Gun on Campus – Honest mistake, Really? “Click here”

Let me get this straight.


You are a community activist who is outspoken against guns.  You were a driving force behind the passage of the law in NY State to make the penalty for carrying a gun on any school campus a felony.  You helped get this law passed LAST YEAR.  Then in a stroke of complete genius, you bring a gun onto campus AND someone figures out you have said gun.  Wait, doesn’t that make you a HUGE hypocrite?  Anti-gun activist who has a gun permit and actively carries a gun most of the time.  Logic fail, or are the laws only for the little people?  You of course are NOT a little person, you sir are “special”, right?

Let me get this straight.

The defense you are now offering against the arrest and two felony counts is, “it was an honest mistake.”

An honest mistake.  Hmmm let me ponder that.  I think this is a giant case of the goose and the gander getting the same treatment.  I think this is a case of shut up and take the medicine you prescribed.  I think this is a case of you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.  I think if this had been me or any other non-community activist, the keys to the jail cell would have long ago been lost.  As a nation formerly governed by the rule of law, I am certain that genius community activist will be very willing to receive what he has required to be meted out to others.  NOT.

News flash.  You aren’t one of the “special” people recognized by the law.  You are only special in your own mind and it looks like that degree of imagined special made someone mad and they hit you in your hypocritical junk.  I can’t say that your situation doesn’t bring a smile to my face.  Karma delivering Schadenfreude.

Now that you are staring at a pair of FELONY convictions.  You know, the convictions that will BAR you from having a carry permit.  Does the law you worked so hard to pass, look so smart?  Does that law protect kids at school or does it just  turn ordinary community activists into felons?  Have you had the epiphany that many mugging victims have?  Or are you like the rest of the “I am special” brigade and immune to the lessons of life?

Time will tell, but I hope you have learned how powerful the law of unintended consequences can be.


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February 9, 2014 · 08:06

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