Trust no one (in politics)

Today is a glorious day.

Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed as the next member of the SCOTUS.  He is filling the seat vacated on the death of Antonin Scalia.  This balances out SCOTUS and makes the process of Super-legislative court actions much more difficult.

Of course this assumes Gorsuch does not pull Kennedy moves or does not abandon his originalist ideals.  I am pretty sure he will be a member of the court who faces down the living document folks (Kagan, Ginsburg…).  But trust NO ONE in politics.  That means no trusting Trump, Gorsuch or anyone else.  When Ginsburg dies / retires or whom ever else goes away, we need another originalist judge to help roll back the perversion of the Constitution by feel good / living interpretation doctrine espoused by the left.



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