Shooting in the Navy Yard

First of, let me say that any shooting of innocents is a bad thing.

Having said that, it took like 2 minutes for gun grabbers to begin dancing in the blood.

Obama didn’t bother to cancel, delay or significantly modify his speech.  Talk about tone deaf.  First off, NO ONE listened.  Second, of the three people who did listen, none of them cared about the content.  Third, it will make for great play in 2014 elections, showing how POORLY connected to REAL LIFE he and his toadies most democrat candidates are.

Now to the meat of it.

Gun grabbers, sit down and shut up.

The shooter allegedly

used an AR-15  — completely illegal in Washington DC

used a standard (30 round) mag —completely illegal in Washington DC

was in a Federal facility with a firearm — completely illegal in the ENTIRE country

was in a restricted military base with a firearm — doubly illegal / see federal facility

military base has a secure gate — no guns allowed and security (ID badge checked)

allegations that building had a additional layer of security

Please explain to me how additional gun laws are going to make any difference if this multiple layer effort had no effect.  Did any of your feel good disarming stop him (possibly a convicted felon) from possessing a gun and killing a DOZEN people? The police arrived at the building in 7 excruciatingly long minutes.

Armed citizens, Armed soldiers could have returned fire in SECONDS.  Potentially saving 6,8,10 lives.  How do you sleep at night knowing your own cowardice KILLS people?



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