The Super Bowl

The game sucks (at half time now).  My family had wings prior to the game and have not much watched it while its on. 

The half time show.  l really think the half time “show” has really jumped the shark — and missed.  Holy crap, actually just plain ole crap.

Then the commercials.  I am pretty sure I saw all of the ones up to half time BEFORE the Super Bowl.

So to recap:

the game sucks (so far)

half time show isn’t even good enough to suck

the commercials are complete crap and old news as they have been on every news program for a week

Then the coke “diversity” bullshit and a couple of other greeny weenie tropes. 

I guess there was a good reason I didn’t watch 20 minutes of the NFL this year.  Bleck, if this is the best they can do, I am out all of next season.



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