Me Politically

Politically speaking:

I am a Constitutional Conservative with large libertarian leanings.

For those who are not fluent in political speak I will help.

Constitutional: of or pertaining to the Constitution – Specifically the Constitution of the United States

It is my fervent belief that the Founding Fathers developed a great document that has the potential in its raw form to provide guidance and prosperity to the great Nation. We have failed the document and must pare back to its original intent.

Conservative: the holding of political views that favor limited government, private ownership and the market as an efficient engine of prosperity for all willing to actively participate

libertarian: that is with a small “l” on purpose. I am not a member of the Libertarian Party, but an ideological libertarian

libertarian defined: a philosophy of maximized freedom. Political and action based freedom – emphasized autonomy. Limited government does not tell the individual or corporation what they cannot do, rather states penalties for inhibiting the freedom of others. Beyond providing a court system, providing for national defense… the government’s primary role is to act as an impartial referee when one party violates the freedom of another.

In my view
a snapshot of current political hot buttons

You are fine to be gay married as long as both parties are in agreement to the marriage and of the age of majority. By the same token there is no state sponsorship of marriage in any form. It is simply by proclamation and / or by faith, or other group charter. IE, no marriage tax break, penalty or governmental involvement other than to act as a repository for marriage documents.

You are perfectly fine to smoke pot right up until said activity causes injury to another. You drive while high and get in a wreck, you are now liable for all damages incurred; physical, emotional, property based.

You want to start a business. Good, go do it. If you hurt others, see above.

You want to own a gun, great find someone willing to sell theirs. If you hurt others, see above.

If you want to own a fully functioning fighter jet, tank, Destroyer; great save up your pennies and if you hurt others, see above.

If you want to immigrate to the US great; stop at the border and request admittance. You must show proof that you are capable of self-sustaining. This can be done by proving a skill set or providing proof of an offer of employment or by accepting a standing job offer from a company looking to sponsor an immigrant who will accept lower initial wages for the sponsorship period. (sponsorship period to be contractually negotiated by the involved parties). If at any point you are no longer able to provide for yourself, it is your job to find charitable (private) organizations to assist you or gain another sponsorship. There is no governmental safety net beyond a database of private assist and sponsorship organizations.

How many of you would enjoy living in a nation based on these ideas?

Let the flames begin

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