The payoff – Rice

So now do you believe that Susan Rice was promised a promotion for her obfuscation in the Benghazi?

When I say obfuscation, I mean Lying, Lying with fore knowledge, Lying to protect the boss, Lying to deflect political damage, Lying to save the illusion of victory over Islamic terrorists.

So she goes out and LIES to the American public regarding all details of the situation before, during and after the attack on the American compound and the death of four Americans.  Then Obama attempts to post her to the Secretary of State position.  The American People and the Republican Senators reacted violently, all but threatening tar and feathers. 

Now she has been placed as the National Security Advisor.  A promotion both in power and pay.  This is a position that has no need for confirmation and is a huge position of potential abuse for a proven Obama loyalist.

Job description for NSA

Why is it that I am NOT excited about a hired gun, liar being in this position?

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