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Allen West is a great guy, great patriot and in all fairness, this is written by Michael Cantrell.

In the last paragraph, he gives a nod to what SHOULD actually happen, but seems willing to carve out another exception for our “betters”.  Here I stand resolute, no exceptions for the pretty people, for the connected, for the dastardly.

The first two, most people get pretty easily.  The last one might need some explanation.  Our good pal chuckie schumer (intentional lower case) HATES gun rights.  He hates gun rights for common citizens.  He actively works to strip you of your gun (and other) rights, but this type of legislation would ONCE AGAIN allow him to circumvent the law.

Obamacare much.

Good ole chuckie (and his ilk) are no better than me, no better than your grandmother, no better than Mike Lee’s administrative assistant.  Each of us has a life.  Each of us has the GOD given right to protect that life with any and all means necessary, but that stops at the city limits of DC.  That stops at the front door of the post office.  That stops in the entire state of NJ.  But this would end that for our “betters” in even broader cloth than it does now.

I ask you why?  Why should that be allowed.  Make them live with the same restrictions they force on us.  Make them face our same fears.  Make them sit in our chair and maybe, just maybe some of those things will change.


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June 22, 2017 · 09:41

So the Mayor has put the Baltimore police on MANDATORY 12 hour shifts.  Other than burning out the police and getting even more of them to quit, what is that going to do?

SCOTUS has specifically stated, the job of the police is to protect society, not the individual.  So these 12 hour shifts will get the clean up crew there quicker?  Is that the goal?  Or just a way to make the Mayor look like the city is “doing something”, because after all, the busted budget is a taxpayer’s problem not theirs.

Now, on to an item that might actually go a long way to fix the problem, easy citizen carry of a concealed weapon.  Yes, I know.  The horror, only criminals and Baltimore police should be carrying guns (some overlap).

But if we compare Chicago and Houston.  Similar sized towns with three major differences.

Chicago is Democrat controlled, quite cold in the winter and has very few citizens allowed to carry guns

Houston is NOT democrat controlled, does not get quite cold in winter and has a HUGE populations of citizens who carry guns

Lets look at homicide rates:

Chicago:  in 2012 – 1806 murders   — or 38.4 per 100k in a population of 2.7 million

Houston: in 2012 – 207 murders     — or 9.6 per 100k in a population of 2.15 million

Lets guess which of those items leads to the difference.  Free hint, it’s not the weather.

Guess which of those two cities Baltimore is like?  No, you don’t get a second guess.

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June 15, 2017 · 21:38


Another reason certain people should have held their contempt for my wife’s wishes for at least another 5 minutes.

You know, beyond the fact that those of us still living, have feelings, might want to honor her wishes, might have throat punched you if we didn’t have such solid self control in place.

The best thing I can say about certain people, at least Dawn died poor.  So I didn’t have to fight them over THINGS, as well.


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March 12, 2017 · 12:31

my response to a traitor


It goes way deeper than this, but for some context.

Senator Anitere Flores

404 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100

Mrs. Flores,

I am a Florida resident temporarily residing in Tennessee.  Just so you know why if anyone bothers to look at the postal stamp.

I want to bring up a topic that may be painful for you, but it may shed some light on your future.  There is a historical reference that you may well want to examine although in truth, it is probably too late for you to not experience the same fate.

Many years ago, there was a political figure,  not happy with his lot in life.  Things were not progressing the way he wanted.  His initiatives were not given the due he felt they should and his base of power was seemingly endlessly eroded by a litany of lessor people who did not last but continuously thwarted him.  After much consternation and frustration, a powerful group of politicians met with him and offered to work with him.  They were made of sterner stuff than the people who always nipped at his heels.  They were indeed movers and shakers, they saw his worth and flatly stated he would be a cherished asset if he would ally with them.

After much consideration, he agreed to join them.  Finally, his true worth had been measured and understood.  Finally, he would be able to make grand changes and people would feel is strength and power.

That man, Benedict Arnold made his choices.  He burned bridges with many who had called him friend.  He did it to fulfill his own vain glorious needs.  In the end, his cause; vanity and the British retention of the Colonies failed.  He died broken, powerless, poor and castigated by society on both sides of the Atlantic.   If you can look yourself in the mirror, you may find the beginnings of the same lot.

Actions have consequences.  Being on the wrong side of moral righteousness is never a good thing and never prospers in the long term.  I should also remind you, those in the conservative and gun communities have long memories, especially for a Mrs. Benedict Arnold.


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Having a cold-government style

I do not spend a lot of time buying or keeping myself updated on over the counter drugs.  My lifestyle is fairly healthy and it is not common for me to be sick.  Having said that I caught THE COLD the other day and when I get a cold, my severely deviated septum makes it somewhat tough to get rid of.

I tell you that, so you will understand the context of what I am about to write.

I just went to the pharmacy to pick up some multi-symptom cold relief.  It NO LONGER EXISTS.  Let me repeat that, NO LONGER EXISTS.

First the government decided that meth was a bad thing and pseudoephedrine HCL is the base ingredient, so they forced all products containing pseudoephedrine HCL behind the counter.  This was coupled with needing to show ID to buy it (a purchase tracking system) and a legal limit on the amount purchased in a day and in a month.  If you exceed this amount, you go to jail.  No need to actually use it to make meth, just the simple fact that you purchase more than 3.6 grams in a day or 9 grams month gets you a ticket to jail.

For reference, the 96 pack I bought today has just under 2.9 grams.  That 96 pack is 16 days worth of doses for a single person which seems reasonable (if you forget all about innocent until proven guilty).  However, if you look at it from the single parent with 3 kids perspective; that is unlikely to get you through the full cycle of the illness.

