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Reducing school shootings

armed-at school

How to stop (most) campus shootings.  — how to do it cheaply, without significantly increasing debt or cost to schools and greatly increasing the protection to our most valuable assets.
#1 remove the restriction on campus carry for all who have a valid CCW issued by or recognized by the state the school is in.
#2 give teachers / administrators / other workers who choose to carry on campus a small stipend (annually) – much like the teacher who runs the debate or chess team. The stipend is $500 and $250 is paid in cash, the other $250 must be used for follow on training classes for remaining current in tactical doctrine, actual ability to shoot… Think of it as CEU’s for school protection. The employee also gets paid (comp time) for up to 8 hours of such training per year.

The combination of these two items will get a significant number of good guys with guns on campus.

No, it will not stop all campus shooting, but it will greatly decrease the body count and that SHOULD be what really matters.


I know it will never happen because of SJW, teacher unions, massive hand wringing and anti gun funding of shills like Mom’s Demand Action who … never mind, not going there.


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February 17, 2018 · 19:12

This time of year

There is something about this time of year that makes me introspective.  Perhaps it is the end of the year.  Perhaps it is the gathering of family.  Perhaps it is just me getting older.

As I write this, I sit in a house (the only one awake) with 3 of my 4 kids (technically Dawn’s kids, but in my heart they are mine) and my daughter in law.  The fourth will be part of the festivities, she just has her own place close by.

I am quite happy to have driven 13 hours to be part of this gathering.  I am happy to have been a part of creating bonds that allow this gathering.  I am happy that the kids chose to all come together and I am happy that they felt the desire to include me.  I realize that many step parents are not actively included and even more so after the bio-parent dies.

I am a quasi parent that loves these people but also knows they must be their own people, on their own journeys.  My job is to help when I can, to provide overwatch and to advise where appropriate. I must also give them plenty of room to be their own people.  To varying degrees and at various times they succeed and fail.  No different than me.

I am proud of this group for remaining a group and for pulling close in the face of death and familial struggle.  It is a good Christmas.  I am thankful.

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Las Vegas 2017

My response to the Las Vegas massacre.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

– Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear (Dune)


“Today, is a good day to die.”

Klingon psychology regarding doing things that might cost your life.
If your life is in order, then you have no fear. If your path crosses death face it boldly and die well. No more can be asked of you. If this is done, they will toast you in Sto’Vo’Kor.

There were many who did exactly that in Las Vegas.
The man who stood up and defiantly shot the shooter the “bird”.
The nurse who scooped his wife forward away from the shooter, shielding her with his own body and dying in the process.
The dozens of police who stood resolutely in the face of the fire, so they could direct others to safer places.
The concert goers who also happened to be nurses, paramedics or just people who acted as such and chose to remain and fight to save others despite the rain of bullets.

This is a tragedy and an act of hatred and evil. But in the darkest of times people are tested and some rise up and beat back evil. On this day of carnage, so many people rose up despite their fear. They chose to live “today is a good day to die” as they helped others have a chance to live.

This is America at its worst, but also at its finest.

Freedom is not free.  The liberty tree was fed blood today.  She was fed the blood of more Patriots than tyrants, but isn’t that always the case.

America.  Do not learn the wrong lesson here.  Freedom has a cost.  Sometimes evil slips in among us and stabs us in the back.  But most of the time, it is what keeps us strong and stops those same forces from dragging us down bodily.  Know this is a desperate attempt to get you to willingly don the shackles of security / slavery out of fear of what some pervert out of freedom.

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A year ago today…

As I take a moment to breathe. My life, my love, my Dawn has left us for the richness of Heaven. My heart screams in triumphant joy at the thought of her meeting Jesus and sitting in the splendor of God’s Kingdom. I know she is being introduced to God’s Army by her Grandfather “Pop”. Her pain has been replaced 1000 fold with JOY. My heart and eyes overflow with tears.

In that same moment, I look into the mirror and see half my soul ripped asunder. That which was so deeply rooted is now gone. My soul cannot but scream for the loss of such an intimate connection. As it keens for the loss of its mate, a faint velvet warmth blossoms. An ethereal kiss I can’t quite touch, but tendrils of my wife caress me with hints of peace and exaltation.

My soul sighs. God has her and I have been given a final gift my love. It will take time, but I sense the faint wisps of the promise of PEACE.
Thank you Dawn Faust Bibby

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To die FREE

I have long stated that I will die free.  As a student of history, of the American Revolution, of the Founding Fathers, of libertarianism; it is not much of a stretch for me to state categorically that my plan is to die free.  In my pre-Dawn days, my statements regarding dying free simply meant: I would die on my feet rather than live on my knees.  My marriage with her expanded the meaning of dying free exponentially.

There are many ways to live which are not “free” some of those we choose of our own free will.  Marriage is a restriction on freedom.  Contractual obligations make you not free, like your mortgage or a job contract.  Hopefully, these restrictions, freely entered into are at worst an even trade of loss of freedom for gain of freedom.

I know in my marriage, the tethering of two souls certainly demanded that I not act in the same way I had when I was single.  On the other hand, it was a gestalt event that freed me of so many burdens and gave those remaining burdens, a second set of shoulders to carry them.  That was quite freeing in ways I am still discovering a year after her death.  In theory, all voluntary contracts that “restrict” freedom should net result actually increase freedom in this or a similar manner.

Some things that were rattling around in my head, jelled when I read this by Sarah Hoyt.

