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Allen West is a great guy, great patriot and in all fairness, this is written by Michael Cantrell.

In the last paragraph, he gives a nod to what SHOULD actually happen, but seems willing to carve out another exception for our “betters”.  Here I stand resolute, no exceptions for the pretty people, for the connected, for the dastardly.

The first two, most people get pretty easily.  The last one might need some explanation.  Our good pal chuckie schumer (intentional lower case) HATES gun rights.  He hates gun rights for common citizens.  He actively works to strip you of your gun (and other) rights, but this type of legislation would ONCE AGAIN allow him to circumvent the law.

Obamacare much.

Good ole chuckie (and his ilk) are no better than me, no better than your grandmother, no better than Mike Lee’s administrative assistant.  Each of us has a life.  Each of us has the GOD given right to protect that life with any and all means necessary, but that stops at the city limits of DC.  That stops at the front door of the post office.  That stops in the entire state of NJ.  But this would end that for our “betters” in even broader cloth than it does now.

I ask you why?  Why should that be allowed.  Make them live with the same restrictions they force on us.  Make them face our same fears.  Make them sit in our chair and maybe, just maybe some of those things will change.


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June 22, 2017 · 09:41

The Kurds do good


A few weeks ago, the Kurds took land to act as buffer zones against the ISIS radicals.  That was a good decision.

Now the Kurds have taken several oil fields in the Kirkut area.

I am glad at least one group of people in the (soon to be) former Iraq has the brains and balls to act in a self sufficient manner without being completely corrupt, self centered narcissist bastards.  From the stories I have heard from our Special Op soldiers is that the Kurds (as a group) are honest fighters and very willing to keep any assjacks out of their area of control.  Be those people,  Sunni, Shiite, Al Queda or John Kerry.

Now please help me to understand our stance on actively inhibiting this.

We have a mostly pro US group (despite our previous treachery) who really only wants to keep their ancestral homes and way of life from falling under the control of the “Caliphate of Islam” or whatever ISIS is calling its land.  Why are we not falling all over ourselves to assist this proven group of fighters.

Oh wait, see Isreal (and any other group who is pro US and mostly self sufficient)



Now, we won’t even buy Kurdish oil or SELL the Kurds ammunition so they can defend themselves against ISIS.

Hell, we should be DONATING  BEGGING THEM TO TAKE boat loads of ammo  as well as offering incentive pay to Spec Op guys with existing relationships with the Kurds, to go back in theater.


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More money for the VA???


The VA needs more money like a drowning man needs a drink of water.

The Senate democrats want to throw $20 BILLION extra dollars at an organization that has roughly $4.5 BILLION in carry over from the last 5 years.  That will help how exactly?  They already can’t fraud, corrupt, bonus or misuse the money fast enough so we will add an additional $2 BILLION per year for the next 10 years.

I do realize we are talking about Senate democrat, but really.  Who possibly thinks that is a good idea?  Show of hands.  Anyone?

Didn’t think so.

Now, lets set down some basic figures then do some basic math.

Annual VA budget  68.3 BILLION in discretionary resources — 95.6 BILLION in mandatory funding  or $163.9 BILLION                    2015 presidential request numbers from the VA site.  An increase of roughly $2 billion from last year

There are currently about 23 million people in the VA system.  That means the per capita expense is roughly $7200 per person / per annum.  The increase would be roughly equal to $87 per capita / per anum.

The $87 is fairly meaningless when you look at it that way.  What is important is if you look at a VA alternative.

One such option is to Close the VA effective immediately.  Sell the assets to private companies: hospitals, equipment etc.  Then take  the budget and use it to fund / subsidize insurance vouchers for the Vets to purchase their own private insurance coverage to be used in private healthcare systems.

At $7200 per year, that provides $600 per month in premiums per Veteran.  It also allows for self determination of benefit levels required.  It allows the vet to shop for services and pick the provider and time frame of their choice.  There may need to be some scaling of premium voucher based on injury / age / … but the basics are there.  The rest is just fiddly bits.

I realize my idea is not as simple as I have stated it.  I realize that a federal agency has NEVER been closed, so the likelihood of it happening is approaching ZERO.  But I see way more upside to my plan then I do with the socialized disaster that VA is.

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June 2, 2014 · 21:15

Since when has using one scandal to bury another been a good idea

The obama administration is neck deep in a VA scandal.

