voter fraud. Then think about how well we have been able to count on the likes of Cocaine Mitch in the past. Chrony capitalism is not, has not, will never be; a means of combating ideological suicide artists.

Our country is already bifurcated. I expect to see that grow over the next two years. I expect big issues with Burn Loot Murder, (very soon) as the demonrat establishment is already shunning them. They will act out violently, giving the demonrats an excuse to further curtail liberties of the rest of us. Creating more upheaval and violence. Rinse, lather, repeat.

If Mr Trump is willing to put his treasure and sacred honor at stake… If enough Americans are willing to follow his lead, we may yet save our Republic. But 100 years of corruption could only be slowed over the past four years. I see interesting times ahead during the next two, then even more “fun” the two after that.

Please show me I am wrong.

Please become active. Please do more than just bitch and “vote”. I am not saying join a militia. I am also not saying you shouldn’t; but, at least ACTIVELY join the local Retardican party and make it less retarded. Work locally. Make sure your Sheriff knows the Constitution. Put his and the city council, mayor, county board’s feet to the fire often. Make them take a stand even if it is by getting them to refuse to support those things that are right, just and Constitutional. A stand of exclusion is still a stand.

Make them stand for something as most of them stand for nothing, other than personal profit. And that as much as Marxism has /will kill our Republic. They are at war with us. It is about time we acted like we know it and fight back.

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Today, is a good day to die

There was a time where this was the first thing I said to myself, every morning.  I said this OUT LOUD, before I could force myself out of bed.  I needed to hear myself say this, to create a transition from the horizontal nightmares of sleep to the vertical nightmares of the day.  I wasn’t looking forward to death that day, but I need the icy touch of his hand; like coffee, to start the new day. 

In the active and inside the ring view of the cancer fight, my mantra had been “where there is breath, there is life / hope / love”.  My recitation of that mantra varied the last word depending on my mood and the recipient.  When that breath extinguished… I watched and held her during her last breath.  Hope died.

My mantra changed to “Today, is a good day to Die”.

When you have seven years invested in a fight.  When, you have been winning more often than you have been losing.  When the entire fight is thrown into the charnel pit, by treachery of a supposed ally…  and the end comes out of the blue.  Things go a little off the rails.  I was not off the rails, at least not completely.  But, my view of the important was – shifted.

My new mantra reminded me that despite the treachery, despite the ripping away of our continued reprieves, despite our incalculable loss… I still had the ability to make a difference.  I could still take a stand.  Despite the pit I inhabited, perhaps because of it.  I could still make a positive difference in the life of someone else.  I could be the immovable object or the unbendable will.  If that cost me my life, it would be a good death.  It was a reflection, a shred of the hope, I once lived.

Not just that, my daily recitation kept me from doing the things that are hard wired into my more base nature.  By focusing on the need to be ready and available for someone else, I kept myself from acting against the treacherous bastards who lied, cheated and directly stole honesty, joy and time.  I couldn’t be there for others if I broke my promise and served the bastards what they bought; revenge, ice cold.  This would be death of an ideal, of my promise and honor; thus, a dishonorable death.

“Today, is a good day to Die” gradually became, “today is a good day to die”.  It might not look like much, but vocalize the first in harsh tones and bite out the phrase.  For the second, read it in a passive voice.  It is a dramatic difference.  In time, I no longer needed to recite it to brace myself for the transition from horizontal nightmares to walking and waking nightmares.  I still had them, but they were now mist, with only occasional form.  I was still willing to die a good death; but, it no longer called me by name.

People and events happened in my life.  I breathed again.  With breath came hope.  In the last four plus years, I have learned to live and love again.  There are people and things that fill me with pride, hope and life.  I have something to live for, beyond a “good death”.

