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Reducing school shootings

armed-at school

How to stop (most) campus shootings.  — how to do it cheaply, without significantly increasing debt or cost to schools and greatly increasing the protection to our most valuable assets.
#1 remove the restriction on campus carry for all who have a valid CCW issued by or recognized by the state the school is in.
#2 give teachers / administrators / other workers who choose to carry on campus a small stipend (annually) – much like the teacher who runs the debate or chess team. The stipend is $500 and $250 is paid in cash, the other $250 must be used for follow on training classes for remaining current in tactical doctrine, actual ability to shoot… Think of it as CEU’s for school protection. The employee also gets paid (comp time) for up to 8 hours of such training per year.

The combination of these two items will get a significant number of good guys with guns on campus.

No, it will not stop all campus shooting, but it will greatly decrease the body count and that SHOULD be what really matters.


I know it will never happen because of SJW, teacher unions, massive hand wringing and anti gun funding of shills like Mom’s Demand Action who … never mind, not going there.


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February 17, 2018 · 19:12

That knight in shining armor.

armorAfter Dawn and I got back together and she started to believe that I wasn’t going to run away.  Run away, like so many others throughout her life; she started calling me her “Knight in shining armor”.  I would always tell her; no, I am your knight in tattered armor.

She would always insist that to her, my armor SHINED with the glory of the morning sun.

One day when we had that little verbal joust, I told her the armor is truly tattered.  But, it does glow with the glory of a blazing red Dawn.  She looked at me, under standing that I had emphasized the double entendre with her name, the morning and her red hair.  She did not catch the deeper meaning.

I smiled and told her, it is your scrupulous maintenance of my tattered armor each night, that allows me to protect again, when that gorgeous ball of red rises each morning.

She looked at me again with a slow realization on her face.

Her eyes welled up.  She dashed into my arms and cried.  She finally, truly understood we were a team.  We each had a role.  My role was to beat back dragons.  My role was to keep her safe and protected; give her the room she needed to heal and grow.  Her role was to be the diplomat / scholar and to mend my armor; physical, mental and spiritual.  She knew in that moment, we were one.  She knew in that moment, that I might not be able to save her, but I would fight until her last breath or mine.

She cried and so did I.  My armor never shined as much as it did that day and every day after.

It turned out to be until her last breath.  But I still fight.  So perhaps, it will be to my last breath too.

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March 11, 2017 · 18:51

Valentine’s Day?

An appropriate topic for today 14 Feb 2017.

Some say it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all. Those people are completely right, but not necessarily for the reason they think.

I loved. I loved as completely as I know how. It is not my purpose here to self-aggrandize and list off the ways I loved my wife. If, for no other reason than; my love of her paled in comparison to her love of me. My point is that once you have experienced LOVE you can’t unexperience it. You are forever marked with the knowledge of what LOVE really means. This is an indelible mark whose mere presence is a stinging reminder of greatness missing.

I lost. I loved Dawn with all my mortal being was capable of. She was a much greater being and she loved me so much more, in every way.

Part of that is she had faced the demons. She had seen up close and personal what NOT LOVE was. She knew the searing pain of being told by a spouse that he would rather end her life than spend any more time with her. She was given physical evidence of that desire being true. She was forced to abandon everything in order to live.

In me she found shelter, strength when she did not have any. She found an opportunity to heal. During that process, she also found my poor attempts at expressing love and nurtured them. We grew in love together. She grew physically, spiritually and I watched her love of herself and of me blossom. Each day brought new facets to that unfolding. If I had not already been in love with her, witnessing that explosion of energy, faith and hope would have certainly inspired love. Seeing as it was already there, it cemented our relationship.

This is what I lost in August. I did not lose Dawn. True intertwined love is eternal. What I lost was the ability to witness that love in action. What I lost was reaffirmation on a daily basis. For a Doubting Thomas like me, that is indeed a loss.

Do not get me wrong. I would not change the nine years of knowing Dawn for anything. I would not change the 6.5 years we were joined at the hip. I would not change the 4 years we were married. I would not change gaining 4 kids and a daughter in law. My only selfish change, would be that I had met her sooner and that we had begun our adventure in 1997 instead of 2007. But I realize that in doing so, we would not have developed the love we did. We both needed to experience the bad to APPRECIATE the good, we eventually made of it.

My love for Dawn still grows. I am still unraveling life clues she shared with me. On the days when one of her nuggets of wisdom unwinds in my brain, I have another burst of reaffirmation of our love. A reaffirmation, that helps this Doubting Thomas to love again. I am slowly realizing this is not LOSS, it is only a separation. We endured separation and later thrived. I look forward to the ending of this separation and the rejoining in what can only be purity of love.

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February 14, 2017 · 19:49

Her Birthday

Today is a great day in the history of my life. The best thing that would ever come into my life started today. It took 46 years to mature into a place where she encountered me. That great person is Obviously Dawn Faust Bibby. Today is a happy and sad day. Forgive me if I am a little twisted up.

