PT as prepping

What have you done for getting your PT (physical training) stowed away?

Most people talk about getting in shape.  Most people are capable of making some sort of plans for getting in better shape.  The issue from there comes as two distinct factors.  The first side is picking an activity that will actually be done beyond the honeymoon period.  As in it is almost February and the new of New Years resolutions are wearing off, will you keep that resolution now that the “new” has worn off.  The second side of fail in most people’s PT plan is picking a plan that is useful beyond just “getting in better shape”.  Doing endless hours of treadmill work, only conditions you for doing treadmill work.

My new PT plan combines prepping with PT.  I have my SHTF pack all packed up and I am conditioning myself to humping it around town.  My initial goal is a 5 mile hump in less than 2 hours.  I have intermediate goals set in place with timelines that will need to be adjusted to reflect the reality of how I am progressing.  I have a final goal of being able to hump the pack 50 miles in a 24 hour period.  This is a serious push goal for me considering I am not talking about an unencumbered walk down the sidewalk.  This is a (mostly flat) terrain hike with a 45-50# pack (+/- 30% of body weight).

Being able to make this trek will serve several purposes.  It will build my endurance.  It will test out my gear.  It will get me used to my load.  It will give me time to test some of the basic components.  It will give me confidence.  Probably the most important part is it will make carrying and doing things with the pack on part of my routine.  It will help me to eventually extend my situational awareness while hiking as the pack becomes part of my person.

This is my prep initiative for the week.  What was yours?


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