But please understand, this also means I have an even bigger reason to be willing to buy that “good death”.  In my previous incarnation, revenge would only buy me vengeance, shame and permanent separation.  It would have brought dishonor despite the balancing of the slate.  In this incarnation, I am again able to see breath and life / hope in those I love.  It is not just within the bounds of honor, honor demands that I buy a good death if it extends the breath and life / hope / liberty of those I love, even if only for a few moments.

I am not alone.  For the American Patriot; liberty is breath.  Breath is life, thus without liberty there is no life.  Loss of liberty creates slavery, which is DEATH.  By bringing loss of liberty to the kith and kin of an American Patriot, you are the bearer of death and dishonor.  His or her honor will demand satisfaction.  That satisfaction only balances with death.

The death may well be that of the Patriot, but he/she died standing.  Standing between the slaver and those they love.  They will have bought TIME for other Patriots to finish the job.  They did the only job that truly matters; keeping their loved ones free.

Eventually, all tyranny ends.   History shows tyranny rarely ends without massive bloodshed. The demands of the human condition are to be free, thus no reign of tyranny has lasted.  At some point a nexus of souls has stood up and demanded, then taken back their freedom.  This has almost without exception cost the lives of many patriots and tyrants. 

A long lasting and probably the brightest example of this has been the American experiment. 

WE have a Republic, if we can keep it.

I may see the death of many a Patriot and if so, hopefully more than one tyrant; but, I will not live to see the death of this Republic. 

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Liberty Tree, long version


I do not know whether it is to yourself or Mr. Adams I am to give my thanks for the copy of the new constitution. I beg leave through you to place them where due. It will be yet three weeks before I shall receive them from America. There are very good articles in it: and very bad. I do not know which preponderate. What we have lately read in the history of Holland, in the chapter on the Stadtholder, would have sufficed to set me against a Chief magistrate eligible for a long duration, if I had ever been disposed towards one: and what we have always read of the elections of Polish kings should have forever excluded the idea of one continuable for life. Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying. The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, and what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusets? And can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion.1 The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independant 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusets: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen yard in order. I hope in god this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted.2

I quite often reference the Tree of Liberty quote.  So I thought today, I would give further background on it.

The above is the original source and the original context of the quote.  Reading it in its entirety makes for a bit deeper of an understanding as well as how serious Mr. Jefferson was.   “If they must remain quiet…”  That has powerful meaning in today’s environment.  “…the forerunner of death to the public liberty.”  WOW, am I the only one that sees the parallels to today.  I know many people blithely spout, “the Founder’s would have been shooting by now”.  The thing is, they would.  This is not the only example of bombastic rhetoric (that was acted on) from the Founding Fathers.  But it is some of the more plain stated and significant due to its matter of fact nature.

We are men and women of a different era.  We do not stare death in the face on a daily basis.  Our founders were, in large part farmers.  Most of them raised chickens, pigs, cattle… those animals along with the horses, dogs… were killed on the regular to feed people.  Death.  Many of the founders lost wives in child birth, children to childhood diseases, brothers, sisters, friends, sons, daughters in the fight for Independence. Death. This discounts the loss of limbs and other things that were just part of being alive, prior to germ theory and modern ER’s.

They knew hardship.  They knew death.  They knew the value of a human life and how quickly nature and natures man could claim a due date, on any person.  “What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?”  This is not Mr. Jefferson not caring if people die. Quite the contrary, he is not being cavalier.  This is him stating, a few good men (and women) must willing sacrifice ALL; in order that a State of Liberty may be preserved.  These few will be honored as they have paid the bill (in blood) so current would be tyrants, are reminded of their duty through an enforcement of their mortality.  Then, future tyrants will be less bold; as they visit the graves of their predecessors.  At the same time, the rest of us are reminded of our inescapable duty to preserve Liberty.

It is the natural state of man, that roughly 3% of the population WILL NOT COMPLY.  It is the job of the tyrant to root out that portion of the populace and cow or kill it faster than it can replenish or educate it’s replacements.  It is the job of the liberty loving patriots to replenish and educate (no less than) two replacements, prior to age rendering them incapable of service.

