The home of  6 million Second Amendment deprived Citizens.

I went.  Citizens were happily deprived of their rights. To include a county cop in the county I was in, in uniform sans pistol.  He had a badge hanging from his neck lanyard, a uniform with another badge, a cool super fat cop belt.  It felt really strange that I am normally better armed than this Maryland cop.

In the past, it has boggled my mind that people so happily give up their Constitutional rights; but in my forced trips to Maryland I have been studying the people.  I have spoken to gun owners, wannabe gun owners, ignorant serfs and the purposefully disarmed.  With very few exceptions, I find no passion among these people.  It is almost if their souls have been drained by the system.

I understand the purposefully disarmed.  Not only have they bought into the “if only there weren’t any guns” meme, they propagate it.  The ignorant serfs; well, they are ignorant.

What I don’t understand is the rest of the populace. How can a determined people be denied a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.  But in discussions with these people, I hear discussions built within the box of the opponents.  Their ooda loops have been completely compromised.

Is this 50 years of repression?

Is this just New England writ in the DNA?

Is it the feeling of safety trumping personal responsibility?

I can’t answer these questions, but I do know what a friend of mine who lives in MD says.  Thank God and Keltec for the P3AT.

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