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Calling them out

my response to a traitor


It goes way deeper than this, but for some context.

Senator Anitere Flores

404 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100

Mrs. Flores,

I am a Florida resident temporarily residing in Tennessee.  Just so you know why if anyone bothers to look at the postal stamp.

I want to bring up a topic that may be painful for you, but it may shed some light on your future.  There is a historical reference that you may well want to examine although in truth, it is probably too late for you to not experience the same fate.

Many years ago, there was a political figure,  not happy with his lot in life.  Things were not progressing the way he wanted.  His initiatives were not given the due he felt they should and his base of power was seemingly endlessly eroded by a litany of lessor people who did not last but continuously thwarted him.  After much consternation and frustration, a powerful group of politicians met with him and offered to work with him.  They were made of sterner stuff than the people who always nipped at his heels.  They were indeed movers and shakers, they saw his worth and flatly stated he would be a cherished asset if he would ally with them.

After much consideration, he agreed to join them.  Finally, his true worth had been measured and understood.  Finally, he would be able to make grand changes and people would feel is strength and power.

That man, Benedict Arnold made his choices.  He burned bridges with many who had called him friend.  He did it to fulfill his own vain glorious needs.  In the end, his cause; vanity and the British retention of the Colonies failed.  He died broken, powerless, poor and castigated by society on both sides of the Atlantic.   If you can look yourself in the mirror, you may find the beginnings of the same lot.

Actions have consequences.  Being on the wrong side of moral righteousness is never a good thing and never prospers in the long term.  I should also remind you, those in the conservative and gun communities have long memories, especially for a Mrs. Benedict Arnold.


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Does Israel have the right to self defense?

Palestinian U.N. envoy, Riyad Mansour, said the Palestinians’ understanding is that the cease-fire should go into effect immediately.

Really asshole.  So when you send several hundred rockets into Israeli residential neighborhoods, you know, aimed at innocent civilians that is ok.  Israel sends several sorties of guided missiles at legitimate military targets and there needs to be an immediate cease-fire?
He said the Palestinians will be watching closely to see if the Israelis respond to the council’s call, stressing that if they don’t “we have a lot of tools in our arsenal.
Really asshole, if you had more tools you would be using them. 
Suicide bombers, seen them
unguided rockets – meet iron dome
knife and gun wielding terrorists attacking children, seen that too
why don’t you try some economic sanctions – oh wait, you don’t have an economy
What about a stand up fight – oh wait, you don’t have an army … or discipline
When I was a little kid, my dad gave me some good advice.  Don’t start a fight you can’t finish, and if your smart don’t start a fight you can’t win.  But, its even better if you can avoid the fight.  For those fights you have to be in, be sure to win.
Somehow, I think the Palestinians didn’t have that talk with their dad.  It looks like they just run and hide behind mom’s skirt and pray mom will protect them from their own stupidity.
I say, buck up little boy.  You pick a fight with the Big Guy, expect to get you ass handed too you.  The right to self defense and all that.
If I was Israel, I would be seriously tempted to pull up all the reserves and drive all your people back to where they came from and build a fence. Like the one we need on our Southern Border.

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More money for the VA???


The VA needs more money like a drowning man needs a drink of water.

The Senate democrats want to throw $20 BILLION extra dollars at an organization that has roughly $4.5 BILLION in carry over from the last 5 years.  That will help how exactly?  They already can’t fraud, corrupt, bonus or misuse the money fast enough so we will add an additional $2 BILLION per year for the next 10 years.

I do realize we are talking about Senate democrat, but really.  Who possibly thinks that is a good idea?  Show of hands.  Anyone?

Didn’t think so.

Now, lets set down some basic figures then do some basic math.

Annual VA budget  68.3 BILLION in discretionary resources — 95.6 BILLION in mandatory funding  or $163.9 BILLION                    2015 presidential request numbers from the VA site.  An increase of roughly $2 billion from last year

There are currently about 23 million people in the VA system.  That means the per capita expense is roughly $7200 per person / per annum.  The increase would be roughly equal to $87 per capita / per anum.

The $87 is fairly meaningless when you look at it that way.  What is important is if you look at a VA alternative.

One such option is to Close the VA effective immediately.  Sell the assets to private companies: hospitals, equipment etc.  Then take  the budget and use it to fund / subsidize insurance vouchers for the Vets to purchase their own private insurance coverage to be used in private healthcare systems.

At $7200 per year, that provides $600 per month in premiums per Veteran.  It also allows for self determination of benefit levels required.  It allows the vet to shop for services and pick the provider and time frame of their choice.  There may need to be some scaling of premium voucher based on injury / age / … but the basics are there.  The rest is just fiddly bits.

I realize my idea is not as simple as I have stated it.  I realize that a federal agency has NEVER been closed, so the likelihood of it happening is approaching ZERO.  But I see way more upside to my plan then I do with the socialized disaster that VA is.

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June 2, 2014 · 21:15

I, am Not a real American

I got a new job recently.  I like the job and it is a significant improvement over my last job.  Less drama and more pay.  Sweet.

One of the disadvantages of the new job is that I have to show my driver’s license to get on the property.  Not a big deal except that I failed to put my license back in my wallet, then promptly lost my license.  Not a big deal, but annoying.

Seeing as I am not completely stupid, I hit the intrawebs and figured out the appropriate ID documents the DMV would require for a replacement.  I made a list, gathered the items and headed out for an early morning trip to the DMV.  All is good in the kingdom.  I arrive at the DMV and have a conversation with the gatekeeper.  I exchange pleasantries with the DMV lady then hand her over my stack of documents.  She types in my social security number and starts shaking her head.