In our American Revolution, there were three groups.  Each group was represented by roughly 1/3 of the population.  The three groups: Loyalists, Separatists and leave me out of your politics.

Loyalist: most of these people were the connected, powerful and monied people who had strong ties to the English system. Keeping those ties strong insured their power and easy lifestyle.  There were of course exceptions

Separatists: here most were self made or at least familial money that had ties to things not of English Patronage.  For some it was patronage to another power.  For others it was a deeply American source of affluence.  For others, it was as simple as they came to America to be free of the yokes of British, French, German oppression.  Others had more direct reasons to risk it all.

Leave me out:  This group was most often the people who didn’t have time to look up from their daily grind to wonder which hand was stealing their hard earnings as taxes.  They saw little point to fighting over who abused them and they understood the current system, so change was as likely to be as bad as it might be good, but the process of change was always bad.

Over time, the Separatists (our Founding Fathers) worked diligently to persuade many in the “leave me out” group to join them.  However, the true altar of conversion was usually the actions of the British.  Over time and in response to direct abuse, the 3% grew to about 10% who actively took up arms or DIRECTLY aided those under arms. As anecdotal “proof”, just think about it, why do we have the Third Amendment and why is it third in importance?

After the written guarantee of the right to free speech and redress, the next written guarantee was the right to armed insurrection.  The very next codified right, was the right to not be forced to harbor, house or feed the Army or any officer of government without consent and just compensation.  Thousands of “Leave me out” families were forced into bankruptcy by the Quartering Act.  Many others were literally eaten out of house and home.  Twenty pigs on Monday, zero pigs on Thursday with no compensation.  This was but one action that drove agnostic people, enthusiastically into the arms of Revolution.

Are we so weak?  Are we so feeble minded that the usurpation of our right to speak our mind and have access to redress is not enough?  Are we so scared that we are unwilling to retain our right and ability for armed insurrection?  Are the creature comforts of the internet, Netflix, Facebook and 2 day free delivery so sweet that we willingly shoulder the velvet lined yoke of slavery?

For those who are not mechanically inclined, velvet is not a durable fabric.  The softening effect of velvet does not last long once the yoke is locked into place.  Perhaps it is because so few people have ever seen an ox, much less the hardened calluses those oxen develop; that so many willingly shoulder that yoke.  Perhaps those of us who love liberty have failed to train our replacements. 

Perhaps we get the tyranny we deserve.

I do know, I am Constitutionally incapable of living on my knees.

Do you stand free or is that yoke a good, comfortable fit?

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Virtue Signal: Nation edition

Let’s end climate change. Hmmm how can we do that?

Parliament’s hand goes up. “Oh, pick me. Pick me. Let’s stop pulling fossil fuels out of the ground and selling it to dirty, First World Countries.”

Voice of reason heckles from the back row, “Don’t we use the money from those sales to prop up our social welfare state?”

Parliament, “That is 2050’s problem. WE get to be pioneers and 5 star virtue signallers TODAY.”


Taking bets now on the likelihood of a future reversal. I am going to say, the rational voices start demanding retraction (soon) but are shouted down until…well, welfare riots happen and the infustructure is gone… and …well if you are reading this, you know the rest.

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Walter E. Williams

An ICON of American common sense, died this week.

His last column may not be as hard hitting as some but in his normal mild manner he assaulted the complacency of low expectations. He and his forthright honesty will be missed by many including this person who could learn much from his style and substance.


If you are unfamiliar with his work. I suggest a quick search and set aside some serious time for reading. Perhaps even watch the hour long interview done by Mark Levin. America is producing fewer people of this caliber, which means he will be doubly missed.

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Trump 2024

If you listened to his speech regarding what happens from here, “the greatest fraud / hoax in American History”… You have hope that he will return triumphant in 2024.

The blow back from that has been in three camps.