Don’t worry it gets worse.  The government has now ALSO added fees to companies that place pseudoephedrine HCL into multi-symptom medicines.  These fees are pretty steep.  This has effectively stopped all but one company from making the real multi-symptom OTC drugs that were available before 2005.  They quite simply no longer exist.

In speaking with the pharmacist, I asked, “so, now I have to buy the headache, sore throat, cough suppression medicine and stack a pseudoephedrine HCL on top of it myself?

His response, “I am not legally allowed to answer that question, but if you did and the multi-symptom drug of choice had phenylphedrine HCL in it, that does cause bad reactions in some people.”

So now I have to carefully screen which drugs I am combining AND pay for two separate drugs at a much higher combined price each time I get a cold.  Thanks nanny state.

For the record, most of the night time versions of the multi-symptom do not have the phenylphedrine HCL in them.  So that would be your safer rough to DIY your old full strength cold relief medicine.

Oh and in other joy.  The pseudoephedrine HCL has a 4 hour dose and the multi-symptom medicines have a 6 hour dose.  JOYOUS

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Does Israel have the right to self defense?

Palestinian U.N. envoy, Riyad Mansour, said the Palestinians’ understanding is that the cease-fire should go into effect immediately.

Really asshole.  So when you send several hundred rockets into Israeli residential neighborhoods, you know, aimed at innocent civilians that is ok.  Israel sends several sorties of guided missiles at legitimate military targets and there needs to be an immediate cease-fire?
He said the Palestinians will be watching closely to see if the Israelis respond to the council’s call, stressing that if they don’t “we have a lot of tools in our arsenal.
Really asshole, if you had more tools you would be using them. 
Suicide bombers, seen them
unguided rockets – meet iron dome
knife and gun wielding terrorists attacking children, seen that too
why don’t you try some economic sanctions – oh wait, you don’t have an economy
What about a stand up fight – oh wait, you don’t have an army … or discipline
When I was a little kid, my dad gave me some good advice.  Don’t start a fight you can’t finish, and if your smart don’t start a fight you can’t win.  But, its even better if you can avoid the fight.  For those fights you have to be in, be sure to win.
Somehow, I think the Palestinians didn’t have that talk with their dad.  It looks like they just run and hide behind mom’s skirt and pray mom will protect them from their own stupidity.
I say, buck up little boy.  You pick a fight with the Big Guy, expect to get you ass handed too you.  The right to self defense and all that.
If I was Israel, I would be seriously tempted to pull up all the reserves and drive all your people back to where they came from and build a fence. Like the one we need on our Southern Border.

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4th Equals freedom… or something

Some other Bloggers got me thinking.  at

He was speaking about the things he noticed in his move from living in the USSR and then living in the USA.  The jist of the post was incrementalism,  regarding the loss of freedoms.  Go to his post, read the whole thing.

His post along with Paw Paw  have me examining the loss of freedom through apathy, enemy action and our own inaction.

In the mid 60’s my father was in the Navy.  He was stationed in Jacksonville FL but his family all lived in NJ.  This meant he drove or flew back and forth when he got a leave of decent length.  On one of those leaves, he chose to fly round trip.  One of the reasons he chose to fly was because there was a rat issue that he wanted to take care of and his .22LR rifle was in NJ.  On the way back to Jacksonville, he took his rifle to the airport.  At the airport he informed the counter people that he had his rifle and needed to take it with him to Florida.  They asked if he had unloaded it, then asked if he wanted to check it or store it in the coat closet up by the first row.  He assured them it was unloaded (no one checked) then opted for the coat closet.   He was told to just hold it until boarding and be sure to remember to take it when he disembarked in Florida.

I will point out, this was departing from Newark NJ.  A man sitting in the boarding lobby of Newark airport with a rifle between his knees.  If I know my dad, he had no gun case for it.  Maybe  it was wrapped in a towel or a roll of newspaper.  No one made any kind of stink.  He boarded the plane, put the gun in the coat closet again with no stink.  No one grabbed the gun and attempted to hijack the plane.  No one screamed bloody murder at either end of the flight.  When he got to Florida, the gun was used to kill some rats and no one cared.

In comparison,  I flew to Pennsylvania about a year ago.  As many of you know, I don’t go anywhere without a gun.  I left from the local Florida airport.  I had called my airline ahead of time and figured out THEIR take on the rules.  I printed up THEIR take on the rules and packed them on top of my carry on, just in case.  Then I followed their rules when I got there.

locked gun case with unloaded gun inside

locked secondary case with ammunition and magazines inside

both hidden in a larger locked case with clothes etc surrounding it.

At the check in counter, I declared it – was forced to to move to a different location where I had to unlock and open both small cases and prove the gun was unloaded (slight bit of stupidity there) – then re-lock and repack everything

Then the TSA genius plasters a tag to the handle that says gun inside – well actually it didn’t say that, but it was the ONLY bag they screened that had that color tag on it.  HMMMMM  makes one wonder

Arriving at PA, my bag was unceremoniously dumped onto the carousel like all the others except it had that day-glow identifying tag.  I managed to get it before some miscreant saw the tag and stole it.

Then there are:

Seat belt laws

Motorcycle and bicycle helmet laws

Big Gulp bans

transfat fryer oil bans

beachside bikini bans

ID demands for pseudoephedrine based cold medicines

laws against carrying more then a certain amount of cash

ID checks / citizenship paper requirements within 100 miles of a border or coastline

and it goes on and on and on






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