Not always wisdom and sunshine

Today is a tough day. I am not sure why some days I miss her from the back of my brain with a quiet longing and on other days I miss her front and center and that is all my brain can see. Today is the latter. If I have a far away look and I seem even less enthusiastic than normal, well, you will know why.

Life is not fair. Trust me that lesson has been well learned. And I think I know the root of my issue. For some reason, today hope is diminished. On the better days, I am hopeful.

Just figured those who enjoy my posts should know that it isn’t always bouts of wisdom. Days like this are just as common, but often are the jumping point for wisdom. I hate these days, but they are a part of the process. The slow laborious process.

Like all things, this too shall pass. Today is just going to be a touchy emotional day. Within a few hours or a few days, she will guide me back to center with some of her wisdom and enthusiasm leaking through my malaise.

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