Good people

Good people do the right thing, because they are … good people.

I have been reminded several times over the last few weeks, how rare good people really are.

I don’t mean there aren’t tons of people who do the right thing when it is easy.  I am not trying to say the world isn’t full of people who, when pushed to the wall, won’t end up doing the right thing.  What I am saying is that significantly more people than not; will slither and slide, dicker and jostle when faced with a question of moral right that might cause them a negative outcome.  That negative outcome doesn’t even have to be particularly large, perhaps just an inconvenience.

These self same people talk a big game in a group setting.  They marshal up the moral outrage; but when it comes to their rubber meeting the road, things get ethereal.  When another person calls the moral outrage into a concrete action, incredible gymnastics (physical and logical) maneuvers are made; delays are called for, schedules are too tight to meet, calls stop being returned.

This, not so small incident, has been a giant personal spotlight on who is real and good.  I have seen the two faced rats for who they are.  I have seen the fair weathered weakness of many.  The cleansing glow of light has cast more than a couple of politicians in a slightly different manner then their ads would like to show.

For all the disregard of what is right and proper, I have discovered a few who will not capitulate to the easy road of cover up.  It is refreshing to see and proves out that I was very correct in my character assessments of these people.  These are people that I would happily call friend.

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