Open Carry

It seems that many are again discussing OC (open carry).

As usual, many are pro and many are not.  This includes those who are pro gun and pro carry.

Those who are pro gun but anti OC are a bit of a confusion to me.

That of course assumes I am not an ass with OC, but that goes with just about everything.

For me it really is a matter of convenience as well as a matter of provoking conversations and helping people to have open discussions about citizen ownership and carry of firearms.  In my experience this is exactly what happens when the person who is OCing is polite and respectful or is willing to walk away from someone intent on going “full retard”.

In fairness of full disclosure, I OC almost every day.  I have OC’ed in GA, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Tennessee.  I have gotten a few stares, several gasps, a few people turn and quickly walk away and even a few terse angry comments.  But in general, I get thumbs up, polite questions or someone asking questions about legality and if they too can OC.  Oh, and the obligatory question if I am a cop.

In my home state of Florida, it is not generally legal to open carry; but I still do so almost every day.  There are some loopholes in the Florida laws.  You may open carry while fishing and I do every time I go offshore (I do little fresh water fishing).  You may open carry while hunting and I do every time I attempt to whack some piggies. You may also open carry on the way directly to or from a shooting range or at the range.  I rarely OC while driving to the range, but always OC at the redneck range (which is not often enough).  At the nice / official / paid for range, OC is against range rules.  It is also completely legal to OC on your own property, indoors or outside.  This particular wrinkle also applies to hotel rooms, or in my case the five acre farm we rented for our wedding.  Yes, I open carried at my wedding.

As a matter of fact, my lovely girlfriend (at the time) gave me an engraved S&W model 27 for which I purchased a custom shoulder holster.

I HAD to wear that at the wedding.

My OC wedding

My OC wedding

And of course my lovely wife.

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May 14, 2013 · 20:30

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