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Me Politically

Politically speaking:

I am a Constitutional Conservative with large libertarian leanings.

For those who are not fluent in political speak I will help.

Constitutional: of or pertaining to the Constitution – Specifically the Constitution of the United States

It is my fervent belief that the Founding Fathers developed a great document that has the potential in its raw form to provide guidance and prosperity to the great Nation. We have failed the document and must pare back to its original intent.

Conservative: the holding of political views that favor limited government, private ownership and the market as an efficient engine of prosperity for all willing to actively participate

libertarian: that is with a small “l” on purpose. I am not a member of the Libertarian Party, but an ideological libertarian

libertarian defined: a philosophy of maximized freedom. Political and action based freedom – emphasized autonomy. Limited government does not tell the individual or corporation what they cannot do, rather states penalties for inhibiting the freedom of others. Beyond providing a court system, providing for national defense… the government’s primary role is to act as an impartial referee when one party violates the freedom of another.

In my view
a snapshot of current political hot buttons

You are fine to be gay married as long as both parties are in agreement to the marriage and of the age of majority. By the same token there is no state sponsorship of marriage in any form. It is simply by proclamation and / or by faith, or other group charter. IE, no marriage tax break, penalty or governmental involvement other than to act as a repository for marriage documents.

You are perfectly fine to smoke pot right up until said activity causes injury to another. You drive while high and get in a wreck, you are now liable for all damages incurred; physical, emotional, property based.

You want to start a business. Good, go do it. If you hurt others, see above.

You want to own a gun, great find someone willing to sell theirs. If you hurt others, see above.

If you want to own a fully functioning fighter jet, tank, Destroyer; great save up your pennies and if you hurt others, see above.

If you want to immigrate to the US great; stop at the border and request admittance. You must show proof that you are capable of self-sustaining. This can be done by proving a skill set or providing proof of an offer of employment or by accepting a standing job offer from a company looking to sponsor an immigrant who will accept lower initial wages for the sponsorship period. (sponsorship period to be contractually negotiated by the involved parties). If at any point you are no longer able to provide for yourself, it is your job to find charitable (private) organizations to assist you or gain another sponsorship. There is no governmental safety net beyond a database of private assist and sponsorship organizations.

How many of you would enjoy living in a nation based on these ideas?

Let the flames begin

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Ebola – nothing to see here


Lets fisk this real quick.

#1. its fragile  –

so is AIDS …  but unlike AIDS this virus can (under certain conditions) exist outside of a host for well past a week.  We’ll put that in mildly scary category.

#2. We know how it works. 

We know how the common cold works too.  AND … that gets us closer to a cure, certainly.  But that little bit of knowledge will do exactly WHAT if we get an outbreak in San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, NYFC?

3#. We have the resources to contain it.

we have the resources to contain the ebola contained in the two instances of KNOWN PURPOSEFUL importation.  What about when someone unknowingly comes in, has poor hygiene techniques, has a family that attempts to nurse patient zero through it themselves???  I’ll tell you what, we then have an Ebola bloom HERE.

#4. Our medical staff is ready.

Again, you are ready to deal with the two imported “pet” cases.  The medical establishment of the US is NOT in any way shape or form ready for this to bloom like it has in West Africa.  The job abandonment rate alone could cripple the response.  Not to mention the infection rate amongst the first line care givers (CNA’s) who are the ones wiping up the feces, vomit and blood.

#5.  Airports are on alert.

Great.  Are the quarantining questionable passengers?  Have they stopped commercial flights from the seriously infected countries?  So in other words, with a disease that has a 2-21 day incubation period.  TSA and its international bumpkin relatives will make exactly zero effect of controlling the spread of this disease.

Thanks CNN for the anti hysteria spin control.  Tell your master, you did good.

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Alan Gura – victory

Big DC win

In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny. Therefore, the Court finds that the District of Columbia’s complete ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional. Accordingly, the Court grants Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment and enjoins Defendants from enforcing the home limitations of D.C. Code § 7-2502.02(a)(4) and enforcing D.C. Code § 22-4504(a) unless and until such time as the District of Columbia adopts a licensing mechanism consistent with constitutional standards enabling people to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms.4 Furthermore, this injunction prohibits the District from completely banning the carrying of handguns in public for self-defense by otherwise qualified non-residents based solely on the fact that they are not residents of the District.


DC law that was voided

the pertinent part is:

(4) Pistol not validly registered to the current registrant in the District prior to September 24, 1976, except that the prohibition on registering a pistol shall not apply to:

(A) Any organization that employs at least one commissioned special police officer or other employee licensed to carry a firearm and that arms the employee with a firearm during the employee’s duty hours;

(B) A police officer who has retired from the Metropolitan Police Department;

(C) Any person who seeks to register a pistol for use in self-defense within that person’s home; or

(D) A firearms instructor, or an organization that employs a firearms instructor, for the purpose of conducting firearms training.

