Chivalry is more than just a moral code from a bygone era.  It is a way of life that strong people must strive to live by.  In our modern age, this includes more and more women as men are pussified and fail at being real men.

Some things in Chivalry are ABSOLUTE.


Rape my wife

Seriously harm one of her children

Break into my home

and many other things will cause me to kill you, PERIOD.


There are less dramatic things that are also absolute.

A man will work for his things.  There is no long term welfare, there is no “99 weeks” on unemployment.

I will not steal and I will not allow others to steal with impunity.

I will not lie.  I will not associate with liars.  I will not cover for liars.

This next absolute will not sound like an absolute, but open your mind a little and HEAR what I am saying. A man will be chivalrous to all ladies.  Notice, I did not say a human with a vagina.  (In the case of strong women, this could be paraphrased to a person will be chivalrous to all who are less able.)

Chivalry means happily doing for those who are less able, less fortunate, less…

For the purposes of this monologue, men (real men) will (a simple example) give up their seat on the bus, at church, in the waiting room for a lady, the elderly, infirm and especially a lady with kids in tow.  I will use women as my example although all of the above can be substituted.

I know there are women who will be offended, other times the woman will insist that she is fine.  The correct answer, “ma’am, either you can sit or we can both stand.  I prefer one of us enjoy the comfort of the chair”.  Then say nothing more, as you make room for her to honor her portion of the chivalric code.

Sometimes women prove themselves to be very unladylike, this does not lessen the demands of chivalric action.  It does however change, the later dynamic. If in the above example she starts cursing you for your action or statement, you must make a decision.  Cursing her back is completely unchivalrous, so don’t do it.  But, a polite comment may be in order.  “I am terribly sorry.  My moral compass requires me to give up my seat for ladies, I humbly apologize for mistaking you for one.  If its all the same to you I will remain standing as penance for my error.”  She will likely blanch at that rebuke, and I would guess 50 % see the error of her vileness and 50% double down.  Be gracious with either. You have done the correct thing in the original action and provided guidance to her role in polite society.

There is an arena where the standard chivalric code must bend.  When you work with women (especially as equals), it is not your duty to do all the “heavy lifting”.  But, you should make it widely known that you are a resource they may call on when they have a need.  You must back that up with continuing to do the door opening, polite interactions and soft spoken strength of character that belie the code.   The code is not just about the actions, it is more about the reasons behind the actions and those will be conveyed with the little things when the intimacy of working together does not allow the more grandiose.  As you continue to act in this manner, they will feel comfortable asking for / accepting help when their car needs jump started, a tire needs changed or any manner of things they “could” do themselves.

Have you ever seen a woman in a dress and heels changing their own tire?  Did you continue driving, allowing it to happen?  Would you have stopped if she had been more attractive?  These are questions you need to face honestly.

Have you ever been the man in the car watching his wife changing the tire in the rain?  If both your legs weren’t broken, please stop reading my blog right now and don’t come back.  I have nothing for you, but contempt.

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