2013 Sucked, bring on the 2014

I will avoid the political bashings of the shenanigans perpetuated in Washington DC and locally by politicians and bureaucrats, mainly because I had enough personal not good to not have to reach for that.

My job went from pretty damn good if undercompensated, to Holy Shit I hate this new Communist Commissar, to “you are indefinitely suspended” and “no we won’t tell you why” or actually fire you so you can collect unemployment while you look for a job in the obameconomy.

Then there is the car accident.  I am not severely damaged and my truck has been fixed.  But, my back has been permanently affected by a chick who decided to smoke while driving and FAILED.  She lit a cigarette then dropped it, burning her leg.  Her reaction to that was to drop her lighter, burning her other leg.  Then in a particular stroke of genius, she decided the most important thing while heading down a two lane road at 55 mph was to find the lit cigarette.  So, of course she placed her head under the dashboard without removing her foot from the GO pedal.  Darwin was robbed when she lifted her head just in time to be caressed by her airbag.

Then there is the fact that I have THREE lawyers on the job for three separate issues.  Two are summarized above.  I don’t even want to speak about the third one.  We can safely say that I am not a fan of lawyers, but am much less a fan of letting people abuse my rights, so…

The great thing about these and other fails of 2013, is they are the past.  The past is as dead as I will let it be.

2014 is going to be a better year for me.  I have clean slated the job issue.  I don’t have the pressure of a career move as I have decided to completely change my career path.  Engineering is the way to be, so off to school I go.  Three years from now, I should be celebrating a degree in Mechanical Engineering to be followed up by a Masters in Petroleum Engineering.  Then I will have some stability in my earnings and career path and do some good versus the Global Warming retards.  Its an all around win for me.

The wife and I are doing great.  She will celebrate 5 years cancer free.  This brings her back in line with the rest of us statistically versus cancer occurrence / cancer related death.  Her job is going great and she is very happy with it and its trajectory.  I have a cousin who is moving out of the PR of NJ so he can join the Free United States.  We are making plans to vacate this portion of the world and facilitating that 100 plus acres that we desire as a home sight.  We have hope, a vision and a plan.

And one really good thing did happen in 2013.

Both of my parents, my sister, her husband, three former co-workers all got their carry permits and have started the walk towards being self secure individuals.  It is amazing what this decision does towards affecting the other decisions in their lives.  I am so proud.

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