I also realized that Dawn died free.  It took cancer, a year with a counselor, a fair amount of work in our marriage and many other things to get her there.  Cancer forced her to accept her “tried and true” methods did not work and had brought her to a horrible place.  The year with the counselor helped her understand the mechanisms by which she paid dues that were not rightfully hers and helped her develop a method of discriminating between her legitimate duties and those wrongly demanded by others.

In our marriage, we both worked diligently to grow our love and to assume the obligations of the other.  In doing so, we helped each other be much freer.  It wasn’t always perfect.  We often made mistakes, but even those increased our bond as we learned it was ok to err.  The mistakes forced communication and owning the error, but in doing that, we learned and grew closer.  In seeing they were not catastrophic or love damaging, we became freer to risk more and deepen our love.  Deep love is freeing in ways you can only imagine if you have never been so blessed.

Dawn started out significantly less free than I.  Her childhood experiences, her first marriage led to the erosion of her self, her confidence and her love of self.  Her second marriage was hell on earth.  You can not be free with those burdens.  In her struggle out of the pit cancer created, she confronted each of those demons and battled them.  At first, she lost every battle, but gained knowledge and returned to the fight stronger.  Later she would best the foe, but still be forced to retreat.  By the time she was finished with her radiation treatments, she had won the war.  By then, she was a much freer person than I.  She was helping me to learn from her struggles and victories.  She was teaching me and anyone else who would listen, how to free the mind and soul from the bondage of life’s wrongly learned lessons.

She rebuilt a relationship with her eldest daughter that had been damaged by the actions and deceit of others.  The ties to her other children also grew stronger.  She knew they were adults and had to be allowed to succeed or fail on their own terms, but she nurtured them in ways she had never known before and they grew.

Her ties to the cancer community grew broad and strong.  She dedicated her time to helping others see cancer as a gift of awakening even if it might mean the curse of a shorter life.  Her goal was to help people to see that QUALITY trumps quantity and you get to choose the QUALITY of your actions and your life.  She lived that until the day she died.

She gave me so many gifts.  The gift I share with you today is the gift of seeing her fight and earn freedom.  She died in my arms a truly free woman.  I witnessed the Valkaries come and escort her soul to God.  It was a soul that departed at peace with herself and her life’s journey.  That is the definition of “Dying Free”.

She bore witness for me as to what true freedom means.  I pale in comparison to her example, but she has given me a metric to strive for.

When I die, I will die free.  In doing so, I will be free to join her and learn what TRUE freedom is.



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Article V

Folks, today is my favorite holiday. There are many reasons for it being my favorite, not the least of which is without it, the other ones would not exist the way they do.
America, the last great hope of freedom, protect her at her Constitutional best. Our Founding Fathers knew that a day would come when internal corruption would endanger the Republic they had created. They gave us guidance both in their writings and more importantly within the confines of the Constitution.
Thomas Jefferson- “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
Within the Constitution they gave a method for rebuking the corrosion we currently face. Article V clearly states a path to reign in an overbearing federal government. It clearly states a blood free method of returning rights to the states and stripping away the ossified layers of the deep state.
Madison assumed this safety valve would be used every 50-75 years. We are at least 160 years overdue in his mind.
My friends, there are people actively working to return America to her glory. Thirteen states have passed approval for Convention of States, which puts us 1/3 of the way there.
Please read the article as a primer to do additional research, but understand regardless of your fears or your misgivings. This is the only way we escape further and further creep towards violent fratricide.
The Founding Fathers would long ago have taken direct action. Much like they began preparing material goods well before the actual Declaration of Independence on this august day in 1776, many of my fellow Americans have laid in significant stocks, just in case. We, the American Patriot are a freedom loving bunch, so much so that we refuse to live any other way. If Mr. Jefferson’s quote must be fulfilled in order to maintain that freedom, then so be it. But, we would greatly prefer to utilize the construct of Article V within the Constitution, proposed by George Mason and ratified by the rest of the Constitutional Convention.

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Minimum wage

I once had a company unfairly cheat me out of wages.  I filed with the Dept of Labor who did a bit of research and interviewed several other employees who also stated similar claims and provided appropriate documentation.

Our case took about six months to unwind and the company was found guilty of intentionally failing to pay properly.  They were given a a choice of making us whole plus a penalty paid to the government (approximately 50% plus investigation costs) and a penalty paid to the employees (approximately 50%) for time value of money.  The company was given the opportunity to appeal but if they lost the appeal the government penalty would increase and the compensation to the employee (in the case of loss of appeal) would grow to triplicate of damages.

The company wisely chose to issue a statement of no admission of guilt (they were guilty as hell) but pay the owed money plus penalties.  They made us come to the corporate office to pick up the checks as a method of attempted intimidation.  My check was for roughly $6500.  Some others had checks well over $20,000.  Not much intimidation keeping us from those checks.

My point is, that company willfully chose to rob their employees.  I personally was shorted roughly $4000.  In total, roughly $120,000 was shorted and the entire episode was cleared up for under $300,000.

Carl Jr on the other hand made a mistake of $5,400.  They paid the employees when the mistake was discovered, yet they get brutalized for $1.45 million.  So they get hammered for almost 270 times the mistake amount.  For a small business (which is much more likely to make such a mistake) that would likely cause the business to close it’s doors, especially one on the restaurant space.

The company that swindled myself and my co-workers out of overtime and some people out of minimum wage (must make at least minimum in every pay cycle even if on commission), paid a bit over double what they should have paid if they were honest.  The threat of it going to triple was effective and got us paid quickly.

California and LA are insane.  But you knew that already.

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