Subpeona Stephanie Cutter


In reading this article, I think there is a win win situation here.

So Stephanie admits to being at most of the meetings with Shulman.

She admits to having no expertise on healthcare or on the tax code, but says she was needed at the meetings but can’t explain why.

I say we subpoena her.  Question her before the Senate and the House committees.  Make her testify to the content of the meetings or face a perjury charge or contempt of Congress.  Make her testify to the lying regarding the Joe Soptic story and her collusion on that situation.

If she pleads the 5th, that is as much an admission of guilt for both her and Shulman.  Not to mention we should push for my suggestion here.

It is my belief that all people associated with these scandals should be grilled before Congress.  At a minimum, get them on the record.   Then FIFA them for their records and look for material lies.  WHEN those lies are found and confirmed, put the liars in JAIL.




I really don’t think it will take much digging to find Cutter in a lie or twenty.

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