Voiding this portion would allow for self-defense use outside of the home.  The way our legal system works, when there is no law forbidding an action; that action is legal and defensible against authority.  That is how many states are Open Carry states.  No law against it, makes it legal and permissible.

An even better voiding

No person shall carry within the District of Columbia either openly or concealed on or about their person, a pistol, or any deadly or dangerous weapon capable of being so concealed. Whoever violates this section shall be punished as provided in § 22-4515, except that:

edited for brevity

if this is voided, it pretty much puts DC in the condition of Constitutional Carry.  As of last night, DC has better carry laws (lack of) then Texas, Florida and Arizona.  Now I am not driving up to DC to Open Carry down Pennsylvania Avenue today.  I really can’t afford the test case legal fees or the potential bullet holes in my chest from DCPD.  But, technically this is completely legal, right now.

I fully expect the DC legislative goons to enact some emergency provision to shut this down around 9am Monday morning.  However, the judge specifically stated DC must enact a Constitutionally acceptable method of allowing for CCW and Constitutional Carry is in effect until they do.  This will likely result in a knee jerk reaction the the DC kleptocrats that includes extensive and expensive training programs, extremely long wait times, “good character” limitations and specific narrow limits on which firearms are “safe enough to carry”, possibly even regulations of ammunition that is “safe enough to carry”.

Even though this would seem like a loss to our side, in the long run such defensive actions should result in an even larger / more explicit win for us.  We will get injunctions, we will get further definition from the court, we will have sympathetic people whose right is adversely affected and Scotus will be forced to more narrowly define the “reasonable restrictions” of Heller.  We should be able to effectively revoke “poll taxes”, character checks and all other effective bans on the poor and not politically connected from receiving a carry permit.

Thank you Alan Gura and SAF for all your help in securing our RKBA as written.




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Does Israel have the right to self defense?

Palestinian U.N. envoy, Riyad Mansour, said the Palestinians’ understanding is that the cease-fire should go into effect immediately.

Really asshole.  So when you send several hundred rockets into Israeli residential neighborhoods, you know, aimed at innocent civilians that is ok.  Israel sends several sorties of guided missiles at legitimate military targets and there needs to be an immediate cease-fire?
He said the Palestinians will be watching closely to see if the Israelis respond to the council’s call, stressing that if they don’t “we have a lot of tools in our arsenal.
Really asshole, if you had more tools you would be using them. 
Suicide bombers, seen them
unguided rockets – meet iron dome
knife and gun wielding terrorists attacking children, seen that too
why don’t you try some economic sanctions – oh wait, you don’t have an economy
What about a stand up fight – oh wait, you don’t have an army … or discipline
When I was a little kid, my dad gave me some good advice.  Don’t start a fight you can’t finish, and if your smart don’t start a fight you can’t win.  But, its even better if you can avoid the fight.  For those fights you have to be in, be sure to win.
Somehow, I think the Palestinians didn’t have that talk with their dad.  It looks like they just run and hide behind mom’s skirt and pray mom will protect them from their own stupidity.
I say, buck up little boy.  You pick a fight with the Big Guy, expect to get you ass handed too you.  The right to self defense and all that.
If I was Israel, I would be seriously tempted to pull up all the reserves and drive all your people back to where they came from and build a fence. Like the one we need on our Southern Border.

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What D-Day should tell the world

June 06, 1944

D-Day was the name given to any date that an attack was to be initiated.  Since June 06, 1944, it has meant the beginning of the recovery of Europe from the Nazi scourge.  Those who are not familiar with military jargon only know of this one day as D-Day.

From the beginning, the planning for D-Day accepted that it would be a difficult task and a large portion of the men who assaulted would likely die.  The task was originally assigned to three assault divisions with two division as reserve and reinforcement.  Fairly quickly, this was bumped up to five assault division, two reserve division and three paratrooper divisions dropped behind the lines.  The biggest issue with enlarging the assault was haul capacity.  You can only move so many men and so much equipment in a ship.  The ships can only travel so quickly and expecting none of them to be combat casualties is a fools errand.

We, along with the British, designed and tested a “floating” tank.  These were known as DD tanks “Donald Duck” tanks by the crews. On Omaha Beach, 29 of these modified tanks were launched into six foot seas at up to two miles from shore.  Of the 29 so launched, 27 sank prior to reaching shore.  No less than five of the crews took the time to radio back to the higher ups the specific difficulties and suggested solutions for their brethren who were scheduled to do a similar assault in a few hours.  This tells us something.

The first day’s assault at Omaha beach consisted of roughly 12,000 men.  Of these, roughly 2400 died.  Many of those casualties occurred prior to even making contact with dry land.  Despite many units fighting strength being halved, despite most of the units landing far from their objective, despite most of the officer and NCO corp becoming casualties; they pressed on.  This tells us something.

