some thoughts on love

I have been having some random thoughts on the nature of love. These are not totally coherent yet, but they need an outlet.

Love is something that endures forever. Poetry and scripture have stated this for millenia. From this premise lets look at a few things.

Have you created something that will last past your dying breath? The relationship you have with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife; will it last past your death? Will it last past their death? If you can flatly state yes, then it is love. If not, if you have to think about it…

For those of you who are parents, that should be easy. Quite simply for the fact that your children will live on past your death (in most cases). But this does not absolve you. In my immediate sphere, I know children who are at best tolerant of their biological parents (with proper cause) and actually love someone else in their stead. So even in this place where love should be pretty automatic, it is possible to mess it up.

I am the “lucky” recipient of that type of love. I have no biological children, but I do have “kids” who will always honor me for the relationship we have created. My wife had 4 biological kids and at least two others who venerated her as “mother”.

Love is a relationship that exists outside of time. We often say love when we mean like or lust or beer drinking buddy. Look inward. Look and see if you are making yourself worthy of such a relationship. Look and see if you are actively constructing bridges to those in your life that need, desire and appreciate such love. First look at your inner circle, your kids, spouse, siblings, parents and the like; but, move out from there. Lots of the people I love the most did not have the advantage of being born close to me. We built love bridges out of nothing “but” experiences, trust and a desire to honor each other.

Quite simply, each of our bodies will fail us. Those of us who build bonds outside of time will not truly die. We will be remembered by those we are connected to and once they die too, that connection will remain. Love binds. That my friends is one aspect of eternal life. An important aspect, but only one aspect. However, it is the aspect you directly control.

But don’t let the eternal reward be your motivator. That lets you put it off. Why delay love? Do it for the joy and contentment it will bring others and yourself right here, right now.

Love is best when shared. Share some today.

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