4th Equals freedom… or something

Some other Bloggers got me thinking.

http://olegvolk.net/blog/  at http://olegvolk.net/blog/2014/06/26/united-states-going-the-way-of-the-ussr/

He was speaking about the things he noticed in his move from living in the USSR and then living in the USA.  The jist of the post was incrementalism,  regarding the loss of freedoms.  Go to his post, read the whole thing.

His post along with Paw Paw  http://pawpawshouse.blogspot.com/2014/07/good-point.html  have me examining the loss of freedom through apathy, enemy action and our own inaction.

In the mid 60’s my father was in the Navy.  He was stationed in Jacksonville FL but his family all lived in NJ.  This meant he drove or flew back and forth when he got a leave of decent length.  On one of those leaves, he chose to fly round trip.  One of the reasons he chose to fly was because there was a rat issue that he wanted to take care of and his .22LR rifle was in NJ.  On the way back to Jacksonville, he took his rifle to the airport.  At the airport he informed the counter people that he had his rifle and needed to take it with him to Florida.  They asked if he had unloaded it, then asked if he wanted to check it or store it in the coat closet up by the first row.  He assured them it was unloaded (no one checked) then opted for the coat closet.   He was told to just hold it until boarding and be sure to remember to take it when he disembarked in Florida.

I will point out, this was departing from Newark NJ.  A man sitting in the boarding lobby of Newark airport with a rifle between his knees.  If I know my dad, he had no gun case for it.  Maybe  it was wrapped in a towel or a roll of newspaper.  No one made any kind of stink.  He boarded the plane, put the gun in the coat closet again with no stink.  No one grabbed the gun and attempted to hijack the plane.  No one screamed bloody murder at either end of the flight.  When he got to Florida, the gun was used to kill some rats and no one cared.

In comparison,  I flew to Pennsylvania about a year ago.  As many of you know, I don’t go anywhere without a gun.  I left from the local Florida airport.  I had called my airline ahead of time and figured out THEIR take on the rules.  I printed up THEIR take on the rules and packed them on top of my carry on, just in case.  Then I followed their rules when I got there.

locked gun case with unloaded gun inside

locked secondary case with ammunition and magazines inside

both hidden in a larger locked case with clothes etc surrounding it.

At the check in counter, I declared it – was forced to to move to a different location where I had to unlock and open both small cases and prove the gun was unloaded (slight bit of stupidity there) – then re-lock and repack everything

Then the TSA genius plasters a tag to the handle that says gun inside – well actually it didn’t say that, but it was the ONLY bag they screened that had that color tag on it.  HMMMMM  makes one wonder

Arriving at PA, my bag was unceremoniously dumped onto the carousel like all the others except it had that day-glow identifying tag.  I managed to get it before some miscreant saw the tag and stole it.

Then there are:

Seat belt laws

Motorcycle and bicycle helmet laws

Big Gulp bans

transfat fryer oil bans

beachside bikini bans

ID demands for pseudoephedrine based cold medicines

laws against carrying more then a certain amount of cash

ID checks / citizenship paper requirements within 100 miles of a border or coastline

and it goes on and on and on







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