A year ago today…

As I take a moment to breathe. My life, my love, my Dawn has left us for the richness of Heaven. My heart screams in triumphant joy at the thought of her meeting Jesus and sitting in the splendor of God’s Kingdom. I know she is being introduced to God’s Army by her Grandfather “Pop”. Her pain has been replaced 1000 fold with JOY. My heart and eyes overflow with tears.

In that same moment, I look into the mirror and see half my soul ripped asunder. That which was so deeply rooted is now gone. My soul cannot but scream for the loss of such an intimate connection. As it keens for the loss of its mate, a faint velvet warmth blossoms. An ethereal kiss I can’t quite touch, but tendrils of my wife caress me with hints of peace and exaltation.

My soul sighs. God has her and I have been given a final gift my love. It will take time, but I sense the faint wisps of the promise of PEACE.
Thank you Dawn Faust Bibby


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