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Cowardice also has a fee

I will not heap additional ignominy on the deputy who zealously guarded a door outside the building while hearing the shooting, scream, wails of pain of those he was charged to protect; by sharing his name.

He had one job, which in his mind apparently was payroll absorption while padding his time in uniform for the purpose of additional pension money.

The statists / gun control mob / progressives don’t understand why those of us on the side of Freedom and Liberty want – nay DEMAND – the right to self protection. Is there anyone who is more invested in protecting you and your children, than you? How many times and at how many levels do we have to see the failure of government to realize personal responsibility is the ONLY option that has any chance of protecting us and those we love.

I truly wish that deputy a few nights of restful sleep, over the next year or two before he eats his handgun and ends his 1000 daily deaths of a coward.


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Contempt of cop (linky)

So when I am out and about living my life, I have no expectation of privacy.

Go to Lowes, they can video tape me.  Go to work, they can video tape me.  Drive through a toll booth, they can video tape me.  Drive on the highway and have a member of the LEO community take notice, they can video tape me.

Now lets say said LEO decides to pull me over.  How does that suddenly become a private situation?  Is said LEO no longer taping the event with his /her dash cam?  Does the LEO have a duty and responsibility to inform me that I am being taped?

In case you aren’t sure, the answer is no to both questions.

So why is it that if I have a Gopro pointed at the driver side window, I am potentially a felon?  If some random stranger decides to video tape the encounter (third party), that is legal; but as an active participant, somehow I am not allowed to self protect with video.  Help me understand how that makes sense?

This woman will win a five figure award.  Good for her.

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February 21, 2014 · 08:45

corrupt blue line (click link)

And you think there aren’t some in the LEO community who aren’t abusing their information data bases?

Tell me how you think the people at the NSA are using their access to data and ability to gather data.

Stop for a while and think.  pause and reflect. 

Now focus your mind on the 2012 Obama re-election machine.    Focus on their access to the NSA.  Think through the implications.


Now take a few seconds to refocus your thoughts on how these type of actions can be used to mold peoples actions.  Think about how this level of drilling down can be used to influence your actions, both indirectly (herding) and directly (see the article).    If this doesn’t scare the piss out of you and make you ANGRY, you either aren’t paying attention or you live in a fantasy world.  I live in the real world and know this is just one data point in a very scary continuum.

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February 13, 2014 · 08:24