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January 22, 2017 · 10:16

I cannot hate…from here anyway


I know I usually talk about love. That is because I choose to not go down the other path. The other path is … just not a place I would be able to dig myself out of.
I have a friend who lost his wife recently. His situation is different. Her death was a complete surprise…

He was mentioning events turning his mind to hate. Hating the entire month due to events related to life.

My response:

“Hate is often the well being self poisoned. Avoid the self poison, find the good in each day and have that help avoid the hate blossom. I fight it every day. Some days I don’t exactly win. Then I fight harder. Some times that fighting harder involves giving myself the room to rage for a short time, but not hate.”

I hope it helps him. Reading his post, helped me to figure out what it is I am doing. It helped me figure out why raging helps me some times. It helped me figure out that I am correct to redirect the anger before it becomes hate. It helped me writing it. I hope it helps my friend. I hope it helps some of my friends who read this, for that matter.

And it eventually comes back to love. Love is not the absence of hate, but hate is (in part) the absence of love. That is just one of the reasons I can’t allow hate to happen in my head, especially relating to Dawn Faust Bibby and August 06.

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December 23, 2016 · 10:48

Thankful 2016


This picture captures what I am most thankful for. Some people don’t quite get it, but I am thankful that I had just over six years in a crazy awesome relationship with and four years married to the most awesome woman I ever met. The only way I can remain sane is to be thankful for what we had as opposed to being angry about what should have been. Many of the good things in my life came from this union. Kids, friends, eternal love, a partner… So yes, thankful.

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November 24, 2016 · 11:01

For those who do not know.

dsc_5547cross posted from her cancer blog.

For those of you who are not aware, my wife, Dawn Faust Bibby, lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer at 07:15 am on August 06, 2016.
Dawn was a warrior, she was an inspiration, she fought the good fight with everything she had.

The doctors she worked for failed her in several ways. They canceled her COBRA coverage when they sold their practice. She was not informed of this in advance nor did they help her to find alternative coverage. She went slightly more then a month without any health insurance. She discovered the loss of insurance when she attempted to renew the prescription for her cancer pill. The little pill that kept her cancer penned in. The little pill she took every day to keep her cancer away or at least from spreading. She was not able to take that pill for 24 days. Looking back, we now know that is when her cancer began spreading like wildfire and mutating. I will leave the failure list at one. That one is quite enough.

We knew things were not going good, but we had hope and we fought on. I say we, because those who know us, know that WE did most everything together. WE fought cancer. I had no better use for my time then to do whatever Dawn needed done. Sometimes that meant doing errands, sometimes that meant folding the laundry, sometimes that meant holding her hand and telling her I love her. More often then not, it meant driving her to Miami for her treatments, so we went to Miami.

On our last trip to Miami, she went down to have a procedure done to insure her breathing would be better. Her plural cavity had mets and the cavity would fill up with fluid as a result. So she got a procedure that fused the cavity. No cavity, no retention of fluid, easier breathing. After that surgery, even despite the abuse of surgery, her breathing was obviously better. Within 8 hours it was a success. But she needed an MRI to see why her kidneys were not acting right. Long story short, the results of that MRI showed the “minor” liver mets had never been minor and most certainly wasn’t anymore. Our agreement with the doctors in Miami was the COMPLETE truth. We got it, finally. We finally got the report from two months earlier and the current report. Quite simply, Dawn had massive mets in the liver as well as the pancreas and other related areas. With prodding, the doctor said in his opinion, she had a week or two on this earth.

That was an important two weeks. It gave us time to get back to where we live. It gave us time to make family and friends aware. It gave the kids and others time to come to her side. It gave us time to talk. And talk we did. She was so gracious. As she had throughout our entire marriage, she blessed me with wisdom. She helped me to see ways to forgive some people, ways to jump start my grieving process. She grieved with me. After all, she was losing me. I cannot explain how much her words of encouragement, faith and just holding her hand while we cried, helped.

As the actual day neared, she realized she might die on her brother’s birthday. She adamantly stated that would NOT happen. She demanded that I help her to make it past Thursday. She told me when we were alone, she did not want much pain medicine. She wanted to be sure she was lucid enough to fight that damn cancer until Friday morning came. I swore to her, that I would honor that and her other wishes. I did. By Friday morning, her resolve was still set, but her lucidity was not really there anymore. I repeatedly told her she made it. I repeatedly told her she beat her Thursday deadline. After one such monologue, she had a bubble of lucidity. She thanked me for getting her into Friday. While I had her attention, I told her to stop fighting. I told her to let the Valkarys come and take her. She smiled past the pain and whispered, they can come again, now.

That was the last thing I am aware of Dawn saying. She fought of the Angels of God so her brother would not have to remember her dying on his birthday. That was just the kind of woman she is. I say is, because she taught me one last thing in those two weeks. Love never dies. If love never dies, then she never dies. She was forced to discard her mortal body in order to take on her perfect form. This means, neither she nor her love die. This means those of us who love her, if we keep our souls right, will see her again in that perfect form.

I know it motivates me.

Thank you for reading her cancer blog. This will likely be the last post.
Post written by John Bibby

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September 3, 2016 · 10:31