Today is the one year anniversary of my wife and I getting married.

I know. They said it wouldn’t last.  lol

We had a lazy morning.  Took the dog for a walk.  Then she made pumpkin waffles pancakes, with sausage links and eggs.  The waffles pancakes were a great idea until they burned to the waffle maker pan.  But it was a great thought and the ones that did turn out were tasty.

This is not her first go at the marriage thing, it is for me.  My family and friends say that I smile more now that we are together then they can ever remember in the past.  I can see that.  I also know that our relationship (marriage) is built on much firmer ground then her other two.  Something about going through breast cancer (together) cemented that bond.

I am a happy / lucky guy and am pretty sure she is a happy / lucky girl, too.

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