Never Trumpers and demonrats– Oh Shit, we have to kill this now

Fanboys — we can hold the line until then and our savior will ride in and rescue us in four years

Pessimists — we will all be slaves by then, so who cares.

I don’t fit in any of those camps. Even VP (wannabe) and future President (via E tu Brute means) Kamala Harris can’t completely destroy the US with a divided Congress and five SCOTUS justices that have Constructionist leanings. I am not saying she can’t do huge damage. She can and will. But more on that later. The fanboy reaction, is silly as it WRONGLY puts all faith in an external source and we need to buck up, BE Americans and handle this ourselves, locally. The Never Trumpers are, below whale shit on the scale of ethics, common sense and brains; so I don’t much care about them and their feelz.

As one of my earlier posts pointed out, https://blogletitburn.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/another-trump-option/Trump will NOT just sit idly by as the demonrats use the Constitution as toilet paper and as a fuse for a national Molotov. Sure he may begin a 4 year run for President. Sure he may well throw his hat in the ring and begin actively campaigning for 2024 on January 20th. To show his contempt, that rally he has scheduled at the same time as the Inauguration will likely be the unveiling of that run. But, the big thing will be the creation of a third political party AND / OR creation (perhaps a large cash infusion into) an HONEST news outlet. Then I think he will abandon twitter and mover over to Parler, abandon Facebook and move over to MeWe. This will be done with giant fanfare and will help to be the push that gets lots of conservatives OFF those platforms.

Many will miss the point. Trump will be doing that to lead you to do the same. He wants you to DROP the very corrupt Fox News. If he can drop his addiction to twitter, so can you. The bottom line is if no conservatives go to Facebook, twitter, Fox News…; they slowly lose relevance. As they loose users and relevance, the lose dollars and influence. Without those, it is kinda like the high school party where a guy invited 20 guys and 20 girls. Fifty guys showed up and after about half an hour most wander off to search for the women, as sausage parties are not the most fun. Even demonrats will spend less time on FB, if they can’t bash and fight with random conservatives and virtue signal / shame conservative family members.

Stop the signal where you can. As in unplug from socialist media. Slow the signal when you can’t. I have a FB group for my business that I have to use for a product line. But other than that, FB is dead to me. Hopefully as FB becomes dead to others, the business will host over to MeWe or their own site.

Back to the part about damage by Kamala ho. She and the Biden zombie flunkies will attempt to rip the Constitution out by the roots. We will fondly remember the days of the “Enlightened One’s” phone and a pen, as being pleasant in comparison. They will be relying on the delay between implementation and the Process to get to SCOTUS. By Judge and District shopping, they can often buy 2-6 MONTHS before being struck down. This will have a devastating effect in some instances.

The upside. Even the dumbest, most servile of dogs can be pushed to the point of biting the hand of their abuser. The more crassly Kamala ho and the Squad acolytes press their agenda. The more they judge shop and still get shot down by appellate courts and SCOTUS, those servile dogs will take notice. It may require them to be harmed by a particular action, but they will notice. Combine that with Trump (and many others) and the ARMY of people fighting to expose the 2020 election Fraud, there will be an awakening of the complacent, lazy, leave me alone with your stupid political games, crowd. That group HATES to be taken out of their comfortable place on the couch watching Surviror season 27. And when the corruption gets so OBVIOUS that even they can’t avoid it, the whipsaw will hit and I promise it will not be pretty.

At that point, the question becomes how ugly will it become. Will it be 1937 Nanking ugly or just late 1981 economic ugly. Yes, please look them up. Most likley, it will fall somewhere in between. It could however be as bad as Cambodia 1975 or as good as the 2010 midterm elections. You will be part of that determination. Will you comply? Will you resist? Will you actively seek to make a difference locally and nationally (please focus locally) as that has a better chance of cascading up.

There is a chance, despite Rudy and Sidney’s inept antics that the margin of corruption is proven… or at least the election theft will not be certified until things are untangled; but it is NOT the way to bet at this point.

