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Article V

Folks, today is my favorite holiday. There are many reasons for it being my favorite, not the least of which is without it, the other ones would not exist the way they do.
America, the last great hope of freedom, protect her at her Constitutional best. Our Founding Fathers knew that a day would come when internal corruption would endanger the Republic they had created. They gave us guidance both in their writings and more importantly within the confines of the Constitution.
Thomas Jefferson- “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
Within the Constitution they gave a method for rebuking the corrosion we currently face. Article V clearly states a path to reign in an overbearing federal government. It clearly states a blood free method of returning rights to the states and stripping away the ossified layers of the deep state.
Madison assumed this safety valve would be used every 50-75 years. We are at least 160 years overdue in his mind.
My friends, there are people actively working to return America to her glory. Thirteen states have passed approval for Convention of States, which puts us 1/3 of the way there.
Please read the article as a primer to do additional research, but understand regardless of your fears or your misgivings. This is the only way we escape further and further creep towards violent fratricide.
The Founding Fathers would long ago have taken direct action. Much like they began preparing material goods well before the actual Declaration of Independence on this august day in 1776, many of my fellow Americans have laid in significant stocks, just in case. We, the American Patriot are a freedom loving bunch, so much so that we refuse to live any other way. If Mr. Jefferson’s quote must be fulfilled in order to maintain that freedom, then so be it. But, we would greatly prefer to utilize the construct of Article V within the Constitution, proposed by George Mason and ratified by the rest of the Constitutional Convention.

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my response to a traitor


It goes way deeper than this, but for some context.

Senator Anitere Flores

404 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100

Mrs. Flores,

I am a Florida resident temporarily residing in Tennessee.  Just so you know why if anyone bothers to look at the postal stamp.

I want to bring up a topic that may be painful for you, but it may shed some light on your future.  There is a historical reference that you may well want to examine although in truth, it is probably too late for you to not experience the same fate.

Many years ago, there was a political figure,  not happy with his lot in life.  Things were not progressing the way he wanted.  His initiatives were not given the due he felt they should and his base of power was seemingly endlessly eroded by a litany of lessor people who did not last but continuously thwarted him.  After much consternation and frustration, a powerful group of politicians met with him and offered to work with him.  They were made of sterner stuff than the people who always nipped at his heels.  They were indeed movers and shakers, they saw his worth and flatly stated he would be a cherished asset if he would ally with them.

After much consideration, he agreed to join them.  Finally, his true worth had been measured and understood.  Finally, he would be able to make grand changes and people would feel is strength and power.

That man, Benedict Arnold made his choices.  He burned bridges with many who had called him friend.  He did it to fulfill his own vain glorious needs.  In the end, his cause; vanity and the British retention of the Colonies failed.  He died broken, powerless, poor and castigated by society on both sides of the Atlantic.   If you can look yourself in the mirror, you may find the beginnings of the same lot.

Actions have consequences.  Being on the wrong side of moral righteousness is never a good thing and never prospers in the long term.  I should also remind you, those in the conservative and gun communities have long memories, especially for a Mrs. Benedict Arnold.


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Having a cold-government style

I do not spend a lot of time buying or keeping myself updated on over the counter drugs.  My lifestyle is fairly healthy and it is not common for me to be sick.  Having said that I caught THE COLD the other day and when I get a cold, my severely deviated septum makes it somewhat tough to get rid of.

I tell you that, so you will understand the context of what I am about to write.

I just went to the pharmacy to pick up some multi-symptom cold relief.  It NO LONGER EXISTS.  Let me repeat that, NO LONGER EXISTS.

First the government decided that meth was a bad thing and pseudoephedrine HCL is the base ingredient, so they forced all products containing pseudoephedrine HCL behind the counter.  This was coupled with needing to show ID to buy it (a purchase tracking system) and a legal limit on the amount purchased in a day and in a month.  If you exceed this amount, you go to jail.  No need to actually use it to make meth, just the simple fact that you purchase more than 3.6 grams in a day or 9 grams month gets you a ticket to jail.

For reference, the 96 pack I bought today has just under 2.9 grams.  That 96 pack is 16 days worth of doses for a single person which seems reasonable (if you forget all about innocent until proven guilty).  However, if you look at it from the single parent with 3 kids perspective; that is unlikely to get you through the full cycle of the illness.

Don’t worry it gets worse.  The government has now ALSO added fees to companies that place pseudoephedrine HCL into multi-symptom medicines.  These fees are pretty steep.  This has effectively stopped all but one company from making the real multi-symptom OTC drugs that were available before 2005.  They quite simply no longer exist.

In speaking with the pharmacist, I asked, “so, now I have to buy the headache, sore throat, cough suppression medicine and stack a pseudoephedrine HCL on top of it myself?

His response, “I am not legally allowed to answer that question, but if you did and the multi-symptom drug of choice had phenylphedrine HCL in it, that does cause bad reactions in some people.”

So now I have to carefully screen which drugs I am combining AND pay for two separate drugs at a much higher combined price each time I get a cold.  Thanks nanny state.

For the record, most of the night time versions of the multi-symptom do not have the phenylphedrine HCL in them.  So that would be your safer rough to DIY your old full strength cold relief medicine.

Oh and in other joy.  The pseudoephedrine HCL has a 4 hour dose and the multi-symptom medicines have a 6 hour dose.  JOYOUS

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not on my watch

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