Due to an error in timing / inclement weather, the pre-invasion bombardment of the fortifications did not happen.  The planes arrived as the last of the first nine companies where exiting their landing craft.  In order to no inflict friendly fire casualties, the pilots dropped their bombs behind the shore zone.  The entire German defense was designed to repel invaders at the shore.  No significant damage was done to the defensive effort by this close support air assault.  The soldiers pressed on.  This tells us something.

Due to bad luck, poor navigation, smoke obscuring the landing zones, high casualties, immense loss of leadership only one company was fighting as the force it originated as.  They were seriously depleted at roughly 120 men (from roughly 200).  They pressed on.  This tells us something.

Groups of combat engineers were assigned to sixteen objectives / obstacles on Omaha Beach.  Of these sixteen assignments, five groups landed within operational distance of their objective.  Three other groups landed with ZERO supporting infantry or mechanized units.  Despite these hardships and roughly a 40% KIA loss, they pressed on and cleared six of their objectives.  This tells us something.

I have no hard documentation for what I am about to write, but several sources have indicated that one significant reason for beach assignments in Operation Overlord was by nationality.  If there was a huge problem with assaulting a certain beach, send in the Americans.  The theory was, add a few extra units and let the Americans figure it out.  In each case, the adapted and pressed on.  This tells us something.

This something that D-Day keeps telling us, is that there is such a thing as American Exceptionalism.

American Exceptionalism has been drilled into the American psyche since before the birth of our nation.  We never had enough to do the job according to the manual.  So we re-wrote the manual.   We were sick of Kings telling us how to do things from the top down.  So we re-wrote the manual.  US Constitution – Bill of Rights.  We accepted the idiom that an idea that works is not a stupid idea.  This basic belief catapulted the USA from a backwater colonial rebel to the only Superpower in just over 200 years.

An idea so powerful as providing philosophical, educational, economic and spiritual freedom to the citizens of a nation; is what lead to American Execptionalism.  Look very carefully at those four broad areas of freedom.  Think for a minute.  Then thinks of all the ways those four areas are under ATTACK.  Now, ponder for a second if that is an accident.

The men (and women) who rode the first wave of the attack at D-Day knew what to do when an organization threatened them.

Do we, anymore?






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More money for the VA???


The VA needs more money like a drowning man needs a drink of water.

The Senate democrats want to throw $20 BILLION extra dollars at an organization that has roughly $4.5 BILLION in carry over from the last 5 years.  That will help how exactly?  They already can’t fraud, corrupt, bonus or misuse the money fast enough so we will add an additional $2 BILLION per year for the next 10 years.

I do realize we are talking about Senate democrat, but really.  Who possibly thinks that is a good idea?  Show of hands.  Anyone?

Didn’t think so.

Now, lets set down some basic figures then do some basic math.

Annual VA budget  68.3 BILLION in discretionary resources — 95.6 BILLION in mandatory funding  or $163.9 BILLION                    2015 presidential request numbers from the VA site.  An increase of roughly $2 billion from last year

There are currently about 23 million people in the VA system.  That means the per capita expense is roughly $7200 per person / per annum.  The increase would be roughly equal to $87 per capita / per anum.

The $87 is fairly meaningless when you look at it that way.  What is important is if you look at a VA alternative.

One such option is to Close the VA effective immediately.  Sell the assets to private companies: hospitals, equipment etc.  Then take  the budget and use it to fund / subsidize insurance vouchers for the Vets to purchase their own private insurance coverage to be used in private healthcare systems.

At $7200 per year, that provides $600 per month in premiums per Veteran.  It also allows for self determination of benefit levels required.  It allows the vet to shop for services and pick the provider and time frame of their choice.  There may need to be some scaling of premium voucher based on injury / age / … but the basics are there.  The rest is just fiddly bits.

I realize my idea is not as simple as I have stated it.  I realize that a federal agency has NEVER been closed, so the likelihood of it happening is approaching ZERO.  But I see way more upside to my plan then I do with the socialized disaster that VA is.

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June 2, 2014 · 21:15

Since when has using one scandal to bury another been a good idea

The obama administration is neck deep in a VA scandal.

Some basics;

During the transition over from the Bush administration, the obama administration was made completely aware of the issues

The VA had been faking their reports since the Bush administration.

The obama campaign machine made a huge deal out of Bush “incompetence” over the VA.

Fast Forward to 2014 – 40 people die waiting for their first appointment in Pheonix.  Untold others die at the 50-80% of other VA facilities doing the same bullshit.

The President refuses to hold anyone accountable.

The President insinuates it is a problem of the previous administration

Even professional Liar jay carney retires as opposed to spout the corporate line on the VA scandal.

As the ship is OBVIOUSLY sinking.

RIGHT ON CUE. Throw the savages a bloody squirrel.

Bergdahl trade for five of the worst TERRORISTS at Gitmo.

Hey it got the VA out of the news cycle.  Win or something.



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