My powder is dry and my Pen (computer is) at the ready. How are yours?

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What does a Biden “victory” look like?

To be a bit snarky, it looks a lot like a Biden Loss, as the man did not win.

That being said, the Senate is barely in the hands of the retardicans although a few reliable turncoats could make things sporty on certain issues. The House is barely in the hands of the demonrats, but there are a lot less of them willing to openly be traitorous to Nancy or the “cause”. This means there will be a LOT of bloviating, lots of grandstand moments and a lot of ruckus but not a lot of major legislation or major changes making it all the way through the legal process. That is the good part.

The bad news. The swamp will grow like a crack smoker’s addiction. Every single conservative / Trump appointee that can be fired, will be fired within the first 90 days. Executive orders and agency rulings will abound that demand adherence to the edicts of Zombie Joe (read as Kamala the Vile). The retardicans will loudly state how much disruptive legislation they have blocked while mainly turning a blind eye to the corrosion from within agencies.

As an example, we will look at the BATFEIEIO. Formerly legal firearms like the Honey Badger will again be added to the NFA list. AR pistol braces will post facto become SBR’s and hundreds of people will be prosecuted. Even though most will not see jail time, they will spend $20-40K keeping themselves out of jail. The tax stamp for SBR’s and Suppressors will be arbitrarily changed to something like $500 per unit, perhaps $1000. The suppressor industry will die as will the pistol brace companies. ITAR rates will go up and they will have additional items added to them. It will be used as a means of driving up prices and adding complexity at the manufacturer level. There will be a large increase in FFL audits and prosecution of accidental process crimes for dealers; but not increase in prosecution for lying on the 4473.

This will play itself across large swaths of governmental agencies. Talk radio will come under fire, via a revival of equal time legislation. The EPA will get back into deeming standing puddles in parking lots as wetlands. Coal, oil and natural gas production / refining / storage and transport will see ever greater scrutiny and thus costs to comply. These are just things that pop into my head without much concentrated thought on the topic.

From the other side. Increasingly large percentages of people will remove their children from public schools. Red states will pass portable school voucher programs with increasing frequency. Massive numbers of people will react to the increasing vitriol and actual violence by purchasing guns and hardening their homes. Red state people will continue to flee Blue states, taking their businesses and taxes with them. Blue voters will continue to flee as well. Unfortunately, in most cases these people will vote to replicate their former hell in places like Florida, TN and Texas.

There will be violence. Most of it will originate with pantifa, Burn Loot Murder and similar associated groups. At a certain point this will spill out of places like Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Memphis and hit places like Nashville, Orlando and Houston. The real problems will not happen in these downtown areas as even in those red areas, the downtowns are blue. When those on their wilding spill out of Nashville, Orlando or Houston proper and make their way to Hendersonville, Oveido or Katy; things will get rather sporty rather quickly. The red state people in those areas are aware that arson is a forcible felony. They are aware that forcible felonies easily pass muster for the use of deadly force. Do not be surprised when pantifa soyboy lights a Molotov in one of those locals, that a 5.56 round hits the lit bottle and douses soyboy in liquid fire. The person’s aim may be off and the would be arsonist might take a double tap to the chest.

The first time that happens, the shooter will get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment. By the fifth or tenth time, law enforcement will be hard pressed to find the shooter and if they do it, might be tough to extract them from their well armed cadre of friends. That assumes the LEO community of such areas doesn’t buy the shooter dinner and invite them to join the next class at the Police Academy.

We live in a divided nation. We live in interesting times. We live in a shortage of ammo and guns for a reason. People are scared they may have to use them and I don’t mean to kill a deer.

This will only get worse no matter how the election results / voter fraud turns out. Keep it dry and handy. You may just need it.

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This is how you get bloodshed, possibly massive BLOODSHED.