Some basics;

During the transition over from the Bush administration, the obama administration was made completely aware of the issues

The VA had been faking their reports since the Bush administration.

The obama campaign machine made a huge deal out of Bush “incompetence” over the VA.

Fast Forward to 2014 – 40 people die waiting for their first appointment in Pheonix.  Untold others die at the 50-80% of other VA facilities doing the same bullshit.

The President refuses to hold anyone accountable.

The President insinuates it is a problem of the previous administration

Even professional Liar jay carney retires as opposed to spout the corporate line on the VA scandal.

As the ship is OBVIOUSLY sinking.

RIGHT ON CUE. Throw the savages a bloody squirrel.

Bergdahl trade for five of the worst TERRORISTS at Gitmo.

Hey it got the VA out of the news cycle.  Win or something.



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Contempt of cop (linky)

So when I am out and about living my life, I have no expectation of privacy.

Go to Lowes, they can video tape me.  Go to work, they can video tape me.  Drive through a toll booth, they can video tape me.  Drive on the highway and have a member of the LEO community take notice, they can video tape me.

Now lets say said LEO decides to pull me over.  How does that suddenly become a private situation?  Is said LEO no longer taping the event with his /her dash cam?  Does the LEO have a duty and responsibility to inform me that I am being taped?

In case you aren’t sure, the answer is no to both questions.

So why is it that if I have a Gopro pointed at the driver side window, I am potentially a felon?  If some random stranger decides to video tape the encounter (third party), that is legal; but as an active participant, somehow I am not allowed to self protect with video.  Help me understand how that makes sense?

This woman will win a five figure award.  Good for her.

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February 21, 2014 · 08:45

corrupt blue line (click link)

And you think there aren’t some in the LEO community who aren’t abusing their information data bases?

Tell me how you think the people at the NSA are using their access to data and ability to gather data.

Stop for a while and think.  pause and reflect. 

Now focus your mind on the 2012 Obama re-election machine.    Focus on their access to the NSA.  Think through the implications.


Now take a few seconds to refocus your thoughts on how these type of actions can be used to mold peoples actions.  Think about how this level of drilling down can be used to influence your actions, both indirectly (herding) and directly (see the article).    If this doesn’t scare the piss out of you and make you ANGRY, you either aren’t paying attention or you live in a fantasy world.  I live in the real world and know this is just one data point in a very scary continuum.

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February 13, 2014 · 08:24

Gun on Campus – Honest mistake, Really? “Click here”

Let me get this straight.


You are a community activist who is outspoken against guns.  You were a driving force behind the passage of the law in NY State to make the penalty for carrying a gun on any school campus a felony.  You helped get this law passed LAST YEAR.  Then in a stroke of complete genius, you bring a gun onto campus AND someone figures out you have said gun.  Wait, doesn’t that make you a HUGE hypocrite?  Anti-gun activist who has a gun permit and actively carries a gun most of the time.  Logic fail, or are the laws only for the little people?  You of course are NOT a little person, you sir are “special”, right?

Let me get this straight.

The defense you are now offering against the arrest and two felony counts is, “it was an honest mistake.”

An honest mistake.  Hmmm let me ponder that.  I think this is a giant case of the goose and the gander getting the same treatment.  I think this is a case of shut up and take the medicine you prescribed.  I think this is a case of you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.  I think if this had been me or any other non-community activist, the keys to the jail cell would have long ago been lost.  As a nation formerly governed by the rule of law, I am certain that genius community activist will be very willing to receive what he has required to be meted out to others.  NOT.

News flash.  You aren’t one of the “special” people recognized by the law.  You are only special in your own mind and it looks like that degree of imagined special made someone mad and they hit you in your hypocritical junk.  I can’t say that your situation doesn’t bring a smile to my face.  Karma delivering Schadenfreude.

Now that you are staring at a pair of FELONY convictions.  You know, the convictions that will BAR you from having a carry permit.  Does the law you worked so hard to pass, look so smart?  Does that law protect kids at school or does it just  turn ordinary community activists into felons?  Have you had the epiphany that many mugging victims have?  Or are you like the rest of the “I am special” brigade and immune to the lessons of life?

Time will tell, but I hope you have learned how powerful the law of unintended consequences can be.


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February 9, 2014 · 08:06