On Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. Without forgiveness, those who have done evil to you still have an lever on your emotions. They still direct your actions via that lever.

You forgive so you can move on and live lever free, guilt free and free of them. It is not saying you approve ow that they have done. It is not forgetting the pain, but you must forgive to move forward, onward and upwards.

Dawn forgave her 2nd “husband”. She forgave her first husband. She forgave many who harmed her. It brought her peace and the ability to see their attempts at leverage for what they were. She enjoyed the look of shock, when their tried and true methods only garnered a laugh and a nod of the head. Just move on and live well.

For those who hurt her out of their own brokenness and not out of malice. It helped her to help them. Sometimes that help was active, sometimes it was just as an example of how life could be lived.

We would all do well to apply this to our own lives. Sometimes the one who needs forgiveness from us, is us. Sometimes it is external, so find a way to forgive those people too. Learn the lesson first, then forgive. Do not forget. The blessing is in truly being free of their manipulations and free of anger, spite and sometimes, connection to them.

Dawn taught me lots of things. Many of those lessons I am still grappling with the true meaning. But by interacting with people who are hurting, I learn more and more of what she tried to teach me and so many others. I think that was part of her gift and part of her ability to learn. She learned by helping. In helping others heal, she learned to heal herself, too.

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