The real reason for the continued Zimmerman hoopla

Before I tell you one of the real reasons for the continued (manufactured) outrage over the George Zimmerman trial / verdict, I must tell you why there was a trial in the first place.

Lets do some history on the trial.

26 February 2012 . . George Zimmerman fatally shoots Trayvon Martin
12 March 2012 . . Police Chief Lee turns case over to DA with finding of not
. . . . enough evidence to charge
13 March 2012 . . Chris Serino suggests maximum or negligent manslaughter
. . . . . charge, but suggests to DA evidence will not prove the charge
20 March 2012 . . Grand Jury convened, then two days later avoided
22 March 2012 . . Police Chief Lee temporarily resigns, resignation refused
11 April 2012 . . Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder
20 June 2012 . . Police Chief Lee Fired
26 June 2012 . . Lead investigator Christopher Serino transfers out of
division under pressure to arrest Zimmerman
skips a lot
13 July 2013 . . Zimmerman acquitted on all charges
Every day since . . Eric Holder, NAACP, most race baiters rail for “justice”/further charges

Now, lets think about what else was going on in the nation at the time this trial hit the news. I seem to remember there was a Presidential election and campaign going on. One that was likely to be hotly contested. One where the incumbent had ridden the largest black voter turn out to win his way into office and would likely need a similar action to retain his office. Lets think what could possibly stir up a demographic that already has deep seated persecution fears. Hmm, perhaps the “racially motivated” death of a black youth, caused by a white vigilante.

As things turned out, the “white vigilante” turned out to be 1/8th black and roughly 1/2 Peruvian, thus the new term “white Hispanic”. The media ginned up outrage by showing pictures of the deceased from 5-7 years ago, selectively editing 911 tapes to make Zimmerman sound like a racist, emphasizing the words UNARMED KID…

This drumbeat continued through out the entire election, I mean trial. No I guess I do mean election.

Trivia question. Can any of the race baiters name 3 of the 61 black Chicago children killed by gun violence during the Zimmerman trial? How about two? One?

The reason this ginned up outrage continues:
#1 that is how the race baiters make their living – Al Sharpton, Piers Morgan et al
#2 Detroit – obama’s city that will not go bankrupt on my watch – just went bankrupt when
……Valerie Jarret (correctly) refused to provide federal assistance.
..#2A At least 20,000 democratic voter, union members of the Detroit pension program just got
….their benefits cut by at least 90%. obama needs something to focus that hate and rage on,
….other than himself.
#3 Obamacare is in desperate straits as are many of the obama “legacy” items and he needs a
….diversion to assist with the 2014 election
#4 Like all of obama’s failed promises, The Justice Department’s failed promises will never be
…held against the administration by his gimme demographic, but especially if they have a race
…baiter hypnotizing them with a shiny trumped up racial outrage.

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