gun production backlog

By doing a quick search on Bing – 2006 Glock production was 680,000 units.
I have no reason to believe production capacity has been significantly increased over the last 6ish years. (update no exact numbers but production has increased significantly). Up to roughly 100,000 per month.
Lets say that was working the production lines 2 shifts which should be a reasonable estimate. They should be able to up production by adding a third shift and lets say increased productivity on the first 2 shifts equals machine down time due to increased load.
Max capacity without adding extra machines / buildings would be roughly 1,020,000 1,800,000 units. So they are roughly 6 months behind.
Since we are speaking rough numbers, I won’t account for the rough month off taken by the Austrian plant.  European efficiency and all.
Now how much of that back log gets eaten by guns being available by stepping up or down the food chain.
How much of it becomes vapor demand when not immediately satisfied?
Perhaps most importantly, how much of it becomes cheap used guns once the “crisis” is over?

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