State of the Union

January 28th, 2014

The State of the Union address was delivered by the person who holds the position of (formerly) most powerful person on the planet.  For one hour and a scattering of minutes, mr obama attempted to regal us with his personal wisdom and dazzle us with obvious examples ofj of spin while avoiding the true and important obstacles the country faces.

Can we get together a coalition of US Citizens who truly believe raising the minimum wage for federal contractors (on future contracts) to $10.10 per hour is a big deal?  Do any federal contractors make less then that now?

Are there more than 100 people in the country that really believe his story about loving the military and honoring those who were blown to hell by an IED?

Does anyone really believe that gay rights is more important to more of the people than putting in place programs that are prove to create private sector jobs (deregulation, tax cuts, decreased government spending)?

Yet another speech on I hope my changes are gonna work out, even though he has figured out he is not going to be a game changer President (Lincoln, Reagan, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Kennedy), but will be a negative or footnote President (Wilson, Carter, Taft).  He didn’t even really defend his “signature” achievement with any enthusiasm.

I am going to paraphrase a buddy.  “He could have saved a lot of words and just stated the SOTU will be bleak as long as I am president”.

2014 Elections people.  Get the conservative vote out.  Get the bums (on both sides) voted out.  Retake your ballot box or we are staring at reaching for another box entirely in the near future.  Be active, not reactive.   Once we get to that box, our beloved country is gone.  Regardless of how the next box reach ends.

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