I cannot hate…from here anyway


I know I usually talk about love. That is because I choose to not go down the other path. The other path is … just not a place I would be able to dig myself out of.
I have a friend who lost his wife recently. His situation is different. Her death was a complete surprise…

He was mentioning events turning his mind to hate. Hating the entire month due to events related to life.

My response:

“Hate is often the well being self poisoned. Avoid the self poison, find the good in each day and have that help avoid the hate blossom. I fight it every day. Some days I don’t exactly win. Then I fight harder. Some times that fighting harder involves giving myself the room to rage for a short time, but not hate.”

I hope it helps him. Reading his post, helped me to figure out what it is I am doing. It helped me figure out why raging helps me some times. It helped me figure out that I am correct to redirect the anger before it becomes hate. It helped me writing it. I hope it helps my friend. I hope it helps some of my friends who read this, for that matter.

And it eventually comes back to love. Love is not the absence of hate, but hate is (in part) the absence of love. That is just one of the reasons I can’t allow hate to happen in my head, especially relating to Dawn Faust Bibby and August 06.

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December 23, 2016 · 10:48

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