Christ     mas

Not  X-mas, not happy holidays, not something about Kwanza, not even Santa day.

It’s Christmas.

My Christmas was

Attitude 1 – entitled

Christmas sucked, I didn’t get the stuff I wanted.  My mother in law came by and she is a little bit nuts and she almost started a theological fight in the family.  My cousin got dumped by his girlfriend yesterday, bitch.  Two of the step kids came over, they were 20 minutes late for the time we said dinner would START. I didn’t get any good presents and I lost my job last week, so I don’t even have the money to buy my own good stuff…

Attitude 2 – positive attitude

Christmas was awesome, I didn’t have to work.  My wife had two of her kids come over as well as her mother and step-dad.  He is such a great guy, I really enjoy spending time with him.  He doesn’t say much but is full of wisdom if you listen to what he does say.  I spent an hour talking to my cousin.  He and his girlfriend figured out they are at a loggerheads and it is better to part ways now, before it gets too serious.  She was the only thing holding him to the People’s Republic of NJ, so now he can begin making his escape to freedom a reality.  The wife and I didn’t have the funds to buy gifts after we took advantage of a great opportunity on a car.  So this year we shared a used Prius as our presents to ourselves.  At an average of 47 mpg over the last 2800 miles, we have saved about 120 gallons of gas in 6 weeks and I still have a truck for when truck things are called for and she still has her car for work. 

Attitude #2 is what Christmas is about.  It is about hope, change (not obama’s hopey changey mind you).  The season is about the message of Christ.  If I need to tell you what the message is, you are unlikely to find yourself with attitude #2.  Do yourself a favor and do a little research on the message.  Whether you are Christian or not, whether you attend church or not – the message is universal.



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