Since when has using one scandal to bury another been a good idea

The obama administration is neck deep in a VA scandal.

Some basics;

During the transition over from the Bush administration, the obama administration was made completely aware of the issues

The VA had been faking their reports since the Bush administration.

The obama campaign machine made a huge deal out of Bush “incompetence” over the VA.

Fast Forward to 2014 – 40 people die waiting for their first appointment in Pheonix.  Untold others die at the 50-80% of other VA facilities doing the same bullshit.

The President refuses to hold anyone accountable.

The President insinuates it is a problem of the previous administration

Even professional Liar jay carney retires as opposed to spout the corporate line on the VA scandal.

As the ship is OBVIOUSLY sinking.

RIGHT ON CUE. Throw the savages a bloody squirrel.

Bergdahl trade for five of the worst TERRORISTS at Gitmo.

Hey it got the VA out of the news cycle.  Win or something.



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