Fort Hood’s continuing disaster

hat tip to Drudge

Just when I thought the Obama administration had maxed out on stupid regarding Ft Hood, I was sadly disappointed.

Defense department records confirm that “Allah Ackbar” has received $278,000 in compensation since being arrested for his “workplace violence” incident.

At the same time, the people he INJURED and the families of those he MURDERED are struggling to pay for medical and psychological treatment.  These same people are being denied benefits that would be available if the incident were correctly classified as a terrorist action.

These same people who wrote the United States of America a BLANK CHECK up to and including their VERY LIVES.  The United States of Barack Obama has cashed that check by wiping his buttock with their lives and livelihoods.

Michelle Obama was proud for the first time to be an American, when her husband was elected president*.

I am continually shocked at how little pride I am able to muster for the actions my country routinely takes in my name.

* lack of capitalization intentional.  The office of POTUS has been so dramatically diminished, I am not sure I can or it needs to be capitalized anymore.

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