Obama and the Ukraine

Just one small angle.


Paraphrase – “don’t cross this (pick a color) line.”

Russians move in a division of troops.

“You will regret crossing that line.”

What you don’t hear is the laughing in the background.  obama isn’t talking to Putin, he is talking to US ammunition buyers.  Guess what the biggest bit of “economic pressure” will be against the Russians.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.

I boldly predict that Tula and Wolf ammunition and primers will be embargoed as a punishment to “Russian” for their transgressions in Ukraine.  All the while,  obama chuckles at the wonderful twofer brought on by his foreign policy “genius”.  obama (in his own mind) gets to look like he is being a decisive leader on the world stage and he gets to dry up the supply of ammunition in the US, while loudly proclaiming he is using US economic power to punish Russian for their bad behavior.    No mention will be made of his continued war on the 2nd Amendment.  No mention will be made regarding a renewed ammunition drought.  No mention will be made as to why he also embargoes ammunition from Israel, South Africa, Serbia and South Korea.

All the while, another opportunity to create a capitalist, federal republic from scratch will be squandered.  Genius. 

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