This was dinner

As some of you know, I am a Chef.  I have recently accepted a job back in that field and here is a menu from a meal I cooked last night.

First Course:

Seared Hoisin BBQ Tenderloin of pork with Basmati rice towers and Lime Ceviche Cucumber Salad

Wine Pair:  Zenato Valpolicella Superior


Second Course:

Herb Crusted Mahi Filet, Warm Barley and Kale Salad with Red Wine Poached Pear and Candied Prosciutto

Wine Pair: Chateau St Michelle Gewurtztraminer


Braised Lamb Shank with Roasted Root Vegetables and Tarragon infused Duchess Potatoes

Wine Pair: Radius Merlot


Third Course:

Mango, Ginger Peach Creme Brulee Napoleon

Wine Pair: Vignal Prosecco Sparkling Wine

The pork was seasoned and seared, allowed to cool, then basted in hoisin BBQ and oven finished so the BBQ would get slightly crusty and the meat could be served at medium.  Yes Medium.  Half of the Basmati rice was toasted in oil, diced onions, dry oregano and thyme.  The other half of the rice was left unmolested.  A tea was made with four Tbsp of dry rosemary.  This rosemary tea was strained then added to the combined rice.  The water was brought up to a hard simmer then covered and the flame lowered.  Ten minutes in, the lid was removed and a single complete stir was given to the rice and re-covered.  This actions breaks free some of the starch from the unmolested rice and will help to bind the towers.  The toasted rice does not produce much starch.

Two towers of rice were made using cut 2″ pieces of 1.5″ wide PVC.  On the second tower, the lime ceviche salad was pressed into the PVC.  The PVC was then slipped off and sent to the diner.  The salad was longitudinally thinly shaved cucumber, thin shaved fennel bulb, thin shaved red onion, lime juice and garnished with julienned pickled ginger and brunoise roasted red pepper.

This course got lots of wow and was even eaten (knowingly) by the sole Jewish diner.

I won’t bore you with the details of the two entrees.  They are pretty self evident.  I had a 50/50 ratio of those ordered.

The desert is a take on the classic Napoleon dessert with the subsitution of creme brulee for whipped cream and strawberries.

I painted the plate with raspberry sauce and a few drizzles of dark chocolate, then used several layers of crisp phyllo dough as the base.  I place a firm recipe of round punched mango creme brulee on top of the first layer of phyllo.  The creme brulee is not topped with sugar and torched.  It makes the next layer of phyllo break or slide off.  I just place a second layer of phyllo on the mango creme brulee and top that phyllo layer with a punched out disk of ginger peach creme brulee.  I don’t do the caramelized sugar layer on this creme brulee either as it is getting a third layer of phyllo on top of it.  The top layer of phyllo gets a piped floret of whipped cream.  To this, I add a piece of caramelized sugar art stabbed into the whipped cream.

This dessert got RAVE reviews.

Just wanted to share with my culinarians and gourmands.

I may update later with a few pics.


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3 responses to “This was dinner

  1. Sounds great! Great job of meal planning, and I would love to try the herbed crusted mahi. I love mahi, and my family and I had the chance to catch our own mahi and pan sear it. Amazing!!!

    • The mahi is really simple to make. I take a nice filet of mahi and lightly season it with salt and white pepper. I then dip that in an egg white wash. That is made with 50% egg white and 50% water whisked together.
      I then have a pan of herbs that I dip the egg white side of the mahi in (presentation side). The dry herb mix I used for this event were 50% parsley, 30% oregano, 15% thyme and 5% tarragon.

      Dip in the dry herb mix, allow to sit for a few minutes to glue it on. Then into a lightly oiled pan on medium flame. Sear the fish with herb side until the herbs get a crustiness to them (be sure not to burn). flip to the other side and sear for a bit longer than the herb side. Finish in a 350 oven until desired doneness. I then cut on the bias and stack for height.

      • Wow, thank you very much. I really appreciate you writing the recipe out for me. I will let you know how it comes out. I absolutely love Mahi! Happy Saturday to you.

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