So many scandals

So little press.

1. Nixon lost his presidency over lying to the people – BECAUSE the press was ALL OVER it.

Obama lied to the people – and the press makes excuses and bashes Fox News for covering it at all.

2.  The IRS selects conservative groups to be targeted for increased scrutiny, delayed applications for tax free status, and leaking of confidential information to opponent groups.

The IRS admits these actions and assumes an apology (for getting caught) should cover it. The press seems to agree and does not press the administration on their knowledge.

3. Iran contra was a privately funded venture that Congress specifically refused to fund.  The scandal rocked the Reagan administration

The Sebelius scandal.  Health and Human services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius has been caught pressuring the people she regulates into providing money to implement the “affordable healthcare act”  commonly know as Obamacare.   Of course this is something Congress has NOT agreed to fund.  The big difference between the two scandals is Iran-Contra was funded by willing private donation.  Sebelius, at a minimum is using the implied threat of her office to coerce “voluntary” donations from those under her purvey.  Can you say HUGE abuse of power?  Oh, and the fact the media will not cover the Sebelius scandal.

And people wonder why I am revolted by government agents our overlords.


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3 responses to “So many scandals

  1. Seriously, you think Iran-Contra was a privately funded venture that Congress specifically refused to fund? You need a history lesson. The Iran part of the scandal was the Reagan administration selling weapons to a known terrorist sponsor state. You know the same one that held American hostages for 444 days. This sale of weapons was illegal. The money from the sale was then laundered through Saudi Arabia and used to fund the Contra’s war in Central America in specific violation of the Boland Amendment. So there were 3 laws broken, selling weapons to a terrorist state, laundering money and funding an illegal war in violation of a specific law. So in your mind that equates to raising private funds to do promotion about buying health insurance through the exchanges. And you think these are the same? Seriously?

    • I do notice that you do not debate the other two points. Does that mean you agree with the guilt of the current administration on those?

      notice: sale of weapons creating profits is private funding. Especially when private seed money is what allowed the initial weapons purchase. Also realize I am not condoning Iran contra, simply making a comparison between two illegal actions.

      • I addressed the main point of the post which was an attempt to compare raising money to run advertising about buying health care insurance on the state exchanges versus selling weapons to a country that had just held Americans hostage for 444 days and then using those funds for a prohibited military action in Central America. First of all, an assertion by right-wing blogs and a Republican Senator that HHS is raising funds to promote the requirements of the Affordable Health Care Act is illegal, doesn’t make it illegal. I know the Republicans are trying to put up every road block they can to prevent “Obamacare” from being implemented, but comparing it to Iran-Contra is way over the top. Weapons sales to foreign countries, especially those that are our enemies, requires government approval. Are you suggesting that private businesses and financiers should be permitted to legally fund wars in other countries?
        I didn’t address the first two points because they are non-points. #1 says Obama lied (with no specifics as to what is being referred too) and this some how makes him like Nixon. Nixon’s people committed criminal acts with the full knowledge of the President and then they covered it up. Nixon even fired the special prosecutor to cover up his crimes. #2 is just not true. The press has been pressing the White House on their knowledge of the IRS issue and they have found no links between the IRS and White House. They can’t even blame Obama’s appointments to the IRS because he has not had any approved.

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