When republicans use “common sense” verbiage

Pat Toomey has crossed the line and jumped on the common sense bandwagon.

I don’t consider criminal background checks to be gun control. It’s just common sense,” Toomey said at a Capitol Hill news conference.

Each time I hear a Progressive or a gun abolitionist (high probability of redundancy) make a string of uninformed statements regarding the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, the mechanics of how a gun works or a new law to curtail rights; they always slip in the term common sense.

Pat, I now count you among those attempting to get their nose under the tent of the Second Amendment for purposes of destruction of civil liberties.  Be it knowing or naivete, you are decreasing opportunity for liberty and increasing the chances of authoritarian rule.

Now lets talk about actual sense that should be common. 

Criminals do not obey laws, thus the term CRIMINAL.

Making laws that we know will not be followed by the target demographic are not terribly effective, especially when laws already exist to prohibit these same activities.  These laws also capture otherwise law abiding citizens and makes these citizens chose between their civil liberties and a criminal course of action. 

This moral conundrum causes an erosion in the belief structure underpinning the efficacy of the criminal justice system and the trust in the legislature.  This continued erosion of confidence leads more and more people to chose which laws to obey and eventually leads law enforcement officials to adopt similar tactics.

When citizens and COPs (citizens on patrol) evolve to this attitude, it leads to a society founded in the rule of law, in name only.  This is a society subject to the whim of others and is ripe for a massive social disturbance, be that riot or revolution.

With guns, the only common sense is that a gun (an inanimate object) has no ability to do wrong.  Thus laws “protecting” us from guns are completely useless.

Laws that force background checks at all official gun transactions will have ZERO effect on criminal gun transactions because they are NEVER knowingly performed in an official manner.  They will however add a “poll tax” of time and monetary inconvenience to those who have nothing to hide.  This degree of control and criminalization is the true goal of the abolitionists and be it intentional depravity or unwitting depravity, at the end of the day it still advances the cause of tyranny. 

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