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Allen West is a great guy, great patriot and in all fairness, this is written by Michael Cantrell.

In the last paragraph, he gives a nod to what SHOULD actually happen, but seems willing to carve out another exception for our “betters”.  Here I stand resolute, no exceptions for the pretty people, for the connected, for the dastardly.

The first two, most people get pretty easily.  The last one might need some explanation.  Our good pal chuckie schumer (intentional lower case) HATES gun rights.  He hates gun rights for common citizens.  He actively works to strip you of your gun (and other) rights, but this type of legislation would ONCE AGAIN allow him to circumvent the law.

Obamacare much.

Good ole chuckie (and his ilk) are no better than me, no better than your grandmother, no better than Mike Lee’s administrative assistant.  Each of us has a life.  Each of us has the GOD given right to protect that life with any and all means necessary, but that stops at the city limits of DC.  That stops at the front door of the post office.  That stops in the entire state of NJ.  But this would end that for our “betters” in even broader cloth than it does now.

I ask you why?  Why should that be allowed.  Make them live with the same restrictions they force on us.  Make them face our same fears.  Make them sit in our chair and maybe, just maybe some of those things will change.


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June 22, 2017 · 09:41

…why I get so furious when I allow my mind to wander through the door of malfeasance.

Two Doctors in Miami had the right approach.  Aizik Wolf and Beatriz Amendola.  Both of them saw our ability to fight cancer as being good but still pretty barbaric.  They both very actively spent money and time to stay on the forefront of their chosen areas as well as staying abreast on advances in other disciplines.  Their theory was, do whatever it takes to keep the patient alive and as healthy as possible SO THAT they can benefit from the new REVOLUTIONARY things that come every 5-8 years.

The above is a REVOLUTIONARY thing if it pans out.  Even if it only shows a third of its promise, that buys time for the next great unraveling.

Then their are self centered bastards who refuse to refer outside their own little petty fiefdom.  Those who hide behind “standard of care” so bringing a successful lawsuit is tough, even when you KNOW they did not act in the best interest of the patient.  When you KNOW they acted in the best interest of their AMG Mercedes payment.

Chemotherapy, one of the few drugs where the prescribing doctor profits on the drug prescribed, directly.  Something lie 40% of the cost of chemo is prescribing doctor profit.  HMMM.

I will stop here before my rant really gets going.  But know that I know.  Know that many other people are starting to know.  Know that God and Satan know.  One is shamed, the other is stoking coals for your soul.


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June 20, 2017 · 12:33

So the Mayor has put the Baltimore police on MANDATORY 12 hour shifts.  Other than burning out the police and getting even more of them to quit, what is that going to do?

SCOTUS has specifically stated, the job of the police is to protect society, not the individual.  So these 12 hour shifts will get the clean up crew there quicker?  Is that the goal?  Or just a way to make the Mayor look like the city is “doing something”, because after all, the busted budget is a taxpayer’s problem not theirs.

Now, on to an item that might actually go a long way to fix the problem, easy citizen carry of a concealed weapon.  Yes, I know.  The horror, only criminals and Baltimore police should be carrying guns (some overlap).

But if we compare Chicago and Houston.  Similar sized towns with three major differences.

Chicago is Democrat controlled, quite cold in the winter and has very few citizens allowed to carry guns

Houston is NOT democrat controlled, does not get quite cold in winter and has a HUGE populations of citizens who carry guns

Lets look at homicide rates:

Chicago:  in 2012 – 1806 murders   — or 38.4 per 100k in a population of 2.7 million

Houston: in 2012 – 207 murders     — or 9.6 per 100k in a population of 2.15 million

Lets guess which of those items leads to the difference.  Free hint, it’s not the weather.

Guess which of those two cities Baltimore is like?  No, you don’t get a second guess.

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June 15, 2017 · 21:38

I don’t normally post this kind of stuff.  For one, they are usually lists written by 23 year old interns at Cosmo magazine and are just complete drivel.  For two, I usually don’t bother reading such lists because, reason one.

This one is different.

#31 is the most important.  It flows from a theorem I have.  Love will survive so long as both parties in the love do not fall out of love at the same time.

#28 was a huge problem for us.  She refused to accept that I had done things in another relationship 8 years ago.  That was my past.  Something I knew she would not appreciate, but I was honest and informed.  The only things I could do and be honorable.

