Pot for the Poor

    This morning on Fox news, I heard a report of a new initiative to subsidize POT for the POOR.  The basic concept is that medicinal marijuana is to be made available to those in the DC area.  The sales of the “medicinal” marijuana will have 2% skimmed of for a program to help the poor feed their habit pay for their “medicine” at the subsidized price of 20% off.

    Call me a cynic, but since when have poor people not been able to afford pot?  We make time, budget concessions for the things that are important to us.  Your average poor person has the money for beer, cigarettes, pot and fast food.  Paying rent, gas money, nutritious food are the normal casualties in the hierarchy of needs.

    Before you go bashing me as a drug banner, look up minarchist.  I want less government and that includes ending the stupid, completely ineffective, creating a police state war on drugs.  Ban the anti pot laws and watch prices drop by 50-75%.  Then when prices dropping down to – production plus gas money plus 10% profit – the gangs will leave.  When the gangs leave because of no profit, it will decrease smuggling and decrease the horrors inflicted on mules etc.  Local production will come out of the closet as cutting out the transportation cost will create a market advantage by reducing costs.

    In other words, the war on drugs is a self licking ice cream cone.

    Subsidizing Pot for the Poor, is just another program designed to increase dependency, increase the power of politicians (the DEMOCONG ones), increase the police state and the list goes on. 

    If you really want to help the poor.  Teach them to fish, or get rid of the pot laws and teach them how to grow their own weed.  Being an entrepreneur quickly erased the desire for politicians with more power, violent crime, red tape and the like.  Now perhaps you see a glimpse under the tent of nanny state goals.  Nah.  Preaching to the choir or the deaf.


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  1. Pot. Soma. Victory gin. Same concept.

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