DMV  “These documents are not going to work.”

Me  “What? This is the exact list from your website.”

DMV “Yes that is true, but you are not a Real American.”

Me “Huh, what are you talking about?  I am not a REAL AMERICAN? Are you saying your computer says I am not a US Citizen?”

DMV “Um, no.  I said that wrong. You do not qualify as a  Real ID American.”

Me  “And what exactly does that mean?”

DMV  “it means you have been flagged as not qualifying for basic level documents for proof of ID.  We need additional ID to prove you are who you are.” 

Me  “Social security card – illegal to use as ID, Voter ID card – illegal to use for anything other than voting, Birth certificate and my vehicle registration – not sure how this can prove anything.  Ok so here is my CCW STATE ISSUED ID.  I know I can use a STATE ID to get another STATE ID.  Correct?

DMV “No, DHS will not allow us to use that.  Do you have a US passport?”

Me  “Yes, but it is expired.  So it is useless.”

DMV “No, DHS will allow us to accept that.”

Me  “So now I have to drive home and get a document your website and the law says is not a valid ID, so I can prove that I am a REAL AMERICAN?  

DMV ” y…”

Me “could I just switch a hablar espanol?  Es mas facil por una persona que es illegal, no?

DMV ” uh, … oh, no being an illegal does not allow you to get a driver’s license in this state. .. pause… But, I get your point.  Sorry.”

So a US Citizen (who admittedly was born in a communist leaning state) must provide FIVE items to be issued a replacement Driver’s License.  One of which CANNOT be a state issued picture ID that allows me to carry a firearm most anywhere I go.  But if I had not been flagged by DHS, I could show four items that had NO picture and are fairly easy to forge.  Upon further review, for those below the age of 21 – a mommy note will suffice as one of the documents.  But my STATE ISSUED CCW PERMIT will not suffice.

It was a Black Flag day and it was my Birthday. 

Some days I crave the upcoming revolution.



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State of the Union

January 28th, 2014

The State of the Union address was delivered by the person who holds the position of (formerly) most powerful person on the planet.  For one hour and a scattering of minutes, mr obama attempted to regal us with his personal wisdom and dazzle us with obvious examples ofj of spin while avoiding the true and important obstacles the country faces.

Can we get together a coalition of US Citizens who truly believe raising the minimum wage for federal contractors (on future contracts) to $10.10 per hour is a big deal?  Do any federal contractors make less then that now?

Are there more than 100 people in the country that really believe his story about loving the military and honoring those who were blown to hell by an IED?

Does anyone really believe that gay rights is more important to more of the people than putting in place programs that are prove to create private sector jobs (deregulation, tax cuts, decreased government spending)?

Yet another speech on I hope my changes are gonna work out, even though he has figured out he is not going to be a game changer President (Lincoln, Reagan, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Kennedy), but will be a negative or footnote President (Wilson, Carter, Taft).  He didn’t even really defend his “signature” achievement with any enthusiasm.

I am going to paraphrase a buddy.  “He could have saved a lot of words and just stated the SOTU will be bleak as long as I am president”.

2014 Elections people.  Get the conservative vote out.  Get the bums (on both sides) voted out.  Retake your ballot box or we are staring at reaching for another box entirely in the near future.  Be active, not reactive.   Once we get to that box, our beloved country is gone.  Regardless of how the next box reach ends.

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Why green energy when this? (Click here)

Please help me to understand why we “invested” roughly $90 Billion dollars in green energy initiatives under the Obama administration.  You know such rousing successes as Soylent Green – I mean Solyndra, Abound Solar, A123 Systems…

I ask this because we have a group (in the above link) that thinks they have cracked the code on turning Natural Gas into

GASOLINE.  Please read the article, but I will give you a teaser.  The crude oil base for the gasoline costs roughly $100 per barrel.  The equivalent amount of natural gas costs $20 per barrel.  That is 1/5 the price for the same amount of gasoline producing product.  There are costs to the process, costs for this and that.  We are still talking roughly HALF price gas (before taxes). 

Anyone interested in sub $2.00 per gallon gasoline?  Anyone?

Actually, I already understand the answer to my opening line. 

Payola for campaign contributions

$8 per gallon gas slows global warming or something

$8 per gallon gas definitely removes freedom and power from the CITIZENS …

Coal is evil – you though I would forget that one.  Causes asthma, shingle, rosacea on Al Gore’s face and West Virginia to have JOBS.

And the almighty reason of feeling good for doing something (ineffectual) to save mother gaia.



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January 21, 2014 · 20:02

Ghost gun ???? (Click here)  h/t to Rightisright

You can’t make this shit up.

Hey dufus LEARN the LINGO (or at least pay someone to write it on the teleprompter for you).

If I was going to crusade against something, I would at least learn the lingo of that something.
Lets say I was gonna hate on the gay community.
I would be well advised to figure out the difference between bi, gay, lesbian, transgender and transvestite. Perhaps, figure out what bears and cubs are. Perhaps figure out who NMBLA is. If for no other reason, so I don’t take any NMBLA donations.
Lets say I was gonna hate on Harry Reid. I would be smart to figure out if he is a state or federal politician, if he is in the Senate or the House and what state he is from. Perhaps I should also determine if he is a democrat or republican.
Lets say I was gonna hate on… oh hell you get the point.
This ain’t rocket surgery people.
As my High School Chemistry teacher was fond of saying.  “It is always better to be thought an idiot, then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”.

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January 20, 2014 · 15:42