#29 for me is an extension of #28.  As in #28 is worthless without #29.

#18 also a huge problem.  Some came from the internet and some came from “friends” digging in her ear.  Friends who have met your mate on one occasion do NOT have an understanding.  They may mean well, BUT…

Which leads us to #9.  YOU are responsible for your reactions.  YOU are responsible to work things out with your partner, not with your “friends”.

Possibly tied with #31, is #1.  If you are looking for faults you will find them.  God knows I have faults.  But I also have lots of great things.  Not to mention, one of my faults is not always seeing how my faults manifest in time.  But when I am made aware, I make a conscious effort to make amends and correct them.  If you look for the good, that is where your focus will be.  Focus is important.

Having said those things.

She got most of the others right.  She was awesome in many of these areas.  I guess for me, I very strongly worked #1 and #31.  My natural state is #2 and #17.

I failed at #16 (substituting “women”) and I justified it by “she asked”, so I need to be honest.

I also failed at #24.  I did not do it on purpose.  I did not do it with forethought or malice.  I did it by being too familiar with others present, but I did it.

In other words, as I have said all along, we are both complicate.  In every relationship, both parties are complicate and share the blame.  Even the worst partner is not completely at fault.  If for no other reason, the other chose such a poor partner.  But, I accept that I made MORE than my fair share errors.  Apparently, tragic errors beyond repair.

But, I hold to my personal theorem.  We will see if it matters.  That is a time will tell thing.

In the mean time, I work on learning from my failures so that should she come back, I will be better.  If that doesn’t happen, then I will fail less with the next person to capture my heart.

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June 4, 2017 · 09:40


Another reason certain people should have held their contempt for my wife’s wishes for at least another 5 minutes.

You know, beyond the fact that those of us still living, have feelings, might want to honor her wishes, might have throat punched you if we didn’t have such solid self control in place.

The best thing I can say about certain people, at least Dawn died poor.  So I didn’t have to fight them over THINGS, as well.


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March 12, 2017 · 12:31


Congress seems to have finally been shamed into doing their job by Trump.  It looks like some of the people we sent to Congress with the MANDATE to make smaller government are now actually working at it around the edges.

I am hoping this is just the first confidence building baby steps.  I hope they grow bolder with each success and dismantle much of the Regulation Nation (John Stossel).

The article has a distinct jaundice towards not being in favor of this, but it is the source I have.

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February 25, 2017 · 12:40

Shinseki – Oh hell no!


I felt bad for Mr. Shinseki, a little bit anyway.

Let me clarify by saying, that he FAILED at his job.  The job of fixing the corruption and shady dealing at the VA.  But, there was always a valid point to the argument about being constrained by the law.  He could not fire anyone for poor performance or any other reason.  The civil servant laws generally require fatal gun fire to permit termination.  He also had a second layer of out of control federal unions and their inbred apathy.  So I gave the man some slack on a personal level.  As in, I didn’t think he was a bad guy, perhaps just a guy who wasn’t capable of beheading all the hydra’s heads at once.

This completely changes things.  He was out parading around the country christening solar energy initiatives at VA cemeteries.  Which in and of itself is not so bad, but when you are spending +$800,000 at a clip for these solar play toys.  His goal.

“We are investing in clean energy and renewable energy projects at our national cemeteries to reduce our environmental footprint,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki declared.

Let me ask, exactly how much are you paying per month for the electricity at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery?  The VA spent $787,000 on the solar array there.

Assuming $2500 per month in electricity, the break even point (not including time value of money) is +/- 315 months or +/- 26 years      the average warranty period (read as productive use cycle) of a solar panel is 20 years.  Of course the battery storage component, the DC to AC converter, etc usually need to be replaced at least once in that time frame.  So we are looking at a negative return on investment no matter how you slice it.  Not to mention that I really doubt the cemetery was using $2500 per month in electricity.

Oh and most of the sales pitches for solar state that moving to solar is not a good idea if the ROI / break even point is much past 6 years.  We likely quadruple that time frame here.

I formally retract any misgivings I may have expressed regarding the malfeasance, political boot licking and traitorous treatment of Vets under the watch of Shinseki.

When he dies, may the Hounds of Hell be slow, as they rend the flesh from his bones.  May he also have the regenerative powers of Prometheus, but without the eventual release.



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June 19, 2014 · 17:33