Why green energy when this? (Click here)

Please help me to understand why we “invested” roughly $90 Billion dollars in green energy initiatives under the Obama administration.  You know such rousing successes as Soylent Green – I mean Solyndra, Abound Solar, A123 Systems…

I ask this because we have a group (in the above link) that thinks they have cracked the code on turning Natural Gas into

GASOLINE.  Please read the article, but I will give you a teaser.  The crude oil base for the gasoline costs roughly $100 per barrel.  The equivalent amount of natural gas costs $20 per barrel.  That is 1/5 the price for the same amount of gasoline producing product.  There are costs to the process, costs for this and that.  We are still talking roughly HALF price gas (before taxes). 

Anyone interested in sub $2.00 per gallon gasoline?  Anyone?

Actually, I already understand the answer to my opening line. 

Payola for campaign contributions

$8 per gallon gas slows global warming or something

$8 per gallon gas definitely removes freedom and power from the CITIZENS …

Coal is evil – you though I would forget that one.  Causes asthma, shingle, rosacea on Al Gore’s face and West Virginia to have JOBS.

And the almighty reason of feeling good for doing something (ineffectual) to save mother gaia.



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January 21, 2014 · 20:02

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