NY unsafe act

I have something like 45 first cousins.  Something about being from a Catholic family on both sides and having 20+ aunts and uncles when you include the spouses.

One of my favorite cousins got married on 27 Dec 2013.  He and his (now) wife are both from the PR of NJ.  I was excited when I discovered they were not having any of their nuptial events in their state of residence.  Then a few seconds later, I realized I still had to face a choice of attending my cousin’s wedding or exercising my Constitutional Rights.  The newlyweds decided to hop over the border to New York for their festivities.

So I discuss with my wife, the time off work, the cost of flying or driving up to New York, hotel, etc.  Then we discuss, how we will deal with our firearms on the way up and how we will remain legal in the state of New York – or if we should just follow the Constitution, New York laws be damned.  The bottom line, since our carry permits are not reciprocated in New York we are almost as illegal having the guns in our vehicle as we would be with the guns loaded and chambered on our persons.  This kind of makes it difficult to not carry them “illegally” if we attend the events.  Well, either that or we do as my parents chose to do and leave the guns at home.  NOT happening.

In the end, I decided it just wasn’t worth the time, effort and money to break my prohibition on spending any money in New York state.  I missed my cousin’s wedding and for that I am angry.  A state sponsored violation of the US Constitution kept me from enjoying a family event. 

All of this, and the judge only disputes the 7 round limit as the only portion of the law that is unconstitutional and mainly because gun / magazine manufacturers didn’t already make 7 round magazines.  In his mind that creates a burden on gun owners and manufacturers.  Really, what about the burden of not being able to exercise my right to keep and bear arms?  What about the right to freely travel within these United States?  What about the right to freely assemble?  What about HELLER?

As much as I would have enjoyed my cousin’s wedding

As much as I would have enjoyed my gun protecting the event

As much as I would have enjoyed breaking the Unconstitutional NY Safe Act law

It just wasn’t worth the drive, the time spent driving just to run the gamble on getting pulled over for some imagined traffic violation and having an unconstitutional search and seizure discover my “illegal” handguns loaded to standard (illegal in NY) capacity, not to mention my trunk gun…

Cousin, I am Sorry.  I hope the wedding was a huge success.  I hope the marriage is the best thing you ever tripped into.  I just couldn’t justify the trip or the potential jail time.  If you decide to renew your vows in 10 years.  Do it in Pennsylvania or hope the Second Amendment has been incorporated against the various states by then.  I really would like to attend.


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January 2, 2014 · 08:49

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