Corrupting the gun wary ;-)

I just called my brother in law to tell him that he has an order of 400 rounds of ammo on the way for his “new’ AR-15.  He asked last week if I could procure him some, seeing as his half case lot is still on back order from April.  I got it shipped for $238 or $.60 a round.  Not a GREAT price, but better than his still on back order lot that went for $.75 a bang.

Despite not being a GREAT price, it is a good price for these days (delivered to the door) and it brings his total round count up to 433.  Needless to say, he needed some ammo.  He has owned the gun for 4 months and never shot the thing.  According to him, he couldn’t afford to with only 33 rounds.  Now, I fully expect he will come out to the range and learn how to shoot the thing properly.  Not to mention getting used to the new Lucid HD-7 it now sports.

Did I mention he bought a Mossberg 500 off a friend who needed the cash.  His excuse was, I know I can get shotgun rounds.  So I will finally have something I can shoot and defend the house with.

This coming from a guy who up until 4 months ago owned a 9mm that it took him an hour to locate when he wanted to show it to me in hopes I would buy it off him.  He still has that gun and has added two more.  I think I am a corrupting force on this Maryland transplant.  I am so proud.

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