I am to the point where I am not really blaming the demonrats for the election chaos / fraud / theft. For the most part, demonrat voters are little kids. Little kids lie, cheat and steal until such time as they are caught and have their asses paddled cherry red. Their leaders are cynical bitches and bastards who know full well what they are doing and that there will be nothing other than a mild vocal scolding, no matter what they do.

After four years of made up news cycles about the 2016 election theft by Donald Trump, they know this to be true.. They sent conservative politicians sent to jail over process crimes resulting from initial charges bases on absolutely NOTHING. The biggest result of this is Michael Flynn’s pardon. Is James Comey doing time? Did Lois Lerner have any consequence other than a golden parachute? Has Adam Schiff been tossed from his seat on the hill? Have any members of the FBI been brought up on charges regarding the Hillary server (lack of investigation / cover up) issue? Have any members of the greater intelligence community been charged with the various FISA court violations or illegal surveillance operations?

Short answer, no. And Joe Biden being “elected” gives the retardicans perfect cover to NEVER ever follow up on any of those things. Yes, I get it. Lindsey Graham makes a lot of noise. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul make principled stand (grandstands) in their day long monologues to block certain things. But the retardican (kleptocrat light / RINO) party only makes noise, then moves on. They loudly proclaim how impossible it is with a divided Congress to actually make changes; but when they have control no changes occur.

Donald Trump won the election. The margin of corruption defeated the will of the American People. The blue state Governors, election officials, political machine built in what they thought was enough corruption into the system and still had to resort to last minute OBVIOUS changes to get their zombie over the line. They cheated. They cheated badly and obviously. They need to be punished for both. But the real horror show isn’t on the demonrat side.

The real catastrophe is the apathy of the opposition. Rudy is a blundering idiot who is vastly unprepared and red tip caning the lawsuits and press conferences. Sidney Powell is making bombastic statements but not providing the meat to back up the sizzle. Oh it gets worse. The retardicans in the contested states, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are choosing to wait until the next session to address the issues of the 2020 election. Quite conveniently that will be AFTER doddering Joe Zombie will be sworn in.

Let’s assume they do actively and doggedly pursue the fraud in early 2021. Let’s assume they uncover serious abuse in the system. Then what? Retract the Inauguration? Create an even bigger Constitutional Crisis. Again, the short anwer is no. By choosing to wait they are choosing to tie their own hands. They are choosing to not actively investigate. They are choosing to yell from behind the safety of a confirmed result. Why not allow the theft to be perpetrated? To do otherwise might jeopardize their front row chair on the aft deck of the Titanic.

There are problems with that theory and practice. When even 40%+ of demonrat voters believe there was serious voter fraud and investigations are warranted, there cannot be faith in future election results. When 80%+ of conservative / Trump voters believe the election was rigged AND that retardicans will not fight for the integrity of this and future elections, they are frustrated. This is not the initial or only frustration, either.

Obama was elected with voter fraud, but likely not enough to sway the outcome. His administration set back race relations, the economy, our position on the world stage, greatly reduced the fighting efficiency of our military and made the world a DANGEROUS place. Especially, a dangerous place to be an American. Trump made huge progress in fixing all of those items, despite a 24/7 hateful media, blocking attempts by the swamp dwellers in every agency, the demonrats in Congress and nearly half of the American populous.

The country has seen unopposed lawlessness (Portland, Seattle and many other blue cities and states). Covid has been used to destroy entire sectors of the economy, especially areas that are big donors or employ large swathes of red voting Americans. Religious communities have been savaged with restrictions not placed on secular institutions. And all the while, retardicans (for the most part) have gone along or actively assisted in the process. Mike Lee, I am looking directly at you.

There are four boxes that are available to the free citizens of a republic. The soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the bullet box.

Perhaps we should examine those.

