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Congress seems to have finally been shamed into doing their job by Trump.  It looks like some of the people we sent to Congress with the MANDATE to make smaller government are now actually working at it around the edges.

I am hoping this is just the first confidence building baby steps.  I hope they grow bolder with each success and dismantle much of the Regulation Nation (John Stossel).

The article has a distinct jaundice towards not being in favor of this, but it is the source I have.

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February 25, 2017 · 12:40

Me Politically

Politically speaking:

I am a Constitutional Conservative with large libertarian leanings.

For those who are not fluent in political speak I will help.

Constitutional: of or pertaining to the Constitution – Specifically the Constitution of the United States

It is my fervent belief that the Founding Fathers developed a great document that has the potential in its raw form to provide guidance and prosperity to the great Nation. We have failed the document and must pare back to its original intent.

Conservative: the holding of political views that favor limited government, private ownership and the market as an efficient engine of prosperity for all willing to actively participate

libertarian: that is with a small “l” on purpose. I am not a member of the Libertarian Party, but an ideological libertarian

libertarian defined: a philosophy of maximized freedom. Political and action based freedom – emphasized autonomy. Limited government does not tell the individual or corporation what they cannot do, rather states penalties for inhibiting the freedom of others. Beyond providing a court system, providing for national defense… the government’s primary role is to act as an impartial referee when one party violates the freedom of another.

In my view
a snapshot of current political hot buttons

You are fine to be gay married as long as both parties are in agreement to the marriage and of the age of majority. By the same token there is no state sponsorship of marriage in any form. It is simply by proclamation and / or by faith, or other group charter. IE, no marriage tax break, penalty or governmental involvement other than to act as a repository for marriage documents.

You are perfectly fine to smoke pot right up until said activity causes injury to another. You drive while high and get in a wreck, you are now liable for all damages incurred; physical, emotional, property based.

You want to start a business. Good, go do it. If you hurt others, see above.

You want to own a gun, great find someone willing to sell theirs. If you hurt others, see above.

If you want to own a fully functioning fighter jet, tank, Destroyer; great save up your pennies and if you hurt others, see above.

If you want to immigrate to the US great; stop at the border and request admittance. You must show proof that you are capable of self-sustaining. This can be done by proving a skill set or providing proof of an offer of employment or by accepting a standing job offer from a company looking to sponsor an immigrant who will accept lower initial wages for the sponsorship period. (sponsorship period to be contractually negotiated by the involved parties). If at any point you are no longer able to provide for yourself, it is your job to find charitable (private) organizations to assist you or gain another sponsorship. There is no governmental safety net beyond a database of private assist and sponsorship organizations.

How many of you would enjoy living in a nation based on these ideas?

Let the flames begin

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Valentine’s Day?

An appropriate topic for today 14 Feb 2017.

Some say it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all. Those people are completely right, but not necessarily for the reason they think.

I loved. I loved as completely as I know how. It is not my purpose here to self-aggrandize and list off the ways I loved my wife. If, for no other reason than; my love of her paled in comparison to her love of me. My point is that once you have experienced LOVE you can’t unexperience it. You are forever marked with the knowledge of what LOVE really means. This is an indelible mark whose mere presence is a stinging reminder of greatness missing.

I lost. I loved Dawn with all my mortal being was capable of. She was a much greater being and she loved me so much more, in every way.

Part of that is she had faced the demons. She had seen up close and personal what NOT LOVE was. She knew the searing pain of being told by a spouse that he would rather end her life than spend any more time with her. She was given physical evidence of that desire being true. She was forced to abandon everything in order to live.

In me she found shelter, strength when she did not have any. She found an opportunity to heal. During that process, she also found my poor attempts at expressing love and nurtured them. We grew in love together. She grew physically, spiritually and I watched her love of herself and of me blossom. Each day brought new facets to that unfolding. If I had not already been in love with her, witnessing that explosion of energy, faith and hope would have certainly inspired love. Seeing as it was already there, it cemented our relationship.

This is what I lost in August. I did not lose Dawn. True intertwined love is eternal. What I lost was the ability to witness that love in action. What I lost was reaffirmation on a daily basis. For a Doubting Thomas like me, that is indeed a loss.

Do not get me wrong. I would not change the nine years of knowing Dawn for anything. I would not change the 6.5 years we were joined at the hip. I would not change the 4 years we were married. I would not change gaining 4 kids and a daughter in law. My only selfish change, would be that I had met her sooner and that we had begun our adventure in 1997 instead of 2007. But I realize that in doing so, we would not have developed the love we did. We both needed to experience the bad to APPRECIATE the good, we eventually made of it.

My love for Dawn still grows. I am still unraveling life clues she shared with me. On the days when one of her nuggets of wisdom unwinds in my brain, I have another burst of reaffirmation of our love. A reaffirmation, that helps this Doubting Thomas to love again. I am slowly realizing this is not LOSS, it is only a separation. We endured separation and later thrived. I look forward to the ending of this separation and the rejoining in what can only be purity of love.

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February 14, 2017 · 19:49

Her Birthday

Today is a great day in the history of my life. The best thing that would ever come into my life started today. It took 46 years to mature into a place where she encountered me. That great person is Obviously Dawn Faust Bibby. Today is a happy and sad day. Forgive me if I am a little twisted up.dawn-gray-sweater

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January 21, 2017 · 10:16

Christmas 2016

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. You are getting two wishes for your merriness, one from mortal me, one from the better half and immortal part of “we”.

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I cannot hate…from here anyway


I know I usually talk about love. That is because I choose to not go down the other path. The other path is … just not a place I would be able to dig myself out of.
I have a friend who lost his wife recently. His situation is different. Her death was a complete surprise…

He was mentioning events turning his mind to hate. Hating the entire month due to events related to life.

My response:

“Hate is often the well being self poisoned. Avoid the self poison, find the good in each day and have that help avoid the hate blossom. I fight it every day. Some days I don’t exactly win. Then I fight harder. Some times that fighting harder involves giving myself the room to rage for a short time, but not hate.”

I hope it helps him. Reading his post, helped me to figure out what it is I am doing. It helped me figure out why raging helps me some times. It helped me figure out that I am correct to redirect the anger before it becomes hate. It helped me writing it. I hope it helps my friend. I hope it helps some of my friends who read this, for that matter.

And it eventually comes back to love. Love is not the absence of hate, but hate is (in part) the absence of love. That is just one of the reasons I can’t allow hate to happen in my head, especially relating to Dawn Faust Bibby and August 06.

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December 23, 2016 · 10:48

Thankful 2016


This picture captures what I am most thankful for. Some people don’t quite get it, but I am thankful that I had just over six years in a crazy awesome relationship with and four years married to the most awesome woman I ever met. The only way I can remain sane is to be thankful for what we had as opposed to being angry about what should have been. Many of the good things in my life came from this union. Kids, friends, eternal love, a partner… So yes, thankful.

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November 24, 2016 · 11:01