Oh how they lie


Ok first I will fisk the not so obvious.

Florida Sun Sentinal – not based in or distributed in Orlando – South Florida, specifically Ft. Lauderdale serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties- for those not in the know, a fairly liberal area served by a fairly liberal (read as anti-gun paper)

The part about the Dallas Morning News – that quote comes from an opinion BLOG authored by Tod Robertson who goes on to quote Barak Obama (as the quote of the day) and Mike Bloomberg.  Two people who are known to be impartial on gun issues.

The Kansas City Star – NOPE, that quote came from the South Bend Tribune.  Not to mention it was edited for the most sensational impact possible.

Of three quotes listed in support.  Two are attributed to the wrong Newspaper and the third one is touted as if the paper endorsed the statement with the full force of their organization.  Not the fact that it is an opinion BLOG that is given a column in the paper.

Do I really need to even fisk this any more? 

Mr. Perry, please stop lying, distorting and using ends justifies the MEME rationals.  It hurts your side.  This is the age of Bing and Google.  With the first 5 or 6 words of the quote, I can directly pull each of them up and get the quote, tenor and author.  It may have taken 5 minutes to poke a credibility hole large enough to drive an 18 wheeler through.  That is before we even start to discuss your emotional diatribe masquerading as “facts”.

The fact is, Harry Reid did not want any debate on this issue.  Thus the need for a 60 vote win.  As those who can do simple math know, 54 – 46 (in favor) wins.  But not if the majority leader wants to not have an embarrassing debate.  Oh and it actually had 55 votes until Reid changed his vote when failure was obvious.  So he could bring it up for a revote, later.

You want a debate, call your buddy Harry Reid.

And the anti’s wonder why many of us won’t give them a millimeter (9 or otherwise). The only time they aren’t lying is when they are breathing in to lie again.

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