The Iron Lady

As someone (I think it was Tam) in the blogosphere stated “not a Prime Minister since has been fit to carry her purse”.

The AP has seen fit to damn with faint praise or in some cases demonize her actions as a means of eulogizing.  Compare that to the GLOWING reviews made after the death of Hugo Chavez.

Margaret Thatcher :  Combative and determined to get her way, Margaret Thatcher divided opinion down the middle in life — and in death. Many leaders lauded Thatcher for her steely determination … others saw a pitiless tyrant who preferred conflict to

Hugo Chavez:  He bedeviled the United States and outsmarted his rivals time and again, while using Venezuela’s vast oil wealth to his political advantage … . The barrel-chested leader electrified crowds with his booming voice, and won admiration among the poor with government social programs and a folksy, nationalistic style … Chavez was a master communicator and savvy political strategist …

Perhaps it is just me, but I see Mrs. Thatcher as the ONLY peacetime leader of the British empire that can be lauded as a person who stared the enemy in the face, dared them to do their worst, then did what she needed to do to SAVE her country.

  • She inherited (yes Obama I stole your word) policies that created an unemployment rate of roughly 12%.  At the end of her terms that rate was approaching 6%
  • She called “Bull Shit” on Argentina’s grab of the Falkland Island and in doing so, showed the world, England still took care of its own
  • Stared down the coal miners union.  After a year long strike they returned to their jobs without a single concession.  In doing so, she broke the stranglehold many unions had over strategic and inflationary industries (not to mention corruption)
  • Along with Ronald Reagan saw to the peaceful dismantling of the Soviet juggernaut and helped to settle the cold war

About Hugo Chavez

  • Nationalized the petroleum industry at the stealing it from private ownership, creating huge inefficiencies and corruption
  • Used the profits of the petroleum industry to finance his personal lifestyle and to spread graft and corruption in Venezuela and much of South America
  • Brutally crushed opposition forces with secret arrests, beatings and worse
  • Buddied up with Fidel Castro and the bastion of human rights abuses known as Cuba
  • Actively worked to keep the poor of Venezuela poor and uneducated enough to facilitate buying their votes with rhetoric and “bread and circus” programs

I for one hope Mrs. Thatcher feet are kept warm by the heat rising up from the rotisserie Satan is using to slow roast Hugo Chavez.

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