The Kurds do good


A few weeks ago, the Kurds took land to act as buffer zones against the ISIS radicals.  That was a good decision.

Now the Kurds have taken several oil fields in the Kirkut area.

I am glad at least one group of people in the (soon to be) former Iraq has the brains and balls to act in a self sufficient manner without being completely corrupt, self centered narcissist bastards.  From the stories I have heard from our Special Op soldiers is that the Kurds (as a group) are honest fighters and very willing to keep any assjacks out of their area of control.  Be those people,  Sunni, Shiite, Al Queda or John Kerry.

Now please help me to understand our stance on actively inhibiting this.

We have a mostly pro US group (despite our previous treachery) who really only wants to keep their ancestral homes and way of life from falling under the control of the “Caliphate of Islam” or whatever ISIS is calling its land.  Why are we not falling all over ourselves to assist this proven group of fighters.

Oh wait, see Isreal (and any other group who is pro US and mostly self sufficient)



Now, we won’t even buy Kurdish oil or SELL the Kurds ammunition so they can defend themselves against ISIS.

Hell, we should be DONATING  BEGGING THEM TO TAKE boat loads of ammo  as well as offering incentive pay to Spec Op guys with existing relationships with the Kurds, to go back in theater.



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2 responses to “The Kurds do good

  1. Let’s go back to the Karens in Burma during WWII. After the war, we let the British, and the Burmese government, drive those people into the hills, where the survivors live today. Despite the fact that they were the most useful, loyal, and dependable of all the mountain tribes. Fast forward five years, and see how we treated the North Korean partisans. Fast forward 20 years, and see how we treated the Hmong, Lao, Nung, and other Montangard tribes in SEA. I don’t know if the Kurds are stupid, or just incurably optimistic, since we’ve fucked them over at least twice, not counting the current ass-raping they’ve taken from us. I’m honestly surprised that they even talk to us.

    And if they survive the current clusterfuck, it will be in spite of us, and not because of us, since we’ve proven time and again that while we will go to great lengths to help a conquered adversary, we are perfectly will to screw our allies to the wall.

    I love my country.

    But my government disgusts me, on a regular basis.

    • It isn’t really like the Kurds have a whole lot of options. We are the best hope. It is my hope that they will get some “assistance” from our current “administration” and in 2016 we will elect someone who can see past tomorrow in the area of foreign policy. Perhaps someone who is willing to fight for RIGHT. Perhaps someone who will wield a big stick and speak softly both before and after the application of the stick. Perhaps someone who will understand the entire world is a better place with a confident, competent America in charge.

      I am not holding my breath.

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