The soap box:

Traditionally this is the Press or outlets that publish dissenting voices. The Press is almost monolithic in its support of the election theft and the hatred of all things Conservative. The other outlets, currently social media and tech outlets are actively censoring and suppressing speech and ideas they don’t like. Twitter, Facebook, Google (editing searches) are all actively against as well as using their immense fortunes to buy politicians (many retardicans and RINO’s). This box is effectively shut down

The ballot box:

I will not repeat much of the above; but Dominion Voting machines, late night stoppages and hundreds of thousands of unopposed votes later. Blue state officials obstructing all efforts to verify the process much less the results. This box is completely ruined.

The Jury box:

This most commonly refers to the judicial process. Here some significant progress has been made, but still too many activist judges make rulings that defy precedent and established law (without consequence). See four years of Trump derangement system. See Lerner, Comey (and subordinates) without any charges. Trump has made serious inroads to fixing this box, but too much is still corrupt, including John Roberts at SCOTUS.

The Bullet box:

This is, and should be the last resort. However, it has been brought to the right, by the left. Ignoring things like the Las Vegas shooting, we still have the Republican Congress baseball team shot up. The live fire events in Portlandia. Antifa and BLM attacking people’s businesses and homes. Those people defending their lives being brought up on Murder Charges — Kyle Rittenhouse. Then no charges against the convicted felon in possession of a firearm (that he shot in self defense). See corruption of the Jury box, the process is the penalty.

I am not suggesting the Right / Conservatives should take up arms and storm the Bastille. But at a certain point the sides of history close in on honest people and there is no other option. The real question becomes, do you follow the path of the Batista Cubans or do your follow the path of our Founding Fathers?

The Batista Cubans, at least those with money and influence; had a place to flee to. They fled here. In doing so they left a few million of their compatriots to suffer 50+ years of totalitarian Communism and the destruction of the jewel of the Caribbean. Are you monied enough to flee? If you flee, to where and can you still look yourself in the mirror each day?

Our Founding Fathers had no where to run, nor did they have the personalities to flee even if there was a place. Instead they wrote a Declaration of Independence, and in it wrote, “For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

In the “Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Their Taking up Arms,” Written by Thomas Jefferson and John Dickinson (1775), they wrote, “We have counted the cost of this contest, and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery. Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we have received from our gallant ancestors.” They further expounded, “We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them, if we basely entail hereditary bondage upon them … resolved to die freemen rather than to live slaves.”

Between the two documents, there is little room to debate the fervor with which the Founding Fathers attended to their freedom, to what length they stated they were willing to go to retain it. More importantly, history shows how their actions followed their words. Of the 56 signatories to the Declaration of independence, five were captured and tortured by the British, 12 had their homes looted and burned, 9 fought and died from wounds or privations caused by the war, two had sons captured and tortured, two others had sons die in the fighting. That does not include the financial ruin or loss of loved ones (other than sons on the battle field).

This means roughly 25% of those who signed the Declaration of Independence died before the end of the war or as a direct result of it. Roughly another 25% suffered unrecoverable financial loss, with a few dying in abject poverty. These men and their families knew first hand the corrupt power of government. They were willing to give up the luxuries their jobs and education provided, to provide for lasting freedom for themselves, their children and most importantly, all future Americans.

We are many generations removed from direct knowledge of the corrupting power of tyrannical government. But we only need look at Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, North Korea to know the truth. Are we willing to meekly place our necks in the yoke of slavery? Are we able to kick the can to a future generation corrupted by the relentless drone of biased educators and media pundits? Are we willing to witness the end of an exploration in freedom. An exploration that started with the Greeks in Athens (and Thermopolyea), passed through the Magna Carta in England and most recently was (forever) enshrined in the Constitution of the United States?

I for one, am not willing to see the Light on the Hill extinguished. My hope is that my actions; be they the written word, activism, or God forbid the use of my martial skills– will preserve that freedom for those yet unborn. I do know, one way or another; I will not live to see the light of American Exceptionalism and the BEACON to FREEDOM for the entire human race, extinguished.

What say you?

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