“Third party” politics

So John McCain is bashing Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul etal for not toeing the establishment “Republican” line.  A reviving of the wacko bird line of thinking it would seem.

News Flash to the RINO in chief.  They got ELECTED to not toe the establishment line.  They are doing what politicians are supposed to do, the will of the people.  You know, vote based on your base not on your base instinct for personal power.  Novel concept.

So can we just go ahead and officially declare McCain and his cronies the “turd party” and have three distinct groups to vote for in 2014.



Turds – also known as crony capitalist /  personal power apologists (with some crossover from the Democratic party in the form of Kucinich, Franken…)

I am completely with Ted Cruz on this statement.

“Let me be clear. I don’t trust the Republicans.  And I don’t trust the Democrats. I think a whole lot of Americans likewise don’t trust the Republicans and the Democrats, because it is leadership in both parties that has gotten us in this mess.”

I am not sure that the Tea Party is the answer, but it certainly has ideas that haven’t been tried, haven’t been proven all across Europe as failures and probably more importantly directly connect cause with effect.  You know, allow consequences to occur based on actions.  novel concept

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